Final Soccer Game

Austin loved going to the games! It was a little chilly - light jacket weather for sure!

Sitting on the sideline waiting for her chance to play! She was very patient!
Isn't she a cute soccer player! She was all about posing for Grandma!
She was so much more aggresive then we expected! She didn't hesitate to get in there and fight! She loved it!
Aunt Kelsey came to watch - here she is with Nick!


Williams Fam said...

Okay, that picture of Austin is so adorable!! Oh, and I've also decided that Kylee is the most photogenic kid ever!! YOu should get her doing some print work and make a couple extra bucks!! Love the soccer pics. She looks so serious and into the game!!

birnels said...

I can't believe soccer is already over. It seems like it just barely started. I am so glad to see she got over her fears and she sure looks like she is loving it!