Thanks to my mother-in-law I was able to fly to Portland Friday afternoon and join my parents, sisters, and Kylee at my cousins wedding! It was a wonderful weekend! The boys enjoyed spending time at home with Grandma who came to take care of Tyler who was sick in bed with pneumonia...of all the weeks he decideds to get sick! Enjoy the random pictures below!

Daddy's girls...I love this picture! We were helping decorate the church for the recption. I think I have darn cute sisters!

This is Grandma Evy, my moms mom. She lives in Orem so we see her often but this is one of my favorite pictures ever! Priceless!

Kylee was asked to join the flower girls at the last minute! The hunt for a baby blue dress was successful and she was thrilled! These are her "new best friends". It was quite the scene when she had to say good-bye. She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Drama at 5 years old!

This is my sweet Kylee. She was a tropper on this trip. We were busy for three days straight and she loved every minute of it. It was helpful to have so many mothers around! She loves her aunts and her grandma!


PNEUMONIA...it was a word that I had to spell in my medical terminology class in college, a word that I would often hear my dad talk about as a pulmonologist, a word that I would occasionally type when doing transcription, and this week a word that describes my husband.

It has been a crazy week. It started last Saturday when Tyler started showing symptoms of the Influenza - aches, fever, headaches - but it just wouldn't go away. By Wednesday Tyler was so sick he was BEGGING me to take him to the doctor. By that afternoon we had figured out that what he really had was a bad case of PNEUMONIA and the proof was on a nasty looking x-ray. Who would have thought?!!?

Thursday I was supposed to board a flight to Oregon with Kylee for my cousins wedding. That obviously wasn't going to happen because Tyler was the "babysitter" of the boys while I was gone. I was torn as to wether or not I should go so I called my mother-in-law who willingly came down and stayed with my sick hubby and the boys so I could go. I put Kylee on a plane with my family on Thursday morning and joined them Friday afternoon after another visit to the doctors office to make sure Tyler was at least stable.

Crazy week! I am telling you PNEUMONIA was not a word I thought would accurately describe my life but for this week it fits! I will post pictures of the wedding fun another day...I am off to make soup and tend to the PATIENT!

P.S. Does anyone else ever feel like their husband is a WIMP when it comes to being sick???

Get your husband BLOGGING...yeah right!

Okay, two posts in one day...sorry! If any of you are like me, your husbands kind of make fun of the fact that you spend time blogging. I justify it by telling him this is my "journal" and it is! So, if your husbands are sports nuts like my hubby, have them check out www.jakespointlessruminations.blogspot.com (or connect to it from my sidebar under Jake's Sports Blog) - this is a blog that my hilarious brother, Jake, just started. He is an attorney in Denver who loves the sporting world and has a whole lot to say about it. Have your husbands check it out. I am sure there will be lots of very meaninful sports disucssions that they would LOVE to be a part of! If they see how cool the blogging world really is they might not make fun of us anymore...do ya think?


So, in my last post about Kylee I mentioned that "She mothers her little brothers to death, but all with very good intentions!" This morning she shut Austin's finger in the bedroom door which resulted in a fingernail that is GONE! Ouch! Again, it was all in an attempt to mother him because she didn't think he should be in the bedroom. Oh how I love my Kylee!

Today I am grateful for...

KYLEE. I grateful for all my kids but today I am grateful for Kylee. She is growing up so fast. She woke me up early this morning to make her lunch for the field trip that her class was going on. She was so excited to ride on the bus and spent the morning wondering which moms would be coming, how long it would take to get there, and what they would be doing when they arrived. It is amazing how quickly the last 5 1/2 years have flown! She is such a great helper. There are days, like today, that I know I could not survive without her. She makes me laugh and smile one minute and frustrates the heck out of me the next. She mothers her little brothers to death, but all with very good intentions! :) So, for the record, today I am grateful for my KYLEE.

Modbe Party - Tonight!

Hey girls. Just thought I would let ya'll know that I am doing a party tonight at my mom's house in Orem. Anyone is welcome between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. though we will likely be there until at least 9:00! If you need directions, e-mail me at modberenee@hotmail.com. This years suits are darn cute and I have a great selection of sizes and styles to try on! They work great for maternity or for those of us who are still trying to get rid of the tire around or mid-sections! We carry XXS-2X and youth sizes 8 and 10/12. Hope to see all of you locals tonight!

To be or not to be...private?

Okay, so I know that a number of you have made your blogs private. My husband came to me the other day and told me that I might want to consider doing the same. So, I want opinions from each and every one of you. Let me know what you think. I love that anyone I know that happens to come across my blog can access it. But, the thought of not knowing what creepy people are looking at pictures of my family also makes me nervous. If you google "is blogging safe" it comes up with a number of different articles that are actually kind of alarming! Let me know what you think!

Bridal Shower Favors????

HELP! With the upcoming wedding of Tyler's brother we have a bridal shower in the works. My mother-in-law asked me to make a cute favor to send home with each guest. I love doing things like this but am in need of some suggestions! I am calling on all of my creative friends and family to help me come up with something fantastic...after all, this is really the only thing I am doing to help with the shower. PLEASE, rack your brains and e-mail me your suggestions at modberenee@hotmail.com or just make a comment! Thanks!