Nick in a Nutshell

Let me start by saying that I love my Nick. In the last year he has become literally OBSESSED with sports, especially basketball. It started with the Utah State Aggies last year as he followed his hero, Jaycee Carroll, through his Senior season at USU. From there his loved moved to the Utah Jazz where his new favorite players are Milsap and Korver.

Last week Tyler decided to let Nick experience the NBA playoffs and at the last minute got tickets for the two of them to go to game 6 of the Rockets vs Jazz series. Nick was so thrilled to be going that he even took a nap that afternoon so he would not be tired at the game. He came home with a huge grin and has talked about going to another playoff game with his dad as the Jazz take on the Lakers.

Here is the twist. Tyler got upper bowl tickets to the last game for only $35.00 - which still is a lot when you are paying for 2 tickets, parking, rootbeer, and hot dogs. Not a cheap date! I got on the Jazz ticket website and seats in the very top of the arena are $85.00...a far cry from the $35.00 that we payed last week!

Upper bowl tickets apparently won't cut it for Nick this time around. While at my parents house for dinner yesterday, Nick collected every coin he could get his hands on and brought them to his Dad asking if it was enough money to buy a lower bowl ticket to the Lakers series. We are trying to explain to him that his Ziplock baggie filled with a whopping $3.00 combined with the $4.00 in his piggy bank probably won't even get him in the building.

I guess this is a learning experience for Nick about how much things cost! I have told him to hit up both grandpa's with his long eyelashes asking for money but that has yet to work! So, if anyone out there is looking to GIVE AWAY or SELL lowerbowl tickets for a reasonable price, please let me know! I would have one very happy boy who would forever be convinced that his coin collection could afford him spectacular things!



Mom, Mommy, Ma Ma Jo, Grandma, Grandma Jo said...

cute picture.
I guess we will all have to stay home and watch the Jazz on TV!
Maybe we will have a JAZZ Pizza Party!

McGiven Family.... said...

What a cutie! I love that kid! That picture is adorable!

The Johnson's said...

What a cutie! I have a little boy feeling the same way! I wish so bad I could get them tickets...but I'm not paying that much money. You guys are awesome parents. I love all the things you do with your kids. By the way..thank you for being so nice about my baby! You are the greatest!!!


Kellie said...

He sure is a boy's boy. Love how he is so into sports. Too bad tickets are so expensive. Blast! But the day he actually gets to go and be in the lower bowl of a Jazz game will be quite the experience.

Mindy said...

Alright, from his cute little picture up top, I would have a hard time not giving the kid everything he wants! If I hear of anything I will let you know. Sometimes my hausband gets a few tickets from work.

Hansen said...

Cute story Renee! We actually have a pair of tix to tomorrow nights game, but I just can't give up seeing David Archuleta sing the National Anthem. I am an American Idol loser! Sorry Nick, maybe next time me and you can go and leave Casey home.:)