Finally...The First Day...

Yes, I understand it has been way too long since I lasted posted.  School let out, Summer turned three, and the rest is history.  From here on out the blog posts will be completely out of order but at least life over the last little while can be documented...kind of.

Little Miss Summer started pre-school this year and though we got off to a rocky start (total separation anxiety) it only took her a few days to adjust.  She is THRIVING and doing better than I ever expected.  Her teacher, "Mrs. Delicious", is fantastic.  Energetic and fun - she has Summer wrapped around her little finger.  I am grateful because quite frankly, this sweetie makes me tired!  She is loving having "friends" and wishes pre-school was every single day.

I have another Kindergartner and it feels weird.  I cried his first day...just as I did with the previous two.  He struggled to adjust in the few weeks - his little brain was on overload and his class is huge which makes it easy to get lost in the shuffle.  He has since totally adjusted and loves it.  For some reason I worry about him more than the older two but he is proving me wrong (as always) and is rocking it with Mrs. Taylor!
 Waving goodbye...seriously broke my heart but look at that happy face! 
 Yes, I forced them to smile with their arms around one another.  Someday they will remember that they really do love each other.  All smiles on the first day.  Kylee's teacher is fresh out of college, young and innocent, which I have decided you have to be to want to teach 5th grade.  Ms. Black is darling (wish she would marry my brother) and Kylee is continuing to grow up right before my eyes.  Seriously depressing that I have a child this old!

Kylee and her cute friends.  Love these girls but mostly grateful that the cute blonde in the middle is mine.  How lucky am I do call her mine? 
 Nick, Nick, Nick - I convinced him to wear purple and he obliged.  Amazing!  I guess living in Lehi makes the color purple ok. :)  His teacher totally gets him.  Mrs. Howard has four boys of her own and understands the way boys brains work.  She has been wonderful.  So, so, so wonderful.  He has made lots of new friends and is seriously a mother's dream when it comes to school work.  Such a great kid! 
Phew.  I documented the first day of school 2012.  Today is Halloween which is a long time after the actual first day of school but we do what we can!