Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a shotgun.


(What!?? For a kid who is not raised around guns or anything related to guns this was a suprising request. He could be a tiny bit disappointed when this request isn't granted!)


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want my very own computer.


(Nice. Looks like another disappointed child on Christmas morning. Maybe when she is 16...or 21 she just might get her very own computer!)

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! I feel extremely lucky to have a mom that I consider my best friend. She teaches so me so much and I am grateful to have her example as a mother! Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world!

Today I HATE snow!!!

Usually I love the snow. When it falls it makes me smile and I just want to turn on my fire and read a good book. Not today. The worst of the storm hit Utah County right as Kylee was getting out of school. I knew that she would be in tears to walk outside to try and find her carpool when the winds were whipping the snow everywhere. I was right...when she walked in the door she was red faced and not from the cold...she had been crying! I hate that!

Not too much later I got a phone call from Tyler. He barely missed the storm flying out of Wisconsin to Minnesota to Seattle last night - got in and it took 2 hours to claim bags which put him at his hotel at 3:00 a.m. Poor guy! He woke up this morning to find that the meeting that he had flown to Seattle for had been cancelled due to the weather. Darn! So, he hoped on an early flight to SLC thinking that he would beat the storm and rush hour traffic. WRONG! The plane got to SLC, circled, and was sent to Boise to land. Apparently the airport isn't letting anyone land or take off due to the weather. He sat on the runway for 1/2 hour before getting off the plane, was put back on the plane, and is now sitting on the runway again waiting for SLC to give them the okay to go...if that happens at all tonight. Are you tired yet? I bet Tyler is. Oh the joys of being a traveling salesman!!!

Needless to say - today I do not love the snow. When my family is all home and together in the warmth of our home I just might change my mind.

I have my hands full!

The following were both papers that I found in Kylee's backpack this morning:
Dear Kylee,

Do you like me? Do you have a crush on me? Write me back and let me know.

Your Friend,


What do you wish for this Christmas Season?


White Christmas?

I love the snow. The weather report this morning says that we are in for a white Christmas...nothing makes me happier!

Remember this?

Do you remember playing with Mr. Potato Head? I do. I thought that it was the coolest toy. I think we just might get one for Austin for Christmas but I haven't seen them in a long time. Do you think a two year old would enjoy this toy or would the pieces end up all over my house? Any thoughts?

Still Kicking...

Well, I had another doctors appointment and all is well. What a huge sigh of relief! I don't know why I get so nervous (yeah right), but hearing the little heartbeat was music to my ears. The doctor was chatting away asking about my extended family until I finally nicely said, "I am really nervous that you are not going to hear a heartbeat so could you please just listen really quickly and then I will give you the update on all of my brother's and sister's." He laughed and did just that. He even let me listen for a long time and the sound brought me to tears. I am truly grateful for modern technology that allows crazy anxiety people like me be reassured by being able to easily hear the sound of a simple heartbeat. Amazing! I was a bit disappointed to step on the scale and find out that I am still rapidly gaining weight! How is it that I throw up a few times a day and still manage to pack on the pounds. Oh well. So, there's the update! Now I can move on and enjoy the Holidays.

Carpool Conversation...

Kyler: Hey guys, did you see the kids that kissed during recess?

Me: Kissed, who did that?

Kyler: Some kids had their first kiss at recess today. Everyone made a circle around them and watched. It was funny.

Kylee: Mom, I bet that they got in so much trouble.

Me: I hope so.

I wish that kids would forever kiss in circles surrounded by their peers. There would be much less trouble if it were always that way. I thought that this conversation was very funny and HOPE that my Kylee ALWAYS believes that kissing will get people in "so much trouble". Too bad they all have to grow up!

Our Elf That Is NOT On ANY Shelf...

Have you seen this book? It is darling! Some lady in Costco told me about it a few weeks ago so I sent my good mother on the hunt to find it. A bundle of $$$ later it was delivered to me on Monday, December 1st. How fitting. The first day of December to start this fun tradition.

The story goes something like this...the elf is Santa's helper and he is magic. He sits on the shelf and watches the little girls and boys to see if they are being naughty or nice. He flies away to report to Santa every night so in the morning he is somewhere else in the house...watching. He can't be touched or he loses his magic and Santa has instructed him not to talk. The goal is that the kids are aware that they are being watched and will try to "behave" at this time of year.

Monday I excitedly read the story to my kids. At the end of the book it asks you to give the elf a name. The kids agreed on JOE and so off to bed they went. Well, bedtime lasted all of about 5 minutes before Kylee was in my room and in tears. Not just tears, but literally shaking. Why? Remember that this child of mine inherited my anxiety and was seriously AFRAID of the little elf named Joe. She wanted nothing to do with him and would not rest until she saw that he was placed back in that expensive box and put in the garage. Yikes! Needless to say there is no elf on any shelf in my house.

So much for what I thought would be a great Christmas tradition! In years past our Christmas presents had to be delivered to Tyler's work for him to bring home because she did not want Santa in our house while she was sleeping. I don't know why the fear of the elf surprises me at all. Oh well!

Happy really should go get this book!


#1 My Family. I truly have 3 wonderful kids and a fantastic husband. I am not the easiest person to put up with on a good day, but even more difficult to put up with lately! I am grateful for kids that give me so much joy and for a husband that relieves me of my motherly duties the minute he walks in the door. He is a wonderful dad and an equally wonderful husband...I don't know what I would do without him!

#2 The Gospel. Life just wouldn't me the same without it. With the recent passing of my grandma I was reminded how wonderful it is that I KNOW that families are forever. I am thankful for each and every Sunday that we are able to go to church and learn more about our Savior. With that comes my calling, which I love! Teaching RS is a challenge but one that helps me grow each and every month.

#3 Extended Family. Tyler and I have both been blessed with amazing families. We have such supportive parents and siblings who would give the shirt of their backs for us. Not everyone can say they LOVE their extended family but I truly do. There is always a party and never a good enough excuse not to support one another! That's the way it should be and I love it!

#4 Good Friends. We LOVE our neighborhood and have been blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. I have so many women that I sincerely look up to and learn so much from. We hit the jackpot in this neighborhood. There is always someone to call when help is needed and even without a phone call people come running to help! I am so thankful for the many friend that I have made that love me and love my children!

#5 The Little Thing Inside Me. There is nothing like seeing and hearing a fetal heartbeat on an ultrasound. Through the nausea and vomitting I am still grateful for the chance I have to again become a mother. Life is truly a miracle. I cannot wait to feel the little thing kicking inside of me. Very few things bring me greater joy than feeling movement inside of me.

#6 Modern Medicine. How did the pioneers do it? They suffered so much and so many survived without Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Zofran, etc. So many women lost children in childbirth and children and husbands to sickeness. I am grateful for doctors today that can diagnose and heal so many things! Considering I am on c-section #4 this really hits home to me!

#7 Good Music. I love turning on the radio this time of year and hearing so many Christmas tunes. Christmas music is my favorite but I am grateful for anyone musically talented in any way. Music can set the tone for just about anything - I am grateful that we have such great music to choose from!

#8 Seasons. One of my most favorite things about Utah is the weather. There are 4 distinct seasons and I love each of them! I love this time of year with the snow and cool air that it brings. Spring never comes quick enough with the birds chirping and brisk mornings...and my favorite pansies! Summer brings laughter from kids running around in swimsuits and eating popsicles. Fall means that winter is almost here and the mountains are filled with color. I am lucky to be able to experience each of these seasons every year!

#9 The Ensign. Sounds crazy but as I read the December issue last night I was in heaven. How lucky we are to have access to such wonderful words, stories, and insight from our Church leaders. The General Conference issue was jammed packed with great talks and the December issue is fantastic! We truly are lucky to have such wonderful things to read.

#10 My Senses. Though I am a bit sensitive to smell right now, I am grateful that I can see, touch, hear, and even smell. So many people don't have the ability to do one or more of these. I am lucky to be able to see the beautiful lights that decorate houses this time of year, to touch the faces of my children, to hear laughter and tears, and smell so many wonderful things.

Black Friday...

Yup. That is me. 4:00 a.m. in front of Kohls. We were one of the first "crazy women" in the door and were in and out in less than an hour. My shopping is so done. I even managed to pick up a few things for myself. I figured Santa would be happier if I just picked out my own gifts. I talked my mother-in-law and 2 sister-in-laws into braving the crowds with me. They had never been and were amazed at how many people actually got up that early for a good deal. It was well worth getting up early and I even got a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McDonalds out of it. Christmas time is officially here!


It is amazing how out of focus I get at this time of year. Starting mid-November I am already making lists and picking up things for the kids to put away for Christmas. It seems to consume me! I spend hours googling the latest fad in toys for kids and get excited when I see something that I know they will love. For me, that is part of the fun of this time of year.

Last night we put up our tree. It was such a JOY for me to watch the kids work together to place to ornaments in "just the right spot". Yes, it is in serious need of some adjusting, but I couldn't bring myself to move a single ornament last night. They seemed so out of place yet so perfectly placed because they were put there by my sweet childrens hands.

Tyler just forwarded me the link to this story about an 11 year old boys dying wish. Feed the homeless. Stories like this are what this season is all about. Giving. I am grateful for examples, like this one, that truly help give me perspective! Enjoy.

*** Sorry, you will have to cut and paste the link. I am not sure how to do anything other than that! It is worth your time, I promise!!! ***

Dolly Parton on my Playlist????

Wondering why I have added Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers to my music playlist? Simply for old times sake. My fondest memories of this time of year as a child are Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers...singing us to sleep or loudly waking us up. My mom thought that it was funny to blast that music when we were kids. Looking back, it actually was kind of funny! I love this time of year and the music that fills my home! We are into Amy Grant Christmas - my favorite!

What are your favorite Christmas CD's? We are looking to add a few to our selection and would appreciate any suggestions.

Happy listening!


Well, it is over and we lost. Too bad. Maybe next year we will turn the ball over less and pull off the upset. Heather S., I want no comments from you at church tomorrow! :)

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

Today my Austin turned 2. He has the nickname "monster" at our house and for good reason. He woke up this morning with a big smile on his face before heading to the top of the stairs to throw toys and add dents to the already dented walls! It was like he knew that today was his day. We celebrated this morning with TRIX cereal before the kids were off to school. From there Austin and I headed to Target for a mid-morning snack of popcorn and a drink as we went to find him some new shoes. With success in the shoe department we headed home to make cupcakes. We had lunch with Nick and Daddy before taking a good 3 hour nap to ready ourselves for the rest of the celebration! Grandpa and Grandma Holland drove down from Logan and Grandma Jo came with Aria and Laila to join us for some germ filled fun at McDonalds. The night was completed with presents and cupcakes and ice cream. A wonderful day for my sweet 2 year old!

Austin is so full of love and life. He loves Kylee and Nick but is certainly attached to Tyler and I which we love most of the time. He makes me laugh and smile all of the time. I love this age as kids learn to verbalize their thoughts and it is so funny to hear! He jabbers non-stop and I am beginning to understand some things. I cannot image my life without him. His toothy grin always makes me smile and we are so grateful that he is one of ours! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Note to Self:

Dear Self,

You are an idiot. Take the Zofran, every 4 hours, and be grateful that it helps you not puke. The baby is fine. You have seen it twice in the last two weeks. Tell that brain of yours to CHILL OUT. Your kids need you to be somewhat healthy so please, take the medication.



Sick, Sick, Sick....

So, I am going to use my blog for a little venting today. I woke up at 4 o'clock this morning puking and it hasn't stopped. For some reason the little thing growing inside of me is really giving me a run for my money this time around. The saltine crackers and Sprite are getting old and the Zofran doesn't seem to be working. My kids are glued to the T.V. because I don't feel well enough to entertain them any other way. I am counting down the weeks until I USUALLY feel better but this pregnancy has been very unusual for me so far! Yikes! I have laundry scattered all over my family room floor that will hopefully be put away before bedtime. My sweet husband scrubbed toilets with the kids this weekend so at least my bathrooms are clean. As I write I can hear laughter in the other room as the kids are playing with their friends...I am grateful for the distraction for a minute!

It is funny how I forgot how miserable pregnancy can be. With all that said I consider myself so blessed to be carrying another child. The nausea, vomitting, and weight gain are all incredibly worth it though that is hard to admit right now! So, I am off to order pizza...that is as good as it gets tonight!

I think I am crazy...

So, I had my first doctors appointment yesterday and all is well. For me, that is a HUGE sigh of relief. I am a bit psycho and constantly worry that something might go wrong...any of you who know me well are not suprised a bit! I have been really sick with this pregnancy and finally gave in and asked for medication to help with the nausea. The doctor gave me Zofran (thank goodness we have great prescription coverage) and I took it last night. I think it helped and made me feel great. I woke up this morning and wasn't feeling nauseated at all. So, I cried and called Tyler to tell him that I couldn't take the medicine anymore. Why? Because if I am not puking and feeling like crap there is no reassurance that I am actually prego - at least that is what I tell myself. Make sense? Probably not. The moral of the story is that I am truly crazy because I would rather walk around feeling like I am going to puke than take the medication that actually makes me feel normal. Oh the joys of an anxiety stricken pregnant woman! Becky J., you and I should seriously be admitted to the same mental hospital! :)

It's a good thing I drive a minivan!!!!

Why, you might ask? Because come this June our minivan will be quite full. Yes, that is right, we are expecting baby #4 in early June. I cannot bring myself to put a count down on the blog quite yet, it makes the process feel way too long! We have our first doctors appointment tomorrow so we will cross our fingers that all is well. The kids are way excited and are already having the boy vs. girl fight - I am secretly hoping for a girl but will take what I can get! Here's to nausea, vomitting, and weight gain...yippee!!!

Oh to be 18 again...

TODAY is Kelsey's 18th Birthday! She is the baby of the family and we love her! For her birthday we wanted to put together a book of advice. So, I am asking all of my blogging friends and stalkers to give me your thoughts. Think back to when you were 18 years old, graduating from High School, dating the school football star, moving onto college, leaving home, etc.

What advice do you have for my little sister???

Leave your comments below and we will type them and put them in a book to give to her. We thought it would be fun for her to read. Thanks for your help!

Good times...

It is moments like these that make me smile as a mother. My son has an absoulte obsession with Utah State athletics. He inherited the love of the AGGIES from his dad which has lead to basketball and football season tickets. We were at the basketball ticket office making a ticket exchange (so Nick can spend the season sitting at the tunnel where the players come out) and we ran into Tai Wesley. He saw Nick's face light up when he recognized him and immediately approached him. He gave Nick his autograph and asked if he wanted to sit on his shoulders for a picture. Nick was in heaven! I loved watching him smile and be so thrilled! It was one of the "I am glad I am a mother" moments! I think we have a new favorite player! The JC Carrol jersey might have to be traded in for a Tai Wesley jersey.

My kids are truly blessed to have two fantastic sets of grandparents who love them dearly! Before the football game on Saturday the kids helped Grandpa and Grandma Holland rake the leaves! The finished product was a whole truck load that they jumped and played in forever. It is always fun to see them interact with their grandparents! I am grateful for those relationships and for the memories that are made. It was another moment that made me smile.


We had a fun filled Halloween full of parties, parades, and trick or treating! The kids didn't even fight me on this year's cost...$7.00!!! Thank goodness for Grandma's dress up closet and a borrowed monkey that was a tad bit to small. The kids loved their candy for about the first 2 hours - it is now hidden and there have been very few requests. I am thinking it needs to head to the garabage before I eat it all!

Nick the NINJA

Austin the MONKEY

Kylee the COWGIRL

Pumpkin Carving Time!

As Tyler says, "unfortunately, it's that time of year again"!!! I am not a huge fan of Halloween...I think that costumes are a total waste of money and my dental bill is already big enough, please no more candy! But, the kids love it and if there is one thing I LOVE about this time of year it is carving pumpkins. So, we gathered at my house last night for our annual soup in pumpkin bread bowls and pumpkin carving party! It was fun and Austin was suprisingly really into it. He couldn't get enough of his poor pumpkin to the point of kissing and then stabbing with a knife repeatedly...should I be worried? It was a fun filled night and our porch looks mighty festive with our scarry pumpkins!

Are you excited?

Kylee is at HSM3 right now...she is surrounded by a bunch of obsessed girls (and moms) at a Birthday Party! I cannot wait for her review! I have heard great things so far...has anyone seen it yet?

The PHONE CALL...continued...

I was driving Kylee to school today and we had the following conversation...

KYLEE: "Mom, Mrs. Peterson laughed at me yesterday."
ME: "Why?"
KYLEE: "Well, after I got thrown up on I told her that maybe the lunch room should quit serving such disgusting tacos."

So maybe that explains the throw up, ya think?


THEM: "Hi, this is Fox Hollow Elementary School."
Me: "Oh, is everything okay?"
THEM: "Yes, I have Kylee here and she is just fine. A child in her class got sick and Kylee took the brunt of the throw up."
Me: "Are you kidding?"
THEM: (Laughing) "No, you will probably want to bring an old towel or blanket to wrap her in. She is pretty bad."
Me: "Okay, I am on my way."

Now that is the kind of phone call no mother wants to get. Even thinking about being puked on makes me want to puke! I asked Kylee if it made her want to throw up and she said, "No, but it did feel gross!" Yeah, I think so!

On a lighter note...

With all the family in town for the funeral we did our best to get some updated family pictures! Considering how HUGE our family is getting, I think they turned out great! It was a bit chilly which meant some tears from the kiddos but what do ya do?!!?

Tender Mercy

Some of you have heard my story, most of you have probably not. I need to tell the story of my Grandma's passing in my own words as it is an experience that I will never forget and I don't want to forget.

It was a week ago today, October 8th 2008, that my Grandma Evy passed away. Wednesday's at our house involve school, gymnastics, and our weekly visit to Grandma. Last week was no different. We left gymnastics and headed to Canyon Breeze Assisted Living Center for our weekly visit. I got Kylee and Nick settled in Grandma's room,as I always did, and took Austin with me to wave at Grandma who was just finishing up in the dining room. She hated the food and was always thrilled for an excuse to leave the table! As I walked out of her room she was walking down the hall towards us. She saw us, outstretched her arms for Austin, and he took off running. He jumped into her arms and she gave him a big hug. I got to them, she stood up and smiled at me, then collapsed into my arms. That was the last breath that she took.

As I was waiting for help to arrive, I sat and held her and stroked her hand. I thought about all the lives those hands had touched over the years. The wonderful cakes, carmalitas, and lefsa those hands had made. I remembered eating buttermilk pancakes every time we would visit and how they were blended to perfection by those beautiful hands. She was such a hard worker, a wonderful mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I cried remembering how much my kids loved her and how much they looked forward to seeing her each week. I thought about the legacy that she had - 6 wonderful children, one of which is my mother.

I think I knew that the outcome was not going to be good. I couldn't breathe. I was worried about what the kids had seen though was pretty certain Kylee and Nick had kept themselves busy in Grandma's room and didn't really understand what was going on. I felt guilty thinking that maybe I should have and could have done more. I wondered why this had to happen while I was there. And then, I felt peace. I looked at her and her pretty white hair. I remembered the way that she had smiled at me just minutes before and I knew that she was at peace and wanted me to be also.

After help arrived and they transported Grandma to the hospital, I had the privilege of kissing her cheek and stroking her hair before she passed from this earth. I could not help but wonder and sincerely believe that she was greeted in heaven with the same outstretched arms of our loving Heavenly Father. Symbolic I think. Just as Austin took off running for her I am sure she took off running for my Grandpa Joe. That picture brings me so much joy!

As I have had a chance to reflect on my experience in the last week my testimony has been strengthened. I consider my experience a tender mercy of a loving Heavenly Father. I am grateful that I was able to hold Grandma in those last moments and hope that she felt my love as she passed from this earth. I am comforted by the knowledge that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER! What an amazing truth and one that makes experiences like these a little bit easier to get through. I know that one day I will have my chance to run into Grandma's outstretched arms.

Thanks for all of your kind words and love. I have felt the support of wonderful family and friends. Our family is holding up. The services in Portland were perfect. The weather was perfect - not a cloud in the sky or a drop of rain. Grandma was smiling down and sent us that day so we could all smile through our tears. My mom is hanging in there. Grandma did a wonderful job raising her and I feel lucky to call her mother.

Evelyn Amanda Thompson

For those of you who have heard and have been worried and wondering...I am holding up okay. I consider my experience last night a tender mercie of a loving Heavenly Father. My heart is so full, I will write about my experience in my own words in the coming days but here is the shortened version of my Grandma's passing as written by my dad. Thank you for all your love, thoughts, and prayers!

"It is with sadness that I announce the passing of Joeen's mother Evelyn earlier this evening. For some time the family has been aware of a growing aneurysm in her brain, for which there was not a reasonable option for treatment. Over the past year she had experienced increasing difficulty with confusion and balance and had suffered at least one stroke. Today she ruptured the aneurysm, and passed away peacefully shortly thereafter.

Her last awake moments serve as an appropriate metaphor for what was most important to Evelyn. Renee was visiting with her children, and Austin was running up to Great Grandma who started to lift him up. At that instant she collapsed into Renee's arms, and was gone. I can vision Evelyn's wonderful smile as Austin approached, and the gratitude she would have felt to have such precious visitors. Her life was completely devoted to her extended family, and it some how seems fitting that her last moments would have been shared with one of her beloved grandchildren and a great grandson, reaching out to greet them.

It is not often enough that I reflect on the blessing of a wonderful family, or credit Evelyn adequately for much of what is good and wonderful in my life. From the frozen plains of Northern Minnesota and Norwegian immigrant heritage, raised by a widow during the Depression, this shy, humble, and self effacing woman raised six wonderful children who returned her love with a host of charming grandchildren who adored her. All of her energy was expended loving and supporting her extended family
and honoring the faith she adopted after marrying her husband, Joe."

Mom, is this your first time?

Tyler is pretty much MIA this week. He has customers in for their users conference which means he doesn't come home until late as he is out "entertaining". Whenever he travels or has stressful weeks I am extra conscious about making sure the house is clean and there is something yummy for him to come home to. Last night I decided that I would make cookies with the kids before bed, knowing that Tyler would be thrilled to watch the news and devour cookies and milk when he got home.

With all 3 kids at the counter, Kylee read me the recipe and we made the dough. Each kid had their share of dough before the cookies were baked. Kylee kept eating dough and saying, "Wow mom, is this your first time ever making cookies with dough that you didn't buy at the store?" I laughed the first time she said it but when the cookies came out of the oven and she tried one, she said it AGAIN!

I am kind of addicted to cake mixes that are on good sales. I have about 30 in my food storage and frosting to go with it. Albertsons had their Betty Crocker cookies mixes on sale awhile back that is typically my idea of making cookies. I guess I need to be Betty Crocker more often and make cookies from scratch. I am teaching my Kylee to shop great deals at the grocery store but whatever happened to a nice warm cookie, made from scratch, fresh from the oven!

I have a lot of improving to do!

What a $5 PTA Memberships Will Get You...

Yes folks, that is me...roped into being dressed as the school mascot for a read-a-thon this week! It was actually quite funny to watch the kids reactions - most were afraid of the FOX but tried hard not to act that way including my own daughter who KNEW that it was me inside! It was a great way to sweat off a few calories before the weekend!

So, beware that if you pay your $5 membership fee to join the PTA and ask to help where needed...this could be you!


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I thought that this pictures was priceless.
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Why Can't I Sleep???!!!!???

My clock says 3:45 a.m. and yes, I am awake. Why can't I sleep? I will tell you why. It is a new syndrome called "MY LAME BRAIN WON'T QUIT THINKING". Heard of it? It is the latest medical breakthrough. It is when you can't relax because you are thinking about SO many importantly lame things.

Tonight's list of importance include: Who will win the BYU vs Utah State football game this Friday? Will I attend the game or will I stay at my in-laws so I can avoid chasing Austin? What will we wear in our family pictures that I haven't even scheduled? Did I buy enough food at the Macey's case lot sale? Will Albertson's have any more chocolate chips on their sale when I go there tomorrow? Do I know where the grey leggings are that Kylee wants to wear to school tomorrow? Will the new Modbe jeans make my butt look big because the pockets are cute but busy? Did I really volunteer to go to the Elementary School this week dressed as the FOX? Will I sweat to death in that outfit?

You have to admit that those are pretty important things to think about...right? I am sure you all agree that these are sleep deprivation worthy things to worry about. You would stay awake all night too if your brain was processing such importantly lame information...right?

I am off to TRY and get some sleep.

UPDATE: It is now 4:51 and I am still here. So much for a restful night!

Speedy Recovery Darci!!!

I just wanted to post this picture and give a get well shout out to my best friend, Darci, who is in surgery tonight getting her appendix removed! OUCH! Anyone who knows me at all knows that about 90% of my sentences begin with "my very best friend Darci said..." and then I proceed to say what I was going to say. There are just people who seriously come into our lives and bless us every day. Darci is certainly that person for me. Call it obsession if you want, but I seriously love this gal to death and consider her my reward for moving back to Utah County! I have often said that all you need is one great friend that you know you can count on - Darci is that for me. She makes me feel like I am worth a million bucks, motivates me to be better, and makes my kids seems like they are perfect. Only a best friend could do all those things. She is the perfect example of what a wife and mother should be...I appreciate all that she teaches me! So, I tip my glass to my good friend who is sitting helpless in a hospital bed...which I am sure she is hating right now! Speedy recovery Darci!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Tomorrow (Sept. 23rd) is my little buddy Nick's 5th Birthday. I cannot believe that he is 5 years old already. Kylee and Nick are 13 months apart which makes him our "OH CRAP" baby! He has been the best surprise that ever happened to us. He makes me smile every day by asking questions like, "Mom, does pizza put hair on your chest?" He thinks and says the funniest things. He has a very tender heart and is super sensitive which I love. He is a great kid and a wonderful brother. He is so full of energy yet is content to just chill and entertain himself...a dream for a mom! We love him to death and are grateful that he is a member of our family. We have already celebrated with the family and look forward to a fun filled day of celebration again tomorrow! Happy Birthday Nick!

Trouble, trouble, trouble!

Put these THREE innocent two year olds together and what do you get??? TROUBLE! Sarah and I thought that they were happily playing upstairs in the playroom at Grandma's house and we were enjoying a minute of peace...until we realized that it was TOO QUIET. We went on the hunt for them and this is what we found...nice!

The bathtub was filled with water and everything in sight was thrown in! Pencils, pens, $$$, toenail clippers, and even a few pieces of paper. We are nominating ourselves for the MOTHER OF THE YEAR award for sure!

Martin's Cove

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Martin's Cove for some training this weekend...what an amazing few days! Imagine your life today compared to that of those pioneers that sacrificed so much to travel to Zion.

I was touched by a photo of a young mother and her three children sitting in the snow trying to warm themeselves by the fire. Would I have been so strong? All weekend long I heard story after story of faithful men, women, and children who suffered so much. We did a mini-trek in an absolute hail storm, soaked to the bone, pulling handcarts in ankle deep mud. We were cold and hungry but it was nothing compared to what they went through. I pulled the handcart up a small hill as I slid through the mud and I cried as I thought of those women.

My heart is full and I was truly touched by the things that I saw, heard, and felt in that wonderful place. Wyoming does not have an LDS temple but they consider the sacred ground at and around Martin's Cove their temple. I believe it with all my heart. The spirit that I felt in that wonderful place was amazing. I felt as if I was surrounded by pioneers and felt their spirits there. I am so thrilled that the youth of our ward will have the opportunity to visit this amazing place in June. The missionaries kept telling us that the Martin's Cove experience can change lives and I believe it.

Nick's "Secret" Phone Call...

We were driving to the local pool yesterday and Nick was in the backseat. He snatched my phone and before I knew it this is the conversation I overheard:

Nick: "Hi Dad."

Tyler: "Hey buddy. How are you?"

Nick: "Fine. I was just calling to tell you that your are the best daddy in the world. Bye.

He hung up and that was the end of it.

I am grateful for my hard working husband who seriously is the best dad in the whole world!

I am glued!

I don't like to talk politics on my blog...I can pick up the phone and talk to a girlfriend (or just about anyone) for a solid hour without even thinking about it but politics are not my thing. I have been literally glued to the TV for the last week and have to admit that I was AMAZED at how well Sarah Palin did last night! For any of you who didn't get a chance to see it, you should! If you google "Palin Speech" you can read it or watch it. I don't know how to post the link or I would!

That's all I have to say other than FORGET REALITY TV, I will be glued to political debates until November!


The first day of Pre-school has finally come! With Nick's Birthday being Sept. 23 he is the OLDEST in his class which also means that many (okay ALL) of his friends started Kindergarten this year! He is looking forward to the "big school" next year but for now is excited to return to the same place he went last year. He loves (actually adores) his teachers and if he has to be in Pre-school again we wouldn't have him any other place! He was way too cool to have me walk him inside because "Mom, I walked myself inside every day last year!" Oh the independent child of mine!

Take Time...

Summer is over and I am all of the sudden frantic to work on my "list" of projects to get done before Christmas. I was keeping myself busy around the house yesterday with Nick and Austin at my heals. Nick does not start Pre-school until next week and with Kylee gone I have taken on the role of "entertainer" next to the TV and his earned computer time! Needless to say, I kept turning on movies trying to keep him away so I could get the laundry done. I was folding socks and was prompted to put aside what I was doing and go to Nick. I found him on the computer and sat down next to him. For 45 minutes he sat and showed me all of his favorite games and went and got me a book because he really wants to learn to read "like Kylee". He looked up at me with a big smile and kissed my cheek. It dawned on me in the sweet moment that I need to take more time to spend with each of my kids. My list can wait for another day - my kids can't!

So to all of my blogging friends, go hug and kiss your kids and take a minute to just love them! That moment in time will make more difference than you know!

Offensive or Funny?

Okay, I thought that this was HILARIOUS! Someone e-mailed this picture to Tyler today and for some reason I thought it was quite funny. I thought I would pass it along...hopefully it will provide a good laugh for a few of you and hopefully those of you who don't laugh will forgive me if it is offensive!

Kylee's Dream...

Kylee: "Mom, I had a really weird dream last night!"
Mom: "Really, what was it about?"
Kylee: "We were up the canyon on a motorcycle ride as a family."
Mom: "A motorcylce ride?"
Kylee: "Yes, we were having a really fun time and you started yelling at us that we needed to go home!"
Mom: "Why did we need to go home?"
Kylee: "You said that you were dying to get home because you needed a Diet Coke."

Looks like I might be forced to kick my Diet Coke habit!

Bear Lake, Birthday, First Day of School!!!

I have been absent from the blogging world for awhile! School starting in the middle of August has thrown me for a loop! We had a fantastic final week of Summer. Kylee turned 6 last week and we celebrated in Bear Lake. It was a beautiful day and we kept busy completing "Kylee's Birthday Agenda". She knew what she wanted to do and she was not going to be happy until it was all done! We love our Kylee and are grateful that she is in our family! She is so full of energy and spunk that I miss not having her around all the time. She is a great friend and a wonderful big sister. We are blessed to have her! The favorite Birthday present this year was the silver shoes from Grandma along with the Camp Rock t-shirt. We are planning her Camp Rock birthday party and she cannot wait to wear the shirt!

The weather in Bear Lake was perfect - maybe even a bit on the cool side. We left Austin behind with Grandma for the morning and took the other two out for a little hike. The kids loved exploring the mountain and kept asking if we would encounter a bear...we made it out without any animal sightings!

A trip to Bear Lake would not be complete without a trip or two to the beach. The kids spent two whole days playing in the sand and water. I am still cleaning sand out of my car but it is always worth the mess!

Yesterday I sent Kylee off to her first day of 1st grade. I broke down on Saturday night as I drove to Walmart to buy food for her lunches. It suddenly hit me that my baby girl is growing up quick! She loves school so far and is thrilled to pack a lunch and eat with all the big kids. She tracked down her "crush" from last year and came home telling me it was "freaky" because he was suddenly mean and not very cute. I think she just turned 6 but she certainly acts like she is 16!

This was the homework that she did yesterday. My favorite is where it asks her for "other important words" and she wrote LOVE, CRUSH, and JESUS. She makes me laugh daily! I had to document this one because I think it describes her so perfectly!