My cute sister!

What a fun weekend it has been as we have been able to support Kelsey during homecoming. I took Kylee and Nick to the football game last night to watch Kels cheer and do their big halftime performance. The weather was beautiful and the kids loved watching Kelsey! They love her! I think that I absolutely and positivly have the cutest little sister in the world! She looked fabulous and was quite relaxed when she left for the dance tonight. I am glad that we are close enough to be able to watch her grow up! We love her!

My baby is walking!

Sad but true, my baby is not really a baby anymore. Austin is starting to take steps! My other two were walking by now, but Austin has taken his sweet time and is now starting to become daring as he takes a few steps here and there. He loves to stand and clap at himself...he is pretty proud! I cannot believe how fast they grow. It seems like just yesterday he was a newborn - now he is exploring the world on his own two feet! I can't believe it. Time sure does fly!

More Soccer pictures!

These are my two favorite pictures! Grandma Jo has trained her to strike a pose!

Final Soccer Game

Austin loved going to the games! It was a little chilly - light jacket weather for sure!

Sitting on the sideline waiting for her chance to play! She was very patient!
Isn't she a cute soccer player! She was all about posing for Grandma!
She was so much more aggresive then we expected! She didn't hesitate to get in there and fight! She loved it!
Aunt Kelsey came to watch - here she is with Nick!

Our Birthday Boy!

Birthday Party Pictures!

Here are the birthday party pictures! He was SO excited!

Washing Windows with Vinegar!

Okay, so Tyler was home early this afternoon and I needed a project. Forget the fact that my LAUNDRY is not even close to being caught up, the dishes are still DIRTY, and the toys are scattered ALL OVER the basement. But, I headed to Home Depot and bought a window washing kit that included all the necessary tools and window cleaner. I went to do my basement windows which get hit by the sprinklers and the window cleaner would not do the trick. I got on the computer and "googled" recipes for window cleaner. Did anyone else know that VINEGAR is the best solution to wash windows with? I never knew that! I put some vinegar on a sponge and the hardwater spots came right off! Yeah for google and yeah for vinegar!

Nick's Birthday Party!

Okay, I am absolutely and totally exhausted! How can planning, preparing for, and throwing a 4 year old a birthday party completely wear me out!????! Well, it did just that. We had Nick's party today - just a few days shy of the big #4. At this age, it is hard to watch everyone else have birthdays and understand that your turn soon will come. The theme was Thomas the Train, again, and I think we pulled it off. I pulled out the old overalls, put on a plaid shirt, and even dug up a conductors hat for myself! Nick put on the good old Thomas costume and my sweet sister Abbey came to help with Austin (thank you!) and Austin napped the whole time so I had an extra hand to juggle eight 4 year old kids! Nick and I went to the party store this morning and picked up the balloons and came home to finish decorating. He was so excited! We hung railroad crossing signs throughout the house, made a train track down the middle of the table as a centerpiece, printed off pages for each of the kids to color, made "boarding passes" with each kids name on it, put together the store bought conductors hats, and even stuffed the pinata! It was fun to have him help and he was more than thrilled. At 10:00 a.m. he was on the porch waiting for his friends to arrive...the party started at 3:30. It was a fun filled day of distracting him from the clock. All in all I think the party was a hit. The kids loved the Thomas hot potato, follow the conductor, train truck scavenger hunt, red light green light, and best of all the cake and ice cream. I am glad that it is over. Now the real fun begins - all of my family and Tyler's family will be here on Sunday to celebrate on his actual Birthday! We cannot wait. Off to bed for has been one heck of a day!

Halloween Costumes

Okay, is anyone else in the Halloween costume mode? My kids are suddenly really concerned about what they are going to be this year. Nick's request was to be Thomas the Train, again, but I talked him out of that! His next suggestion was Peter Pan. Which is worse...wearing the same costume two years in a row or having your son trick-or-treat in green tights? I decided on the later and placed a bid on a few Peter Pan costumes on ebay. As for Kylee, her suggestion was a bride. Yes, my 5 year old wants to be a bride! Yikes. After Nick decided on Peter Pan she settled on Tinker Bell which is easy - Walmart here I come! So, the hunt is now on for a dog costume for Austin. Nick is insisting that he be Nana the dog, just like on the movie. I do have a Mickey Mouse costume that fits Austin just right but that doesn't fit with the theme! Oh well...I guess the Halloween costumes will have to come out of my miscellaneous budget. I am sure my financially practical husband would see nothing wrong with being Thomas two years in a row, using dress up clothes we already have to make a bride, and using the Mickey Mouse costume on another child. will be our little secret! Anyway, happy costume hunting!

Second Photo Shoot

Are you sick of seeing family pictures yet?

Today we went to Logan and did the Holland Family photo shoot. I think that the pictures turned out pretty cute! I am still a big fan of the price my mom charges...NOTHING! It was fun to see our cousins and spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma Holland. The kids miss them! Anyway, I thought I would post of few of these pictures so enjoy!

First day of Preschool Picture

Here is our handsome Nick on the first day of preschool! We think he looks pretty darn cute! He loves preschool. This will be his first full week of school and he can't wait.

Family Photo Shoot

Thanks to my mom for taking a few family photos of us last night! It is such a pain to get everyone dressed and ready - and then you pray just ONE turns out. I think we did okay though Kylee just wanted to pose like a supermodle, Nick wouldn't keep his hands out of his mouth, and Austin was being goofy! Oh well! Thanks again to my mom for taking these for us.

First Day of Preschool

Wow, this has been a fun few weeks of firsts! I lost Kylee to Kindergarten and today I lost Nick to Preschool. I have been preparing myself for this day for a long time but it did not make it any easier. He has been looking forward to being able to attend Preschool for years - literally. He has watched his sidekick, better known as Kylee, jump out of the car and go to school and now it is his turn. He was a nervous wreck this morning! He went to the bathroom three times before we left and couldn't wipe the smile off his face as we drove down the road. When we arrived, he jumped out of the car and ran for the gate. I quickly got the baby out and hurried downstairs to join him. He had already taken off his backpack and was playing with the trains, of course, on the floor with another little boy. He was chewing on his fingers which is his nervous habit, but that went away quickly as the neighbor boy joined him on the rug. I kissed him goodbye and out the door I went. I got in the car and I CRIED! It is weird to have both Kylee and Nick doing things that are so grown up! I know, it is only Kindergarten and Preschool, but these are big milestones in our lives! Needless to say, Nick loved every minute of it. He was all smiles when I picked him up and cannot wait to go back on Friday! I am making a list of all the things I want to accomplish with my "free time"...oh wait, I still have Austin at home and he is into EVERYTHING!!! I will post Preschool pictures as soon as they are downloaded!