Lake Powell...FINALLY!

What a great trip! The weather was perfect with cool nights and the company was fantastic! We enjoyed all of the extended family and I mean that. Our kids loved every minute of it and enjoyed hanging out with all the cousins. Thanks to my mom and dad for keeping Austin for us for a few would have been a disaster to have him wandering all over the houseboat! He apparently got sick the day after we left and spent 4 DAYS on my mom's lap. Tyler called home to check on him and my mom threatened his life if he told me that Austin was sick. She wanted me to enjoy the trip and knew that I would worry about him if I found out - she was right! We are hoping to make a trip to Lake Powell again soon. Our kids won't quit talking about how much fun it was...that is when you know that it was a really great vacation!


Do you ever just feel really proud to be a member of a family? That is how I feel this week. The Wasatch Back relay was a dream that my uncle, Steve Hill, has had for years. Inpired by a Race in Oregon - Hood to Coast - his driven son Dan decided to make his dad's dream a reality. From that dream and the drive of a young college student, the Wasatch Back relay is now HUGE and has expanded to different races all over the United States. My extended family put together a team this year and they finished the race #102 out of over 500 teams...amazing considering a few (my brothers) are not what you would call avid runners! We volunteer throughout the race route each year and I love telling people that it was my cousins drive and my uncles vision that made the Wasatch Back Relay come to life. Our team "ROAD KHILL" (spelled that way becase we are the Hill's) had a few bumps in the road but pressed on and finished the race very respectively. We are already planning for next year and I might actually try and train and join...we will see. So, CONGRATS to all of my extended family who participated in the race in any way and to Steve and Dan for another successful year!

Not So Innocent...

So, this cute little boy with long eyelashes is not that innocent anymore. He is very sweet but lately he has become very...wound up. They had to come get Tyler out of Sunday School today because Nick was talking to his friend and when he was asked to stop he wouldn't and got mad. Tyler says that he is just being a kid and it will pass - any thoughts?

Good old Hogle Zoo!

What would summer be without a trip to the good old Hogle Zoo?

Lake Powell...

So, we have been home for a whole week and I have not dowloaded pictures of our fun trip to Lake Powell yet. COMING SOON, I PROMISE!


We went to Lagoon last Saturday with Tyler's company - Austin enjoyed watching the kids ride all of the rides. He was too little to do much else! The weather was a bit chilly in the morning but warmed up to be a perfect day at Lagoon.

We tried this ride twice and it broke while the kids were on it! They were having a great time until they realized they were way above ground and the ride was no longer moving!

The favorite ride of the day - TIDAL WAVE - the kids loved it and rode it 8 times! It was one of the shorter lines...

It warmed up enough that the kids played in the water before we left! It was great way to start SUMMER!

Welcome to the world Olivia!

My brother and his beautiful wife welcomed a new baby girl into their family last week! She was born with a whole head of dark head and looks just like her big sister! We are thrilled the SHE is here...they did not know what they were having so it was fun to find out shortly after the birth. We cannot wait to meet her soon!

Rain, rain, please stay!

It has been a gloomy day. The rain has been falling and we were forced to go to story time and stay inside. I love days like these! I just want to curl up on the couch and read a good book. Most people are wishing the rain would go away but I am hoping that it will stay for a few more days. There is nothing like a good walk in the rain to put a smile on my face! Rain, rain, please stay!