The kids finally went to bed and Santa and Mrs. Claus got to work putting presents under the tree, stuffing the stockings, and wrapping the few final gifts that were purchased last minute to "fill in the gaps". We stood in the living room together and said to each other, OUR KIDS ARE SPOILED! Don't get me wrong, there were no fancy gifts this year. Their largest and most exciting presents were Razor scooters that cost a whopping $30.00 - but I have been shopping since October thinking that this would benefit us financially because I would be DONE when everyone else was just starting. Well, I found the opposite to be true. I just kept picking up little things here and there, storing gifts in every corner of our house as well as my parents house. When we finally got it all together we realized that we had gone overboard, once again! What is a mother to do? I sat and looked at everything and even debated putting a few things away to return but decided against it. Instead, we smiled Christmas morning as they opened and loved each gift. My favorite reactions were Kylee seeing that she did get the sleeping beauty castle that she has been requesting since August (she danced around the room and squealed), and Nick wondering how in the HECK Santa knew that he wanted a pirate ship. It was a fun morning! Kylee wanted a picture with her and Nick with all of their presents which I totally FAKED taking because I don't want them to look at that next year and wonder why Santa didn't bring them as much! Luckily Austin is too little to understand that his pile was a lot smaller than the other two kids! Anyway, does anyone else feel their kids were way too SPOILED this Christmas???

Christmas Sunday

I look forward to "Christmas Sunday" every single year. I love going to church knowing that I will likely not be bored with a speaker but will get to sing and listen to Christmas music. We went to church with Tyler's parents in Logan this morning. They have a lot of musical talent in the ward from people who play the bells, flute, violin, and organ to many who sing like angels! It was a very uplifting meeting and I truly felt the spirit of Christmas. Kylee and Nick were actually quite good and even went to Primary without a fight. Austin roamed the halls for a majority of the meetings - what do you expect from a one year old! We are now back home in our own house. The tree is lit and the house feels peaceful and cheerful. My kids are so excited for Christmas Eve they truly cannot hardly stand it! They are giddy! I love hearing them talk and seeing the smile on their faces as we take one more link off the homeade chain that is hanging in our kitchen. I love this time of year!

The Disaster of the Gingerbread House...

Okay, I have never claimed to be creative or have the creative touch when it comes to anything! This is the second year in a row that our attempt at building a gingerbread house has been very, very unsuccessful! As you can see, we did not make it very far before all four walls collapsed. The kids had a really good attitude about it and thought that it was quite funny! Maybe next year will be better for us!

The Holland kids "Go Green"!!!

Today Kylee and Nick both had Christmas performances at their school and were asked to wear either red or green. Since most people have red in their every day wardrobe we decided that we would go with green! I think they look mighty cute if I might say so myself! Doesn't Kylee look thrilled to be there?!!?

Kylee's "BIG DAY"

The day of the dance recital came and went! Kylee was so excited to perform and was even more excited that Grandpa and Grandma Holland drove from Logan to be here! Grandma Jo was in charge of her ward party that morning but we have it on video...thank goodness for technology. Putting her hair in a bun was a bit of a challenge but we survived the day and it was fun!

Let it SNOW!!!

I finally made it to the store this week to stock up on hats, gloves, boots and snow pants! As dad shoveled, the kids had their first experience in the snow this year! We are going to grandma's for dinner and they have already loaded their snow clothes in the car in hopes that Aunt Kelsey will take them sledding! We are hoping that the coming weeks bring more storms and more snow...we will see.

5 going on 15...

I was getting Kylee ready this morning and was in quite a rush! We were in a hustle to get everyone out the door to the Holland Family annual Christams party in Treemonton. It is quite the drive and the weather was a bit messy. Kylee and I were having "a moment" (fighting like cats and dogs) when she looked at me and yelled, "MOM, YOUR ARE DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!!!!" Where do you think that statement came from? Just one more reason we say that Kylee is 5 going on 15!!!


So, for those of you who have been wondering, I GOT A WII!!!! It is actually a pretty funny story...I ran into an old basketball coach at Wal-Mart. We were standing looking at games and I expressed that I was on the hunt for a Wii. He looked at me and said, "today is your lucky day...I was just at Toy-R-Us in Sandy and bought one but I have already purchased FIVE. (one for each of his married kids) I don't need the SIXTH but thought that I would buy it incase I ran into somebody that needed one." So, I wrote the guy a check, walked out to his truck, and transferred the Wii to my car! Crazy! I guess there is something to be said for being in the right place at the right time! I am SOOOOOO excited!

Merry Christmas to The Hollands - a little early!

Santa and Mrs. Claus (my mom and dad) showed up at our door late last night and came bearing gifts! Wrapped in beautiful red and silver paper was a gift for Tyler & I. I was so excited to open it I could hardly wait - so I dug in - and this picture is taken with what Santa brought us. Thanks to Santa and Mrs. Claus for the thoughtful gift. We are so excited to use it, especially in the coming weeks! We love you!

My husband thinks I am NUTTY!!!

To go along with my previous post, my husband thinks that I am NUTTY! It is 7:45 in the morning and I have just returned from Wal-Mart where I went to reserve a place in line to get a Wii. No, not for me, but I went at 5:45 and there were already 7 people in line and when my mom came to replace me at 7:00 there were 15...all hoping that today is the day Wal-Mart gets their shipment in! Am I nutty? I think I would call myself a good daughter for getting up and going on the hunt for family! Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting the phone call from my mom to hopefully say that the early wait was worth it. The 6 people in line in front of us have been there every day this week and some even waited last week - all in hopes that they can snag a Wii and make their childs Christmas dream come true! The sacrifices we make for our children! :) Luckily, the Wii is not a request on either of my kids list for Santa.

Nintendo Wii...

Okay, let's be honest now - how many of you have joined the crowd of people obsessed with the Nintendo Wii? I have had the true privilege of going on the "Wii hunt" with my mom a number of times over the last few weeks. We have been VERY successful in finding almost everything that we want but I am amazed at the short supply! There are shelves of the XBOX and all of its accesories, but you cannot hardly find the Wii itself or anything to go along with it! I am lucky that I am not on the hunt for one myself. We hit a homerun on this one - have Grandma buy it for Aunt Kelsey and we get to use it on Sunday's when we visit! I am thinking that the Easter bunny might have to leave one for my kids. If you have ever played it you will understand why. We are not video game people around here but the Wii is one that I would love to have! Happy hunting!


This picture was taken on Thanksgiving. This is my mom's mom, Grandma Evy or "Grandma Great" as my kids call her. These are just a few of her many great grandchildren that are local...all in attendance to Thanksgiving dinner. A crazy night made for a picture that is PRICELESS!!!! I am lucky to still have two Grandma's alive and have a great relationship with both. They are both wonderful women who I have learned much from!

How to keep a car CLEAN...

Okay, I have had it! Anyone who has been in my car recently knows that it is just sick....I admit it. I am a bad car keeper. I like to go through the drive through for an occasional Diet Coke and there is evidence of that all over the inside - try four half empty cups that need to be thrown away. Why are they still there? Good question. You would think that it would be easy to just get out an chuck them when I get home...yeah right. I take after my dad. I blame my mess of a car on the fact that I am in it a lot. Really, if you needed something to wear because you got your shirt dirty or your child puked, you could probably find it in ONE of THREE Wal-Mart sacks carrying diapers, food, clothing, pajamas for my kids that were packed for one of my 5 trips to Grandma's house this week. The problem - I just keep packing Wal-Mart sacks and the sack from the previous night never seems to make it inside. Thirsty? Don't worry, the trunk of my car has 3, yes THREE, 24 packs from Costco waiting for you. My excuse, if there was an emergency and I had to evacuate the water would already be in the car. Goldfish crackers, anyone? You are welcome to come and search my car...there you will find a whole school of fish ground into the carpet, stepped on by my own kids along with the two carpools that I drive. Okay, I need help. I admit it. Any suggestions on how to keep a clean car? If your suggestion is to quit drinking Diet Coke and getting fast food...DREAM ON! Otherwise - any constructive criticism is welcome.

Happy Birthday Austin!

Austin Tyler Holland
November 21, 2006
Today I am thankful for my sweet AUSTIN. Today is his FIRST BIRTHDAY and it has been a wonderful year. We are so THANKFUL to have him as a member of our family. He has truly made me SMILE every day for the last year. He is a tough little kid who LOVES his older brother and sister. He is very fond of his GRANDPA and loves to get HUGS every time grandpa walks in the door. He is into EVERYTHING, loves to push play on the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL CD in Kylee's room, and loves cars. He loves to laugh, walk, crawl up the stairs when he thinks nobody is watching, turn the TV off and on, and do pretty much everything he should not. He has a SMILE and a GIGGLE that I just can't resist and the most KISSABLE cheeks. He is truly a BLESSING in our family and today I am THANKFUL that Heavenly Father chose me to be his MOTHER. I was lucky enough to have not only AUSTIN but KYLEE and NICHOLAS sent to me and for that I am GRATEFUL. Happy Birthday Austin and Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of you!


Happy Birthday, AUSTIN!

We love you!

Did you know!???!

Kylee has gotten her hands on the American Girl doll catalog - a mother's worst nightmare! She has so many requests I cannot hardly keep up with them. Every doll is "so cute" and she tells all of her friends that Santa loves her so much that he will bring her one. Well, Santa does love her but give me a break, they are EXPENSIVE!!! For some reason I have a really hard time justifying 75% of her Christmas budget being put towards ONE doll. I can just see her pulling the scissors out of the drawer and chopping all of that expensive hair off.
Did you know...Target carries a brand called "Our Generation" that look just like them. I was so excited when I saw them on the shelf tonight that I nearly wet my pants. They come with a change of clothes and sell other outfits for only $9.99! So, for less than $50.00 I got a doll that looks like the ones she has been dreaming of and was able to buy a few of the outfits too. I am trying to talk Tyler into the pink scooter because I just think it is so cute! So, I am one happy mamma tonight. My daughter will be thrilled on Christmas morning and she won't even know that it is not the real thing. Bring on the scissors...and thank you Target!


Okay, admit it! How many of you listen to Dr. Laura. I have listened to her off and on for the last couple of years, some of what she says I totally agree with and some things make her sound totally mean and nuts. Well, I have been on a Dr. Laura kick for the last couple of weeks. I have been in the car a lot and have found myself tuning in when she is on. We were in the car yesterday and I turned on some music....Kylee started yelling at my from the back to turn it off. I did as I was commanded by my five year old and then she said "Mom, turn on that Dr. Laura...I really like her." I immediately started to think about the last week or so and tried hard to remember if I had listened to any inappropriate callers. I am sure I did. I learned my lesson, once again, KIDS HEAR EVERYTHING!!!! For now, I will not be a Dr. Laura fan unless I am alone in the car...the things we sacrifice for our children!


Do you ever wonder why we do some of the things that we do? This weekend we traveled to Logan for the start of another Utah State Aggie basketball season. Why? I ask myself the same question quite often. Why do we travel 2 hours each direction to watch a team play when we don't even live in the city that the team resides?!!? Well, here is the scoop. My husband grew up in Millville, Utah - a small town just outside of Logan. He grew up going to Aggie basketball games every single year and those that they missed he faithfully listened to on the radio. His mom's favorite memories of him are from those days - on the floor in the family room listening and keeping score while acting like he himself was the sports broadcaster. The passion has never gone away. We moved to Logan for work and quickly became frequent fans at the basketball games and even a few football games. I learned to become and Aggie fan as well which lead the the approval of becoming season basketball ticket holders. So, there is the story. We are now proud owners of Utah State Aggie basketball tickets on the 7th row. According to Tyler they are not great seats considering his parent are just below us on row 2. But, for now my friends, I will be a Utah State Aggie basketball supporter. My kids know the fight song and look forward to attending games with Grandma and Grandpa and their dad. To me is is not the team that we are cheering for but the memories that are made in doing so. They play again this weekend so off we go!

Happy 17th Kelsey!

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my sweet baby sister, Kelsey! Anyone who knows her knows what a wonderful sister, friend, and aunt she is! We love you Kelsey - have a wonderful day!

Thanksgiving Point

Here are a few pictures from our visit to the Thanksgiving Point Farm today. The kids were so excited to take cousins Brady and Easton to see all of the animals. I think Uncle Ryan had a better time than the kids did! The wind was blowing but the weather was beautiful....the kids loved the pony rides and Austin was quite thrilled to just sit and play with the pumpkins. Enjoy!

Who knew a pumpkin could be this exciting?
Nick proudly taking his pony ride!

The whole gang! (My mom is taking the picture)
Easton, Austin, and Brady
Austin, Kylee, and Nick
Kylee with the witch!

A Mom's (and Dad's) Worst Nightmare!

I am usually really sad when I miss church, honest, but I was glad that I wasn't feeling well this Sunday and decided to stay home with the baby who also was not feeling well. As Tyler and the kids were walking out the door Nick said, "Mom my tummy hurts". I totally thought that he was just coming up with an excuse to stay home with me so I sent them all out the door. The baby went down for a nap and I decided to get a little rest and was napping on the couch when Tyler walked in the door with Nick and they were both covered in vomit. I laughed and asked what happened. It was a mission farewell and during the future missionaries talk Nick stood up and just started throwing up - all over himself and then the people in front of him who were extended family of the missionary. Tyler scooped him up and made a run for it as Nick continued to throw up. Tyler said the he pulled Nick's knees to his chest to create a bucket and he was able to contain most of it. How embarassing!!!! On the way home Nick said, "Dad, I hope the Heavenly Father and Jesus understand". We have been working hard with our kids and Sacrament meeting - teaching them about respect for the church and keeping it clean. Tyler reassured him the he knew Heavenly Father and Jesus would forgive him for getting the church dirty! Needless to say, this was one Sunday I was grateful to miss!

The Broken Rule...

Okay, any of you that know my Kylee know that she says and does some pretty funny things. She is one that I am constantly wondering "where did you come from?". Anyway, she came home from school one day last week, quickly ate lunch, and was out the door to go and play with a friend, Riley. About an hour later I received a phone call from Riley's mom and she is laughing so hard that I can hardly understand her. She told me that I needed to ask Kylee what she did at school today. I told her to just spill the beans so that I would be prepared for whatever it was. Through the laughter, she told me that Kylee had her first kiss that day with none other than the Broxton that I hear about all the time. I was now laughing myself silly and hung up the phone to prepare myself for the conversation I would have with my 5 YEAR OLD daughter when she got home. She walked in the door, I asked her what she did at school that day, she took one look at me and ran down the hall giggling and they started to cry. She came out and I asked her what was wrong...her response was "I am so sorry Mom, I forgot about our rule." Might I remind you that she is 5 years old - just turned 5 in August, and the poor girl is in tears but kind of laughing at the same time. It was all I could do not to laugh myself. We talked about the age that it was appropriate to kiss boys and I told her to leave poor Broxton alone. The funny thing, who creates a rule with a 5 year old about kissing boys? There was no rule because the thought never even crossed my mind. The rule now is - No kissing boys until your are 6! Just kidding.

My financial ANXIETY!

Okay, does anyone else see something wrong with the Tai Pan Trading company moto? Family, Comfort, Home - yeah right! Every time if visit this store I have complete financial anxiety. I go there and I fill my cart at least half full of all the darling things that I have to have. It causes my FAMILY discomfort because I am so on edge because there are so many things that I want and cannot afford! Yeah, the place helps to make my home look pretty...but is it really worth the complete and utter distress that it causes me every time I walk in that store? I just don't know! Point being, I visited this store yesterday and controlled the URGE to buy everything under the roof. The fall decorations are all over the store and the smell of Christmas is in the air. The trees are up and the stars and ribbon are literally EVERYWHERE....I nearly hyperventilated just thinking about all the things I have to return for in order to make my tree look just right. It is 5:00 a.m the morning following my visit to Tai Pan. I cannot sleep because my dreams were filled with all the images of all the things that I must have....maybe next pay period! If you have not heard of this store, you really should check it out. I am sure you will have the same financial anxiety that I do. Go to www.taipantrading.com and you can sign up to receive their newsletter and monthly coupons. A little bit of a discount is always a good thing. Happy blogging!

My cute sister!

What a fun weekend it has been as we have been able to support Kelsey during homecoming. I took Kylee and Nick to the football game last night to watch Kels cheer and do their big halftime performance. The weather was beautiful and the kids loved watching Kelsey! They love her! I think that I absolutely and positivly have the cutest little sister in the world! She looked fabulous and was quite relaxed when she left for the dance tonight. I am glad that we are close enough to be able to watch her grow up! We love her!

My baby is walking!

Sad but true, my baby is not really a baby anymore. Austin is starting to take steps! My other two were walking by now, but Austin has taken his sweet time and is now starting to become daring as he takes a few steps here and there. He loves to stand and clap at himself...he is pretty proud! I cannot believe how fast they grow. It seems like just yesterday he was a newborn - now he is exploring the world on his own two feet! I can't believe it. Time sure does fly!

More Soccer pictures!

These are my two favorite pictures! Grandma Jo has trained her to strike a pose!

Final Soccer Game

Austin loved going to the games! It was a little chilly - light jacket weather for sure!

Sitting on the sideline waiting for her chance to play! She was very patient!
Isn't she a cute soccer player! She was all about posing for Grandma!
She was so much more aggresive then we expected! She didn't hesitate to get in there and fight! She loved it!
Aunt Kelsey came to watch - here she is with Nick!

Our Birthday Boy!

Birthday Party Pictures!

Here are the birthday party pictures! He was SO excited!

Washing Windows with Vinegar!

Okay, so Tyler was home early this afternoon and I needed a project. Forget the fact that my LAUNDRY is not even close to being caught up, the dishes are still DIRTY, and the toys are scattered ALL OVER the basement. But, I headed to Home Depot and bought a window washing kit that included all the necessary tools and window cleaner. I went to do my basement windows which get hit by the sprinklers and the window cleaner would not do the trick. I got on the computer and "googled" recipes for window cleaner. Did anyone else know that VINEGAR is the best solution to wash windows with? I never knew that! I put some vinegar on a sponge and the hardwater spots came right off! Yeah for google and yeah for vinegar!

Nick's Birthday Party!

Okay, I am absolutely and totally exhausted! How can planning, preparing for, and throwing a 4 year old a birthday party completely wear me out!????! Well, it did just that. We had Nick's party today - just a few days shy of the big #4. At this age, it is hard to watch everyone else have birthdays and understand that your turn soon will come. The theme was Thomas the Train, again, and I think we pulled it off. I pulled out the old overalls, put on a plaid shirt, and even dug up a conductors hat for myself! Nick put on the good old Thomas costume and my sweet sister Abbey came to help with Austin (thank you!) and Austin napped the whole time so I had an extra hand to juggle eight 4 year old kids! Nick and I went to the party store this morning and picked up the balloons and came home to finish decorating. He was so excited! We hung railroad crossing signs throughout the house, made a train track down the middle of the table as a centerpiece, printed off pages for each of the kids to color, made "boarding passes" with each kids name on it, put together the store bought conductors hats, and even stuffed the pinata! It was fun to have him help and he was more than thrilled. At 10:00 a.m. he was on the porch waiting for his friends to arrive...the party started at 3:30. It was a fun filled day of distracting him from the clock. All in all I think the party was a hit. The kids loved the Thomas hot potato, follow the conductor, train truck scavenger hunt, red light green light, and best of all the cake and ice cream. I am glad that it is over. Now the real fun begins - all of my family and Tyler's family will be here on Sunday to celebrate on his actual Birthday! We cannot wait. Off to bed for me...it has been one heck of a day!

Halloween Costumes

Okay, is anyone else in the Halloween costume mode? My kids are suddenly really concerned about what they are going to be this year. Nick's request was to be Thomas the Train, again, but I talked him out of that! His next suggestion was Peter Pan. Which is worse...wearing the same costume two years in a row or having your son trick-or-treat in green tights? I decided on the later and placed a bid on a few Peter Pan costumes on ebay. As for Kylee, her suggestion was a bride. Yes, my 5 year old wants to be a bride! Yikes. After Nick decided on Peter Pan she settled on Tinker Bell which is easy - Walmart here I come! So, the hunt is now on for a dog costume for Austin. Nick is insisting that he be Nana the dog, just like on the movie. I do have a Mickey Mouse costume that fits Austin just right but that doesn't fit with the theme! Oh well...I guess the Halloween costumes will have to come out of my miscellaneous budget. I am sure my financially practical husband would see nothing wrong with being Thomas two years in a row, using dress up clothes we already have to make a bride, and using the Mickey Mouse costume on another child. SHHHHH...it will be our little secret! Anyway, happy costume hunting!

Second Photo Shoot

Are you sick of seeing family pictures yet?

Today we went to Logan and did the Holland Family photo shoot. I think that the pictures turned out pretty cute! I am still a big fan of the price my mom charges...NOTHING! It was fun to see our cousins and spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma Holland. The kids miss them! Anyway, I thought I would post of few of these pictures so enjoy!

First day of Preschool Picture

Here is our handsome Nick on the first day of preschool! We think he looks pretty darn cute! He loves preschool. This will be his first full week of school and he can't wait.

Family Photo Shoot

Thanks to my mom for taking a few family photos of us last night! It is such a pain to get everyone dressed and ready - and then you pray just ONE turns out. I think we did okay though Kylee just wanted to pose like a supermodle, Nick wouldn't keep his hands out of his mouth, and Austin was being goofy! Oh well! Thanks again to my mom for taking these for us.