Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a shotgun.


(What!?? For a kid who is not raised around guns or anything related to guns this was a suprising request. He could be a tiny bit disappointed when this request isn't granted!)


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want my very own computer.


(Nice. Looks like another disappointed child on Christmas morning. Maybe when she is 16...or 21 she just might get her very own computer!)

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! I feel extremely lucky to have a mom that I consider my best friend. She teaches so me so much and I am grateful to have her example as a mother! Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world!

Today I HATE snow!!!

Usually I love the snow. When it falls it makes me smile and I just want to turn on my fire and read a good book. Not today. The worst of the storm hit Utah County right as Kylee was getting out of school. I knew that she would be in tears to walk outside to try and find her carpool when the winds were whipping the snow everywhere. I was right...when she walked in the door she was red faced and not from the cold...she had been crying! I hate that!

Not too much later I got a phone call from Tyler. He barely missed the storm flying out of Wisconsin to Minnesota to Seattle last night - got in and it took 2 hours to claim bags which put him at his hotel at 3:00 a.m. Poor guy! He woke up this morning to find that the meeting that he had flown to Seattle for had been cancelled due to the weather. Darn! So, he hoped on an early flight to SLC thinking that he would beat the storm and rush hour traffic. WRONG! The plane got to SLC, circled, and was sent to Boise to land. Apparently the airport isn't letting anyone land or take off due to the weather. He sat on the runway for 1/2 hour before getting off the plane, was put back on the plane, and is now sitting on the runway again waiting for SLC to give them the okay to go...if that happens at all tonight. Are you tired yet? I bet Tyler is. Oh the joys of being a traveling salesman!!!

Needless to say - today I do not love the snow. When my family is all home and together in the warmth of our home I just might change my mind.

I have my hands full!

The following were both papers that I found in Kylee's backpack this morning:
Dear Kylee,

Do you like me? Do you have a crush on me? Write me back and let me know.

Your Friend,


What do you wish for this Christmas Season?


White Christmas?

I love the snow. The weather report this morning says that we are in for a white Christmas...nothing makes me happier!

Remember this?

Do you remember playing with Mr. Potato Head? I do. I thought that it was the coolest toy. I think we just might get one for Austin for Christmas but I haven't seen them in a long time. Do you think a two year old would enjoy this toy or would the pieces end up all over my house? Any thoughts?

Still Kicking...

Well, I had another doctors appointment and all is well. What a huge sigh of relief! I don't know why I get so nervous (yeah right), but hearing the little heartbeat was music to my ears. The doctor was chatting away asking about my extended family until I finally nicely said, "I am really nervous that you are not going to hear a heartbeat so could you please just listen really quickly and then I will give you the update on all of my brother's and sister's." He laughed and did just that. He even let me listen for a long time and the sound brought me to tears. I am truly grateful for modern technology that allows crazy anxiety people like me be reassured by being able to easily hear the sound of a simple heartbeat. Amazing! I was a bit disappointed to step on the scale and find out that I am still rapidly gaining weight! How is it that I throw up a few times a day and still manage to pack on the pounds. Oh well. So, there's the update! Now I can move on and enjoy the Holidays.

Carpool Conversation...

Kyler: Hey guys, did you see the kids that kissed during recess?

Me: Kissed, who did that?

Kyler: Some kids had their first kiss at recess today. Everyone made a circle around them and watched. It was funny.

Kylee: Mom, I bet that they got in so much trouble.

Me: I hope so.

I wish that kids would forever kiss in circles surrounded by their peers. There would be much less trouble if it were always that way. I thought that this conversation was very funny and HOPE that my Kylee ALWAYS believes that kissing will get people in "so much trouble". Too bad they all have to grow up!

Our Elf That Is NOT On ANY Shelf...

Have you seen this book? It is darling! Some lady in Costco told me about it a few weeks ago so I sent my good mother on the hunt to find it. A bundle of $$$ later it was delivered to me on Monday, December 1st. How fitting. The first day of December to start this fun tradition.

The story goes something like this...the elf is Santa's helper and he is magic. He sits on the shelf and watches the little girls and boys to see if they are being naughty or nice. He flies away to report to Santa every night so in the morning he is somewhere else in the house...watching. He can't be touched or he loses his magic and Santa has instructed him not to talk. The goal is that the kids are aware that they are being watched and will try to "behave" at this time of year.

Monday I excitedly read the story to my kids. At the end of the book it asks you to give the elf a name. The kids agreed on JOE and so off to bed they went. Well, bedtime lasted all of about 5 minutes before Kylee was in my room and in tears. Not just tears, but literally shaking. Why? Remember that this child of mine inherited my anxiety and was seriously AFRAID of the little elf named Joe. She wanted nothing to do with him and would not rest until she saw that he was placed back in that expensive box and put in the garage. Yikes! Needless to say there is no elf on any shelf in my house.

So much for what I thought would be a great Christmas tradition! In years past our Christmas presents had to be delivered to Tyler's work for him to bring home because she did not want Santa in our house while she was sleeping. I don't know why the fear of the elf surprises me at all. Oh well!

Happy really should go get this book!


#1 My Family. I truly have 3 wonderful kids and a fantastic husband. I am not the easiest person to put up with on a good day, but even more difficult to put up with lately! I am grateful for kids that give me so much joy and for a husband that relieves me of my motherly duties the minute he walks in the door. He is a wonderful dad and an equally wonderful husband...I don't know what I would do without him!

#2 The Gospel. Life just wouldn't me the same without it. With the recent passing of my grandma I was reminded how wonderful it is that I KNOW that families are forever. I am thankful for each and every Sunday that we are able to go to church and learn more about our Savior. With that comes my calling, which I love! Teaching RS is a challenge but one that helps me grow each and every month.

#3 Extended Family. Tyler and I have both been blessed with amazing families. We have such supportive parents and siblings who would give the shirt of their backs for us. Not everyone can say they LOVE their extended family but I truly do. There is always a party and never a good enough excuse not to support one another! That's the way it should be and I love it!

#4 Good Friends. We LOVE our neighborhood and have been blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people. I have so many women that I sincerely look up to and learn so much from. We hit the jackpot in this neighborhood. There is always someone to call when help is needed and even without a phone call people come running to help! I am so thankful for the many friend that I have made that love me and love my children!

#5 The Little Thing Inside Me. There is nothing like seeing and hearing a fetal heartbeat on an ultrasound. Through the nausea and vomitting I am still grateful for the chance I have to again become a mother. Life is truly a miracle. I cannot wait to feel the little thing kicking inside of me. Very few things bring me greater joy than feeling movement inside of me.

#6 Modern Medicine. How did the pioneers do it? They suffered so much and so many survived without Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Zofran, etc. So many women lost children in childbirth and children and husbands to sickeness. I am grateful for doctors today that can diagnose and heal so many things! Considering I am on c-section #4 this really hits home to me!

#7 Good Music. I love turning on the radio this time of year and hearing so many Christmas tunes. Christmas music is my favorite but I am grateful for anyone musically talented in any way. Music can set the tone for just about anything - I am grateful that we have such great music to choose from!

#8 Seasons. One of my most favorite things about Utah is the weather. There are 4 distinct seasons and I love each of them! I love this time of year with the snow and cool air that it brings. Spring never comes quick enough with the birds chirping and brisk mornings...and my favorite pansies! Summer brings laughter from kids running around in swimsuits and eating popsicles. Fall means that winter is almost here and the mountains are filled with color. I am lucky to be able to experience each of these seasons every year!

#9 The Ensign. Sounds crazy but as I read the December issue last night I was in heaven. How lucky we are to have access to such wonderful words, stories, and insight from our Church leaders. The General Conference issue was jammed packed with great talks and the December issue is fantastic! We truly are lucky to have such wonderful things to read.

#10 My Senses. Though I am a bit sensitive to smell right now, I am grateful that I can see, touch, hear, and even smell. So many people don't have the ability to do one or more of these. I am lucky to be able to see the beautiful lights that decorate houses this time of year, to touch the faces of my children, to hear laughter and tears, and smell so many wonderful things.