Happy Birthday Daddy!

My father-in-law once made fun of me for a sign that I purchased to hang in my boys room. It said, "I have a hero, his name is DAD". He said that I bought the sign for myself. Well folks, I admit that my dad is my hero! What can I say? Happy Birthday to the best dad in the whole world!

Our little graduate!

Well, the big event came and went! Our little Kylee is now an official graduate of Kindergarten. I have to tell you that this whole process has been a little bitter sweet for me. Kylee and I sat in her bed last night and watched old home video of her Pre-school graduation and her first day of Kindergarten. It seriously has been a whirlwind of a year and I cannot believe that it is over. She has done SO well! She is a bit nervous about 1st grade because she worries that I won't be able to survive ALL DAY without her by my side. To be honest, I don't know if I can survive! She is such a great little mother and a big helper...you don't realize how much you rely on these little ones until they are not there to run in the bedroom to get diapers as you are trying to control a tantrum throwing 18 month old! Crazy! I feel like I am sending off a missionary or something - really - it is only Kindergarten graduation! What is a mom to do? For now, I will shed a tear or two and realize that the famous quote "they grow up so fast" really rings true. We love our Kylee and are thrilled that she has done so well and will soon move on to BIGGER and BETTER things...like 1st grade! Enjoy all the pictures! Grandma Jo was in attendance which means we have lots of great pictures and a cute outfit too!

Worth Watching!

This video is worth putting your feet up and watching! The video is two friends of my little sister, Abbey. They are twins who both served missions - one in Guatemala and the other in Mexico. Only one twin was supposed to come home the day before Mother's Day but with the help of their dad and both Mission Presidents they arranged to meet up in Dallas and surprise their mom by both getting off the plane in SLC! It is a tear jerker for sure!

Crazy, busy, fun week!

Wow...am I ever glad to have this week over! It was a very crazy, busy, but fun week at the Holland household. It started with Pre-school graduation for Nick and his last day of Pre-school. His program was darling and he was thrilled to give Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Correa each a pot of flowers as his departing gift! He was given the award of the "great mathmetician" because he is so smart with numbers and is a great problem solver! Because he is a September birthday he has one more year of Pre-school before hitting Kingergarten. We are thrilled that he will return to Monkey Tree for another year!

From graduation we hit the road and headed for Logan for the wedding of Uncle Tom. (Tyler's brother) The weather did not cooperate and the outdoor reception was cancelled and moved to the church, but it was still beautiful and the couple seemed happy! We drove home that night anticipating the dance festival at the Elementary School which was cancelled because of the weather! Oh well!

At the request of my sister, I posted this picture of Austin. This was seriously the best that I could do. He attached himself to great grandpa Bezzant for the night and wanted nothing to do with the camera. It was too bad really, he looked darling in his tuxedo! I will dress my boys up in their tuxes and take pictures later. Maybe he will cooperate!

These two cousins are the best of friends and love being together when we visit Logan. They were dressed in pink with gloves, headbands, bracelets and even matching shoes! They were darn cute flower girls and were thrilled to be called princesses more than once at the reception!

That is the update for this week. This coming week is another crazy one so stay tuned for another overload of pictures as we look forward to the re-scheduled dance festival and Kingergarten graduation!

Mother's Day Weekend

Give them a broom and put them to work! Easton, Austin, and Brady discovered Grandpa's collection of brooms and thought they were the greatest toy ever! Needless to say, they were not very helpful in Grandpa's eyes as they destroyed every pile he made...oh well!
My kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their Aunt Kelsey so we were at the house for all of the primping and picture taking as she left for her Junior Prom. Kylee truly looks up to Kelsey in every way so it was fun to be there and watch Kylee take it all in. She looked GEORGOUS!
Aleena, Abbey, Kelsey, ME, and Sarah...one more cute picture to add to the hundreds that my mom took!
Nick was being a bit camera shy and spent the afternoon pouting because he was surrounded by way too much estrogen. The only way we could get him to pose for a picture was sitting in his truck! Boys will be boys! The weather is slowly warming up and the kids had a ball playing in my parents backyard. Grandpa was washing off the deck and the kids decided it would be fun to get wet! I love this picture! I am one lucky mother! I have a great husband and three darn cute kids. It was a WONDERFUL Mother's Day weekend.

The best gift I could ask for...

My mother is the most wonderful mother in the whole world!

She is a pretty as...my Grandma
She weighs...29 pounds and is 26 feet tall
Her favorite food is...salad with mushrooms and catsup
My mother loves me best when I...drink with a sippy cup (which we totally discourage!)
In the good old days when Mom was little she used to...play with her toys outside
My favorite thing to do with my mother is
...play games
If I could get my mother something special just from me it would be...new shoes
I wouldn't trade my mother for...ANYTHING!

Nick came home from Pre-school this week with a gift just for me! He couldn't wait until Sunday to have me open it so I received his gift a few days early. Inside his homeade wrapping paper was a frame decorated by Nick and a darling picture taken of him at Pre-school. Included was a questionaire...his teachers asked him these questions and this is what my cute Nick had to say!

This is the best Mother's Day gift that I could ask for. Sometimes we forget to cherish little moments like these. Thanks Nick!

Nick in a Nutshell

Let me start by saying that I love my Nick. In the last year he has become literally OBSESSED with sports, especially basketball. It started with the Utah State Aggies last year as he followed his hero, Jaycee Carroll, through his Senior season at USU. From there his loved moved to the Utah Jazz where his new favorite players are Milsap and Korver.

Last week Tyler decided to let Nick experience the NBA playoffs and at the last minute got tickets for the two of them to go to game 6 of the Rockets vs Jazz series. Nick was so thrilled to be going that he even took a nap that afternoon so he would not be tired at the game. He came home with a huge grin and has talked about going to another playoff game with his dad as the Jazz take on the Lakers.

Here is the twist. Tyler got upper bowl tickets to the last game for only $35.00 - which still is a lot when you are paying for 2 tickets, parking, rootbeer, and hot dogs. Not a cheap date! I got on the Jazz ticket website and seats in the very top of the arena are $85.00...a far cry from the $35.00 that we payed last week!

Upper bowl tickets apparently won't cut it for Nick this time around. While at my parents house for dinner yesterday, Nick collected every coin he could get his hands on and brought them to his Dad asking if it was enough money to buy a lower bowl ticket to the Lakers series. We are trying to explain to him that his Ziplock baggie filled with a whopping $3.00 combined with the $4.00 in his piggy bank probably won't even get him in the building.

I guess this is a learning experience for Nick about how much things cost! I have told him to hit up both grandpa's with his long eyelashes asking for money but that has yet to work! So, if anyone out there is looking to GIVE AWAY or SELL lowerbowl tickets for a reasonable price, please let me know! I would have one very happy boy who would forever be convinced that his coin collection could afford him spectacular things!


Baby It's COLD outside!

What is a mother to do? One day my kids are asking for shorts, t-shirts, and swimsuits and the next we are hunting for our winter coats. I am so sick of this Utah weather I could SCREAM...AHHHHHHHHHHHH! What do you do to keep your kiddos busy until the sun decides to shine?

We resorted to Carls Jr. with cousin Joey in hopes for a little bit of exercise to pass the time. After two hours of climbing up and down the stairs the kids were a bit worn out! Yeah!
When the kids can't got outside to play we are happy to have the neighbor kids over to do the entertaining. Brooklyn, Kylee, Ty, and Nick LOVE to play together!
Do you think my tulips will bounce back? This morning we woke up to 2 inches of snow. There is a reason they suggestion you never plant anything until after Mother's Day. This year I am thinking we will be planting flowers after the 4th of July!
I had to take a picture of this because Austin NEVER sits still. He loves the movie Enchanted so if all else fails I put the movie on and he will at least be content for a minute. Oh the joys of toddlerhood!

What do you do when it snows on May 1st to keep your kids busy?

I wish I would have known sooner....

My best friend, Darci, just introduced me to the Kraft Foods Magazine. If you go to www.kraftfoods.com you can sign up for their e-mail newsletter, reciepe ideas, and most importantly a monthly magazine that is filled with great recipes. The recipes are SO SIMPLE and taste great! Check it out!