Thanks to my mom for insisting we get a picture with G&G Hill with as many of the great grandkids as possible. As you can tell, it was not an easy picture to take but one that I will always be grateful for! We love G&G Hill and I am lucky that my kids KNOW who they are and have a relationship with them. I know that I will look back at these pictures someday and will able to remember wonderful stories with my kids!

Happy Birthday Nick Buddy!

My buddy Nick turned 6 today and what a day it has been! He has been so excited for his birthday that he woke up at 6:00 a.m. to open presents before Tyler left for work. He liked all of his gifts we got him but LOVES the NCAA basketball game we got him for the is almost 10:00 and I can hear Tyler and Nick taunting each other as they play downstairs. We love Nick and a grateful that he was "accidentally" sent to us just 13 months after Kylee. He makes me laugh daily and I LOVE looking into his blue eyes with his amazing eyelashes. He has always been my little buddy and I am lucky to be his mom! Happy Birthday Nick!

Rise and Shout...

It was so much fun to have all of the cousins in town last weekend and even more fun to try and take this picture! We are only missing one, Ms. Laila, who had the chickenpox. It was an adventure to get this picture but I LOVE IT! It is so fun to have them all together and so close in age. We will add 3 more to the Hill mix before Christmas and the picture taking will only get more crazy! Go Cougars!


Looking at my kids you would never think they were chunky babies...they never start out large (except for Kylee) but all seem to have no problem gaining weight. Sweet Summer is no exception to that rule...she is getting big and so dang FAST! I love her chunkiness...all of it. It is frustrating to change diapers sometimes because there is so much skin to move around to make sure she is all cleaned up! I wouldn't have it any other way and LOVE her plump little figure!

Last Summer Fling...

Since the Kindergarteners start later than the rest of the Elementary School kids, Nick and I had a week to just have fun! Our new favorite hot spot is the "splash pad" in Highland. It is a shallow man made river with fountains that come out of the ground. The kids LOVE it and I LOVE it because it is free. We invited Nick's buddy Peyton to join us and they had a blast. Next week Nick will be gone every morning and I will miss my little buddy! Good thing I have two more kiddos still at home to keep me company!