Perfect day on the slopes!

Yesterday was the PERFECT day to hit the we did! It snowed lightly the night before making the conditions on the mountain about is good as it gets. I buddied up with Abbey, Taylor and Kelsey and we enjoyed a day laughing and realizing how out of shape our legs really are! We stopped for lunch in the lodge which brought back many great memories of my younger days on the slopes. I always loved the lodge...the warmth, the food and the company. The lodge at Sundance has since changed but I still enjoyed looking back on those fun years. I hope that I get a chance to hit the slopes again before the season is over...I average about once every four years so maybe I will make it twice this year...we will see.


I love this kid to death. He is convinced that someday he will play in the NFL. I love that he dreams BIG and hope that he continues to do so. Our conversations over the last few weeks have been all football related, like when he asked which team in the NFL I wanted him to play with, hoping that he could maybe play in California or Arizona so we could come to more games. He has also been concerned about attending Church on Sunday and asked if the NFL might provide him with a headset that would broadcast Sacrament Meeting into his helmet while he was warming up for his Sunday night games....BUT if he had 9:00 meetings he should be able to do it all. I love the way his little brain works. He watches ESPN and re-runs of old football games on The Mountain like they are cartoons. He can tell you the stats of nearly every team and is true to HIS teams. Our DVR is full of recorded games that he watches over and over again - so many times that he can pause the game and tell me what will happen next. He plays football on the XBOX, football on the computer, and football in the front yard. We have tried to convince him that maybe baseball or basketball will be "his sport" but there is no convincing him that the NFL is not for him. Kids - I love them!

One of those days...

Today was one of those a good way. The kids were fairly cooperative getting things done this morning, I had a basement full of boys all afternoon, Kylee was content playing with a friend and the baby took a good nap which makes for a good day in itself! Tonight I loaded the kids in the car and met Tyler in SLC to see the lights on Temple Square. I think it has been a few years since we attempted this but I am determined to now make it one of our traditions (per Kylee's request). The snow was lightly falling but it was warm so seeing the lights was enjoyable, not miserable as I remember it in years past. We toured the Conference Center and visited both of the Visitor Center's on Temple Square. We watched the Luke 2 video and saw a presentation on eternal families. It was a perfect night and put me in the mood for Christmas. It is nights like these that I am grateful to be a mom and a wife. I love my kids and my husband. I am grateful for friends and neighbors who are examples of goodness. I have been blessed with a wonderful extended family who love and support us. Tonight I concluded that life is good. We are blessed. So rather then getting upset that the request at 10:15 was for root beer floats, I sat at the table with my kids and loved the moment. I need to do it more often.

The Count Down

This little Santa sits on our kitchen counter starting the first of December. The kids often fight over who gets to change the numbers each day and it seems to be a race each morning to see who wins the honor. This morning Austin was up bright and early and this is what I found...
Part of me wishes that there really were 81 days until Christmas. For some reason I am feeling really unmotivated and unprepared this year! Christmas is just around the corner...18 days according to my kids and I want this year to be special. I want them to understand and feel the true meaning of this time of year. The Santa countdown is one of my favorite traditions, especially when I wake up to cute little hands trying to get the numbers right. Happy shopping everyone and if you have any great ideas on how help kids stay focused on Christ this time of year I am open to suggestions!