Kindergarten Graduation

The much anticipated Kindergarten graduation finally happened! Nick has been looking forward to this day for a very long time. He has been practicing songs, poems and his special part and today was FINALLY the day. Nick has LOVED his Kindergarten class. He has a crush on a number of girls, has become great friends with some nice boys, and thinks his teacher is the best. I am thrilled with all that he has accomplished this year. It makes me a tiny bit sad to think that I will have two kids in full day school next year. He is excited for a break this summer but is already scoping out 1st grade classrooms and wondering who he might get. I am a very proud mom today! Happy graduation Nick! We love you!

May Showers...

Only 2 weeks until Abbey gets married! I can't believe the big day is almost here. I took the girls and went to the neighborhood shower last night. It was amazing...great food, old friends, lots of laughs. I am pretty sure this is one of my favorite pictures ever. How lucky am I to be surrounded by all these beautiful women?

Baby Steps...

She did it! Little Ms. Summer is finally taking steps. Don't you love her not so little legs! I DO!!!!!

Kids say the funniest things!

As noted in my post below, we planted our garden last night. We planted some zucchini so when Nick woke up this morning he asked if I thought our "bikini" was growing. I have laughed about it all morning.

Happy Anniversary to my Handsome Hubby!

Today marks 9 years of marriage. I walked with some friends this morning and didn't even remember that it was our Anniversary until I got back. Tyler didn't remember either so it was all good. What is it with 9 years and 4 kids under our belts that makes us forget things like this? I guess when you have young kids and a busy life that is just the way it goes!

Summer gave me the greatest present ever - a crib filled with poop when she woke up from her nap. I put her to bed in t-shirt and diaper and next thing I knew the diaper was off and she was covered in it, her crib was a mess, her bumpers were nicely coated with it as well as the curtains and the mobile. I called my neighbor over as my witness and she took a few pictures. I am sure you are all dying to see my child covered in poop so I will post them as soon as I get them from her.

Other than that the night ended with grilling hamburgers with my parents and having a family night lesson on faith...we then planted our garden (because faith is like a seed) which resulted in a bit of fighting and a few tears. We finished off our Anniversary celebration with strawberry shortcake and a round of golf in the front yard. Pretty exciting celebration, huh!

Happy Anniversary to my handsome hubby! 9 years and counting...I love you!

Oh Austin!

I love this little guy dearly and someday he might hate me for taking this picture BUT it makes me laugh! What is it with boys having their hands in their pants?

Oh how I love my Kylee!

Little Ms. Kylee is a real piece of work. She is thoughtful, funny, sweet and sassy all in one little body! She worked hard on a picture for Grandma Jo for Mother's Day and when her masterpiece was revealed this is what she created...
If you know my mom at all you know that she can often be found with a camera around her neck. I love that Kylee decided to put that in her picture. I love that my mom always has a camera....we have pictures to document every occasion and for that I am grateful!

Summer's idea of a "walker"....

While celebrating Mother's Day at my parents house yesterday, Summer found a new walker. As you can see by the look on her face this was a lot more fun than our last attempt (see my previous post). Austin thought it was pretty fun to have Summer push him around. This kept them both entertained for almost an wonder she slept great!

Happy Mom's Day!

I am pretty sure that I am the luckiest gal alive when it comes to the mom department. I have been blessed with one special mom who has been a great example to me and taught me well over the years. I have a quote on my fireplace that says "All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother". My mom rocks! She has taught me how to be a mom, to support my husband, to be independent, to be driven, to be kind, to be determined, and to simply be who I am. She is the hostess with the mostess and has taught me that getting together, supporting each other and loving your family are KEY to a happy life. She loves to party, we do it often, and she loves every minute of it because family is what life is all about. She loves me as her daughter, she supports me in my attempts to be a good mother even when I fail, she visits when she can and takes my children often. She is one of my best friends. Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world.

On a side note, my parents gave me a pass to Thanksgiving Point for Mother's Day....Yipee! I have talked about getting a pass FOREVER and never seem to bite the bullet and do it. I am excited to use tomorrow! Thanks mom and dad!

Shouldn't Learning to WALK be FUN?

You would think that learning to walk would be fun. Summer apparently doesn't think is is too cool. We have been trying to get her to take steps. She walked a little bit pushing the play shopping cart but after a few minutes this was the result! Do you think I have another emotional girl on my hands...heaven help me!??!

Fun w/ Cousins

The sun came out for a minute today and we took advantage of it while Brady & Easton were at our house. Nick tried to teach them how to play football which resulted in a lot of tears. One day Nick will learn that 3 year olds don't like to be tackled. This is a concept he still doesn't understand! They also kept busy checking the window wells for spiders. I don't think they found any (thank goodness) but it was entertaining to hear them talk about the possabilities! Summer enjoyed watching the action while sitting on the deck in her walker. We are hoping the sun shines down on us again soon! Thanks for playing boys!