This little girl...

...has some really bad hair! Good morning!


On a total whim I decided to fly to Seattle with Tyler on business last week. Thank goodness for my super flexible and willing mother who didn't even hesitate when I called to ask if she would watch the kids. Love her! We stayed an a beautiful resort that sits right on the Snoqualmie waterfall. The Northwest has been pounded with rain so the river was really high. It was crazy to stand in the resort and look out the window and see all the water...made me a tiny bit nervous! We didn't make it down to the lower observation deck but did our best to take a few pictures. These are the only three pictures I took of the whole trip (and they are terrible) and look at us all cute and goofy. We have been married almost 10 years I love this funny guy more today then ever! It was a fun few days filled with lots of rest, reading, movies, and plenty of good food!

Itty Bitty Basketball...

Oh how I love that these boys love each other so much! They are doing itty bitty basketball together at the Legacy Center and were lucky enough to be put on the same team. Itty bitty ball is ALWAYS fun but it is even more fun that they get to do it together. They are SO excited to see each other twice a week and I am equally as excited to be able to sit and chat with my sister. It's a win win situation! :) Now if I could just get Summer to sit still for that hour it would be perfect!

Christmas Card 2010

The Holland Family ABC’s

A is for AUSTIN who just turned 4! He loves pre-school, playing with cousins & friends, and being with his dad. A could also be for the AGGIES who our boys love to support!
B is for BALL…baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer! The kids have kept busy playing on teams and attending camps. If the kids are playing that usually means that Tyler can be found coaching. It is always fun to watch their confidence grow and skills improve!
C is for CHRISTMAS, our favorite time of the year! We are grateful for this Christmas season and for the life and sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
D is for DAD – we sure do love ours! He is hard working, fun, and loves us all.
E is for EVERYTHING that our sweet Summer gets into. E could also be for ENERGY, which she has!!!!
F is for FRIENDS. We are lucky to live in such a great neighborhood! We are surrounded by wonderful people and consider this one of our greatest blessings.
G is for playing GAMES, something our kids have started to love! The game of LIFE has become the family favorite.
H is for our HOUSE. We are grateful for the roof over our heads and heat during the cold months.
I is for ICE CREAM, a family favorite especially in root beer floats!
J is for JUMPING, something Kylee does each week at gymnastics and Nick and Austin do off of any elevated surface in the house!
K is for KYLEE who just turned 8! She was baptized this year and looked beautiful all dressed in white. Kylee is a great friend and spends hours with them creating things. She just got glasses and looks darling in them!
L is for LOVE - Tyler and I will celebrate 10 whole years this May!
M is for MOM who keeps busy chasing four kids, fulfilling her Church calling, and volunteering at the school.
N is for NICHOLAS who is now 7! He loves to play with friends and can usually be found in the front yard playing football with half of the neighborhood. He is a great kid and awesome older brother!
O is for OUTSTANDING! Both kids are doing well in school and have brought home report cards filled with “O’s”. Let’s hope we can report the same once they hit Jr. High School!
P is for PARENTS. We have been blessed with great examples and our kids are lucky to have such wonderful grandparents!
Q is for QUIET, something that is rare at the Holland house!
R is for RUNNING, something Renee has started to do. She ran the Ragnar in Las Vegas with her family in October and even completed a half marathon!
S is for SUMMER who we refer to as our “monster”. She is our sweet and sassy 18 month old who keeps us all busy and entertained. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make her destructive nature bearable!
T is for THANKFUL! Our family has a lot to be thankful for…we are so blessed!
U is for UNBELIEVABLE which describes the last year according to our kids!
V is for VACATION! Tyler and I traveled to Guatemala and Belize, took the kids to Disneyland, and spent a week at Bear Lake.
W is for WEATHER (according to Kylee). We enjoyed great weather this fall and have had a mild winter so far. The four seasons in Utah are one of the many reasons we love where we live!
X is for EXHAUSTED, EXCELLENT, EXTRAORDINARY – you choose! ☺ For us it depends on the day!
Y is for YEAR and 2010 has been a great one! We hope that this letter finds your families happy and healthy too! We can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring.
Z is for ZOO, which our house can often be…come visit and we will show you!