Soccer Season!

Another soccer season has come to an end and I am actually kind of sad to have my Thursday nights back. Nick has improved a lot this year and has enjoyed playing with his buddy Ty. It is pure entertainment to watch Nick on the field. He is super aggressive and super can tell he has learned from watching sports on TV because every fall is dramatic and every celebration is loud! He is HILARIOUS! Tyler helped coach again this year and I have loved seeing both of these boys out on the field. I am amazed that with as busy as Tyler is with work and church he still finds time to make it to most games and is willing to coach. He is amazing in my eyes...reminds me a lot of my dad. Basketball season is right around the corner and I am hoping Nick plays with as much energy and enthusiasm on the court as he does on the field!


It is amazing how things that bother you with child #1 don't bother you with child #4.

When Kylee was 1 I would have freaked to find her playing in the hose water. A) because she escaped without me knowing it and this is how I found her. B) because hose water is nasty and who wants to drink it. C) because she was wearing a new dress and heaven forbid it get dirty!

All of the above were true yesterday when I found little Ms. Summer happily playing in the hose. I didn't freak out at all. In fact, I pulled a chair out from the garage, grabbed my camera, and laughed as I watched her have the time of her life for a solid hour.

Poor Kylee...lucky Summer. I guess having more kids has desensitized me.


Summer has a favorite drawer in our kitchen. She unloads it multiple times a day. Again, with Kylee I would have found some fancy lock and worried that she might find some dangerous utensil to use as a weapon. Not now. Again, #4 has made me realize that spatulas and measuring cups are a lot cheaper then toys. So, if you come to my house at just about any time of the day (or night) this is what my kitchen floor looks like and it doesn't bug me one bit.

There are oh so many things wrong with the pictures posted below...or at least I would have thought so 8 years ago. A) Really, what kind of mother lets their 3 year old dry the car in his pajamas at 3 in the afternoon with a "good" towel? ME. B) Check out that hair!!! What kind of a mother lets her child play in the water (again) without any pants on and hair that isn't combed? ME. C) Let's wash the car!!! With water bottles? Whatever, they were filling them up with hose water and were having the time of their lives. Yup, that was super mom ME again!

Amazing what 8 years and 4 kids can do to put life into perspective!

The celebration continues...

The Birthday celebration has been going on all day long...pancakes and presents before school, treats in class at school, lunch with mom, austin & summer, being checked out to go golfing with dad, soccer & finally cake and ice cream and the revealing of the much wanted present....Madden 2011! I am thinking Nick will go to bed a happy kid tonight and quite frankly...I am exhausted!

Happy #7 Nicholas!

Today my buddy Nick turned 7 - crazy to think that I have another child that old! He is pretty much the coolest 7 year old on the planet. He has so much energy and enthusiasm for life. I love watching him play sports...if they charged for little league it would be well worth the price of the ticket to watch him pump his fists and chest bump girls after he scores a goal. He will tell you that he is the best player on the team (we are working on being humble) but I love that he has confidence and thinks he is awesome....cause he is! He is a great brother, awesome student, good friend and just an all around great kid. Happy Birthday Nick!

Enjoying the final days of warmth...

The last few days of been beautiful. The kids have spent hours outside with friends and Summer has enjoyed wandering barefoot with all the kids. I am grateful for a little bit cooler weather but must admit I am not looking forward to cold temperatures that force my kids inside. The house stays clean and the kids stay happy - hopefully it won't be too long of a winter!

Cute Austin started pre-school today! He has been waiting for this day for quite sometime. He was surprisingly nervous, upset stomach and all, but relaxed once we got there and saw that one of his fellow Sunbeams is in his class. I love, love, love....LOVE his teacher. It is the same school that Nick attended for 2 years and I was so impressed that we are back again. I love having Austin around but after years of watching the others go to school he (and I) decided it was time! Wow, my kids are really growing up FAST!!!!

The Big B-Day....Baptism!

I don't feel old enough to have an 8 year old. I remember when sweet Kylee was born. My labor and delivery were not so sweet. She entered the world by emergency c-section weighing 8 pounds 10 ounces and has been full of life ever since. She has always been my pal and it was an amazing feeling to watch her be baptized and confirmed on Saturday. Tyler gave her a great blessing and I am confident that she will continue to make great choices. Baptism was a big deal for Kylee. She prepared herself well and worried about her interview with the Bishop. She wanted to understand the promises she was making. She has asked a lot of questions in the last couple of weeks and was extremely nervous but so ready for her special day. Kylee tries so hard to do what is right. She is a great big sister and I consider her one of my best friends. She is sweet and sassy in one adorable package and I love her dearly. She We were lucky to surrounded by so much family on her special day. Another reminder of how lucky we are to have the gospel and the knowledge of eternal families...because my family rocks!!! Kylee, we love you more than you know and are so proud of you! Sorry about the picture overload but I just couldn't pick a few!