Another Hill Family Gathering...

Those of you who know my family know that my extended family likes to get together. We are always looking for an excuse to have a party and this weekend was no exception. With and Aunt Karen, Uncle Ron, Cousin Brit and her kids passing through Utah - a party was a must. My mom and sister made fabulous enchiladas and we gathered to stuff our faces, laugh our guts out, and watch our kids play. Every gathering we have is complete and utter chaos but it is the kind of chaos that we look forward to. I love the noise, the food, the company and especially the pictures that we take at every gathering documenting the growth of the extended family and the memories that our kids are making. It was another tiring but fun night. I am thankful for a mother who is truly the hostess with the mostess and enjoys having people in her home often. I hope I am as cool as she is someday! Proof that these kids played until they dropped! Poor Nick had had it and I couldn't shut my mouth to get him out to the car before he fell asleep.
These kiddos were enjoying comparing their bellies! I am pretty sure Austin ate NO dinner but had FIVE cupcakes. Can we say mother of the year?
I love this picture! How fun to have all of these cousins together. Thanks Ron, Karen, Brit & kids for giving us an excuse to have a party!

9 Months

I can't imagine life with out this ball of chubbiness. She is the happiest and healthiest baby that I have had. Summer has been such a blessing in our home and brings me joy every day. This morning Austin, Summer and I cuddled in bed for almost an hour. It was so much fun to watch those two interact with each other. Summer loves her siblings and they love to play with her, kiss her, and even wrestle with her which is actually fun to watch because it makes her laugh. I am one lucky mommy to have 4 healthy, happy, and beautiful kids that I get to take care of!

Summer had her 9 month check up yesterday and she continues to be one very chubby baby. I love each and every roll! She weighed in at 21 pounds 12 ounces (92%) and 29 inches (91%). Did I mention that I love that her legs are so fat that she has no ankles! No shoes for this little one...they simply just don't fit!