Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year did not disappoint! The weather in Utah was beautiful last week and of course it rained on Halloween...at least it wasn't snow, right? Despite the not so great weather conditions the kids had a great time going door-to-door in our neighborhood. There were so many generous candy givers...full size candy bars, popcorn, and soda pop! Maybe next year I won't buy the cheap stuff! The kids were all thrilled with their costumes and I think they all look pretty cute if I might say so myself.
Cute Austin as Superman...he has had his costume for weeks and has been so excited to wear it!
Summer...the busiest but cutest money on the block!
Kylee as Carrie Underwood or a country singer...she thought she was pretty hot stuff and I would have to agree!
Check out handsome Nick as an indian. He loved this borrowed costume. He spent the week speaking his own indian language...he is such a crack up!


You know it is pumpkin carving time when you wake up to snow on the ground!

Ragnar Recap

Running Ragnar was a great experience for me. I accomplished something that I never thought I could!

Highlights for me include:

1) Finishing my 8.8 mile leg and running the entire thing. It was full of hills and there were plenty of moments I felt like quitting but I kept on running.
2) Receiving the bracelet from one sister and passing it off to another on every leg...just another reminder of how much I love my sisters (Michelle and Aleena included). I actually got a little emotional as I passed the bracelet every time...love my family!
3) Chatting with people as I ran. (Yes, I am one of those who starts talking to random people on planes) I loved hearing what made people run this race. On my first leg I talked to a girl who was running with a van of 12 friends. One of them had lost her husband suddenly and was suffering from extreme depression. They banded together as friends and started running, stating that it was cheaper then therapy...that ended in running a Ragnar together.
4) Being able to rely on Geoff to run with almost all of us at some point as motivation and security. My brother rocks! He was hilarious and an absolute life saver. He ran as many miles as most runners did and I am not sure we could have done it without him. He created a family chant that had us on laughing...I would expect nothing less from him!
5) Seeing my mom and dad on the side of the road on my first run and watching my dad come to my rescue with water when he felt my support van had gone too far ahead! He apparently went forward, found my support van, and chewed them out for going so far ahead! It made me laugh! My parents are the greatest. I hope we made them proud!
6) Seeing those in the other van even if just for a minute! So proud of cousin Brit and Uncle Steve for being first timers with us!
7) Watching Chad run like a complete rock star on an injured knee. There were times that I thought he might collapse but he kept on running. We were all a little concerned and even tried to shove him in the van once...but he kept on running. What a trooper! Not sure he loved the over protective sisters always asking if he was okay, but I am pretty sure he expected nothing less.
8) Seeing Dan at the finish line. It is always awesome to tell people that we are related to Ragnar Dan. What a great event. It brings out the best in so many people and so much can be learned about yourself as you run. My conclusion...I can do hard things!
9) Watching Kelsey conquer her fear of the dark and finish her final leg like a champ. As she ran toward me in the final exchange I got emotional. She didn't think she could do it and she did. I love her!
10) Finishing! I didn't get to cross the finish line with the team because I had to catch a plane but it was different to be at a Ragnar finish line as a finisher and not just a spectator or volunteer. I am currently sporting my Ragnar shirt and the window sticker will go in my car tomorrow! :) I actually can say I did it and not just own the gear. That feels good!

Running for me has been therapy. How great to be outside and be able to take in all the beautiful things that God has created. My runs over the last few months have been a time for me to reflect, pray, and relax. I have enjoyed it and hope to continue running at least a little bit! Thanks to my supportive husband who has given up many mornings of his own workout time to allow me to run. I think it has made me a better person. I feel good, I am happier, I sleep better and I feel less stressed then I ever have. Life is good. I completed a Ragnar and we are making plans for the next one!

We did it!

I just spent the last 2 days surrounded by the people I love and together we accomplished something I never thought I could... Ragnar Las Vegas. It was a blast. My muscles are sore & I need to catch up on some sleep but I would not have traded the last two days for anything. More pictures to come later...way to go team "Run Like HILL"!!!

Someone enjoyed dinner!

Spaghetti and an independent 1 year old...not the best combination! But boy was she happy!

While the men were away...

We are loving having our "Pass of All Passes", especially since Liberty Land (aka Trafalga Lehi) is just down the road. While Tyler was off at priesthood I took the kids out for a few hours of fun. The kids weren't daring enough to try the bumper boats on our previous visits but with the 85 degree weather that night we figured it was worth a try. Nick was soaked from head to toe - a BYU fan saw that he was wearing a Utah State Aggie jersey and was relentless! Austin and Summer stayed warm and enjoyed watching the action from the sideline.

What would a trip to Liberty Land be without miniature golf? Austin favorite pastime now days...and of course, a ride on the airplanes. It was a great night. The kids were happy which meant mom was happy too.

The Egg Drop...

As part of the self esteem unit at school the 3rd graders learn about self confidence - this somehow relates to them being like the egg and doing what you can to protect yourself...like surrounding yourself with good friends, etc. The assignment was to take a regular egg and protect it so that when it was dropped of the top of the school it wouldn't break. Kylee has been waiting for this since 1st grade...after throwing up all Thursday night I wasn't sure I would make it there to watch her egg fall and see the results. I am happy to report that at little bit of batting, foam, duck tape and a shoe box did the trick! Her egg didn't break and I witnessed the drop. She is happy in these pictures - partly because her egg didn't break but also because she got to sit by Gabe! Isn't he cute?