Happy Birthday Austy!

Our little Austin turns 4 today...wow, time really does fly! I love this little blue eyed boy more than I can even express. He is my little buddy. With the older two gone all day Austin and I spend a lot of time together. He makes me laugh with his funny sayings. He is all boy...loves football, fighting, wrestling, basketball, baseball and reading. He lives on peanut butter sandwiches but likes Ikea meatballs, pizza, corn dogs, peas, hamburgers, candy, rootbeer floats, apples & peanut butter and toast with honey (all things healthy as you can see). I can't believe that 4 years ago today this little guy joined our family. Happy Birthday Austin!

Someone got glasses...

...and she loves them! She could not wait to show them to her friends and refuses to take them off. I never thought I would have to set ground rules when it came to glasses...she only needs them at school or when she needs to see things that are far away - to her this means all of the time! Picking out the "right" glasses was quite the process. After a lot of deliberating she decided on these...and I love them (and her)!

Activity Days

One thing I have learned from being in the Primary Presidency is that GOOD LEADERS ROCK! It is amazing to see the difference between those who come to church and other activities totally prepared and those who plan last minute. We have great people in our ward and all of my kids have been lucky to have great leaders and Kylee's Activity Day leaders are no exception. They are fantastic. They are organized, loving, and always have the greatest activities planned. Kylee loves attending every other week and always comes home with a smile on her face and new information to share! So, a big thank you to her leaders and all those who teach our kids...your service does not go unnoticed! (Thanks Sister Erickson for the picture!)

Lovely Ladies at SYTYCD!

I love these girls. I love hanging out with them, talking with them, and laughing with them. I don't always like getting my picture taken with them. I am so much taller than all three of my sisters...guess the height stopped after me! Anyway, we had a fabulous night celebrating Kelsey's 20th birthday at the So You Think You Can Dance concert at the E Center last weekend. We had floor seats and the dancers were AMAZING! The talent those people have is unbelievable. I bet they would be jealous of my dance moves though....or not. My parents joined in the fun and though my dad was very outnumbered it was a great night to be together. We laughed...a lot. I wore skinny jeans, boots, and animal prints for the first time which was huge for me. My sisters made fun of me, we made fun of each other, all of our kids survived while we were gone, and Abbey spent the night at my house which was super fun. All in all I am pretty sure it was a the perfect way to celebrate the little sister that we all love! Happy Birthday Kelsey and thanks to all of you for a great night.

Fall Break...

I love Fall in Utah, especially when the cold weather stays away and the leaves start to change colors! My friend Darci and I took advantage of the nice weather and took our kids up Provo Canyon for an afternoon. We packed our picnics and walked the Provo trail stopping along the way to eat, play at the parks and throw rocks in the river. It was a perfect day. Great company and beautiful weather...just one more reason I love where we live!