Summer is THREE!

I could not love this little blue-eyed sweetie any more.  There is never a dull moment with Summer around!  She is busy and stubborn but when she looks at me with her crystal clear blue eyes I kind of melt.  I am so incredibly grateful to be her mom.  

Summer's favorites at THREE:

* She loves to play with cars - she could do it all day long and our collection is huge!
* She loves going to the store - each morning starts with "are we going to Costco, or Walmart, or the Dollar Store"? She knows how to drive to each so if she thinks we need to go to Target and I don't drive that direction she throws a fit.  
*She loves water!  At three in the afternoon when I am done chasing her I turn on the shower or bath, give her cars, and leave her there.  She could play in the water forever!  
* She loves to say "I hate you" to get a reaction (I don't think she knows what it means)  It is usually followed by a giggle and then a sweet "I love you".
* When she is hurt or upset she cries for big sister Kylee.
* She loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney Channel.  
* She has an obsession with airplanes and helicopters.  She can always hear them first and then searches the sky until she finds them.
* She loves to ride the wiggle bike down the hill in and around the corner of our house.  She has no fear of speed.  It makes anyone watching nervous but she hasn't crashed yet!
* She loves the color purple.
* She loves to be "matching" with Kylee.  I think Kylee cooperates right now and it makes Summer happy!
* She loves her friends Chole and Eden.  She begs all day every day to play with "her friends".
* She loves to dance to "Break Your Heart" knows most of the words.
* She has a literal obsession with drinking fountains, flushing toilets and washing her hands.  She will not potty train but likes to act like she is so that she can flush the toilet and wash her hands.
* She loves LIFE cereal, bananas, yogurt, string cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.  When making her sandwiches we have to make sure she is allowed to put the honey on or she won't eat it.

Happy Birthday to my favorite THREE year old!