Till we meet again...

I know this is a common blogging topic today, so I had to add my thoughts on the passing of President Hinckley. When we heard the news late last night I was shocked and then very sad. Tyler and I spent the night with the kids trying to explain that President Hinckley had died and returned to be with our Heavenly Father. They both tried to comprehend what that meant and came up with their own conclusions...which were actually kind of funny. Their comprehensions were both very sweet and innocent!

Nick: "I love President Hinckely and Jesus and I am glad that he will be in heaven. Do they get a new President of the Church? (We told him yes) Good, the new President of the church will be my dad"

Kylee: "That is sad mom but kind of cool. That means we get two new Presidents, a new President of the United States and a President of the Church. (We are way to into politics around here!) Will they have a debate before they pick the new President of the Church?

They both made me laugh and I love their innocence. I have spent the morning listening to KSL talk radio and have enjoyed hearing members of the Church talk about the kind of man President Hinckley was. I looked forward to his talks every conference and loved to hear his sense of humor. Those that knew him well said he was a very down to earth man who always made you feel comfortable. He will be greatly missed but always respected. He has been the only Prophet that I have really known and will always hold a special place in my heart. He himself said that the Church will not even skip a beat after he is gone but will continue to go forth with faith. I believe that is true but for today I am enjoying reflecting on His life and feeling his spirit! I love this man and what he stood for. I smile as I think of the wonderful reunion in heaven as he was reunited with his wife and welcomed by many who have gone before him. What a wonderful man and a wonderful legacy! God be with you till we meet again!

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27 dressess...

This movie is a must see! I just got back from seeing it with some of my girlfriends and it was well worth my $8 movie ticket! The story line was cute, funny, and romantic. I laughed a lot and almost cried on a few occasions. This is definitely not a movie Tyler would love, but a movie I would see again! So, head to the theater and tell me what you think? Maybe I was just in the right mood for this kind of a movie tonight or maybe it really is good - send me your reviews!


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"I AM NERVOUS"....again!

Those of you who have followed our blog for the last few months will remember soccer season...Kylee would not play! We finally figured out that if Tyler coached she was not "nervous" and would actually step foot on the field. Well, basketball season started last week and Tyler is the coach. (I wonder why?) She played last week with no complaints and even scored a basket! Well, Tyler is out of town tonight so guess what happened!?? Kylee would not play. The collage of pictures above is the step by step negotiation that took place. I bribed her with everything from Polly Pockets to dinner at Applebees. As you can see, it worked for a minute. She played one quarter of the game, smiled for a picture, decided she no longer wanted to play, and then broke down in the last 2 minutes of the game because she realized that there was no reward because she did not play. She then decided that she wanted to play for the last minute - I told her NO! Her team was on the court and she had spent the entire game throwing a fit...so she sat on the sideline and cried. Her excuses ranged from not feeling well to just being nervous. We just never know. The point? This might be our last attempt at making our little girl an athlete. She just might join the tradition of my sisters and become a cheerleader! Yikes!

Weekend Fun!

We took off Friday afternoon and went to Logan to visit Grandpa and Grandma Holland. The kids were SO excited because Cache Valley has been pounded with snow in the last few storms. A lot of snow means fun on the sledding hill in their front yard! The kids had a blast flying off the jump made by their dad. I attempted the jump and nearly broke my tailbone - it is a good things kids are rubbery! They loved it! We also ventured up Logan Canyon to Hardware Ranch. You can pay to go on a sleigh ride that takes you out in the middle of a field where elk come to "winter". On average, they say that they have 500-700 elk at any one time. There were about 300 on Saturday afternoon so there were plenty to see! We watched two females get on their hind legs and fight! The kids thought that it was pretty cool. It was a great weekend in the snow!

Let's Talk Politics!

Okay, so any of you who keep up on world news know that politics is huge right now. With the Presidential elections in November, it seems that we are bombarded with information (positive and negative) about the canidates. I have never been into politics much but Tyler is, BIG TIME. In fact, he spent 3 days in Iowa at the beginning of January campaigning for Mitt Romney. I am proud that he is passionate about his belief in Romney that he would do that. He spent his time there knocking on doors to remind people to vote and answer any question they might have about Romney. The point of this post is not to tell you to vote for Mitt Romney, but to point out that we all need to be informed on where the canidates stand on each of the issues. There are things that bug me about the Republicans and the Democrats so I have tried to educate myself and form an opinion based on the facts and not the party. It makes me feel SUPER old to admit it, but I actually enjoy watching the debates. I had a hair appointment last night and missed the Republican debate and I was actually disappointed! Anyway, do your research and choose who you think is best to lead the country in the RIGHT direction, whatever that means! Happy researchiing and happy voting!

GIRLS Night Out!!!

Last night was "Girls Night Out" for Kylee and I. Santa left her 2 tickets to the Jazz game and she chose me to accompany her! I decided that we would make it a true night on the town. We dropped the boys off at Tyler's office and headed downtown. We parked at Gateway and walked through a few shops on our way the the game. Gateway was suprisingly dead for New Year's Eve...and it was COLD! We had a blast at the game! I packed a few snacks to tide us over until aftewards because we had plans to go out to dinner. Kylee was excited to be there and sat next to another little girl and they shared popcorn...she had so much fun! We left a few minutes early and made our way back towards Gateway to Applebee's for dinner. We ate, talked, laughed and even had dessert! It was fun to be together with my little girl for a whole night. I would like to do it more often! The picture below is of the newest team member of the Jazz - Kyle Korver. He played well but it kills me that he looks so much like Ashton Kutcher! Do you think?