Take me out to the ball...

This picture is blurry (SAD) but I had to post it anyway because it is the only one I took! Tyler and Kylee are at the daddy/daughter dance as we speak. She was so excited! We painted her fingernails and I let her wear my lip gloss and one of my necklaces...she was in heaven! She is excited for Tyler to meet some of her friends and dance the night away. Events like these make me feel old but what a JOY it is to be her mother!
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Future Daughter-in-law???

I love having neighbors that we love. A place where I can send my kids and know that they are being looked after and well taken care of. A house with parents and kids that are great examples to my own children. Kamri is one of our favorites. These two are the best of friends. The play well together and are always excited to see each other. I am pretty sure that if arranged marriages were still around I would pick Kamri to marry my Austin...maybe it will happen anyway - we will have to wait 20 years and see!

Heaven HELP me...

This little one has become SO busy in the last few weeks. Our latest trick...pulling ourself up on EVERYTHING. They grow up way too fast. This week we have already fallen down the stairs - time to baby proof!

Who needs toys?

Who needs toys when you can use a mat to slide down Grandma's stairs...OVER and OVER and OVER again. Needless to say, my kids slept great last night! I love the look on Kylee's face - classic Splash Mountain at Disneyland looking face but a lot cheaper!

A Week In Paradise...

Tyler and I just spent a week in paradise...literally. Thanks to many great helpers back home we were able to leave our kids and enjoy a week in Guatemala and Belize. It was beautiful, tiring, humid, warm and relaxing - all in one trip. We are glad to be home but loved every minute of our vacation together. Here are a few pictures to show what we experienced. I am grateful to be back home in my own bed but enjoyed seeing this part of the country and spending time with Tyler. In front of the temple in Guatemala City - it was midnight but we wanted to see it!
No washers or dryers there...everything was hung to dry! We washed clothes that took three days to dry out - it is HUMID!
The view from the main lobby or our first hotel. Everything was open air and breathtakingly beautiful!

In front of one of the many pyramids that we climed. It was facisnating to see all the Myan ruis and think of the way things were way back then! They were amazing!
A typical meal for the week...different but good.
We hiked to the top of many pyramids...it was a bit scary! We did our best to stay away from the edge but did manage to stay up long enough to get a picture.
In Utah we watch for deer...in Guatemala and Belize they watch for jaguires...no joke. We didn't see one (thank goodness) but apparently it is not uncommon to run into one!
There are many trees there that are hundreds of years old. We were walking through the jungle and a tree actually collapsed about 50 yards away from us!
Another pyramind...this one was not well enough preserved to climb but was still super cool to see! Those people worked hard to build those things...reminds me of the way the early temples of the Church were built.

The pool at our resort and the view from the deck in front of our "hut". Amazing to say the least!!!
This was how we knew what bathroom was which...we laughed a lot about these little people!
Tyler with one of the locals as she made the homeade corn tortillas. They pretty much live on tortillas...and they taste a lot different then waht we have here!

More amazing pyramids...
There were policemen with guns all over the city. They didn't every really smile and all looked pretty scary. We decided to pose for a picture with one of them.
On top of another pyramid. It was hot and humid but fun to look down below and imagine what a city would have looked like.
The rocks are slick - Walking in them is a trick - Off the rocks you may fall - So please walk slow or crawl. I thought this was funny until I walked on them and all of the above applied...I did walk slow and did crawl and even fell!
Tyler getting a massage from the waterfall. It felt awesome! We had fun swimming around in the river.
Tyler in front of our next "hut". The craftmanship was amaing!
I celebrated my 31st birthday in the jungle...
...and celebrated by flying in a small plane, in a rainstorm, over the jungles. It was a nervous wreck, even insisted that Tyler and I fly in different planes (no joke) but we survived and it was actually more smooth than any bus ride we had had all week long.
Trying hard to smile for a picture...inside I felt like I was going to wet my pants!
One of our showers...they were all open air and not very private!
Me chilling in the gathering area of our last resort. The ocean was 50 feet from out front door. It was unforgettable.
We ate all of our meals the last few days look out on this...it was amazing.

It was a perfect week! We are glad to be back with our kids and in the cold but enjoyed every minute of our little get away!

Happy Birthday Mommy...

Love......your little Summer Evelyn

Febuary 11th (today) is Renee's Birthday!!

This Renee's mom wishing her a very happy birthday today!

Not that innocent!

I can't believe how time flies. Summer is almost 8 months old and is into everything. She is at the curious stage where toys are not interesting but everything else on the floor is. We love this little girl and love that though she is curious she is still just as sweet as ever. Her favorite spot to destroy is the bottom shelf of the changing table. I love picking up diapers off the floor every day...really!

Why facebook is okay...

This is what happens when you post a request on facebook for people to donate warm clothing, formula, hats & gloves to the children of Haiti that are on their way to find homes in Utah. Amazing what good we can do with modern technology. Thanks to all who heard the call and donated! I know it is appreciated!