Why Can't I Sleep???!!!!???

My clock says 3:45 a.m. and yes, I am awake. Why can't I sleep? I will tell you why. It is a new syndrome called "MY LAME BRAIN WON'T QUIT THINKING". Heard of it? It is the latest medical breakthrough. It is when you can't relax because you are thinking about SO many importantly lame things.

Tonight's list of importance include: Who will win the BYU vs Utah State football game this Friday? Will I attend the game or will I stay at my in-laws so I can avoid chasing Austin? What will we wear in our family pictures that I haven't even scheduled? Did I buy enough food at the Macey's case lot sale? Will Albertson's have any more chocolate chips on their sale when I go there tomorrow? Do I know where the grey leggings are that Kylee wants to wear to school tomorrow? Will the new Modbe jeans make my butt look big because the pockets are cute but busy? Did I really volunteer to go to the Elementary School this week dressed as the FOX? Will I sweat to death in that outfit?

You have to admit that those are pretty important things to think about...right? I am sure you all agree that these are sleep deprivation worthy things to worry about. You would stay awake all night too if your brain was processing such importantly lame information...right?

I am off to TRY and get some sleep.

UPDATE: It is now 4:51 and I am still here. So much for a restful night!

Speedy Recovery Darci!!!

I just wanted to post this picture and give a get well shout out to my best friend, Darci, who is in surgery tonight getting her appendix removed! OUCH! Anyone who knows me at all knows that about 90% of my sentences begin with "my very best friend Darci said..." and then I proceed to say what I was going to say. There are just people who seriously come into our lives and bless us every day. Darci is certainly that person for me. Call it obsession if you want, but I seriously love this gal to death and consider her my reward for moving back to Utah County! I have often said that all you need is one great friend that you know you can count on - Darci is that for me. She makes me feel like I am worth a million bucks, motivates me to be better, and makes my kids seems like they are perfect. Only a best friend could do all those things. She is the perfect example of what a wife and mother should be...I appreciate all that she teaches me! So, I tip my glass to my good friend who is sitting helpless in a hospital bed...which I am sure she is hating right now! Speedy recovery Darci!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Tomorrow (Sept. 23rd) is my little buddy Nick's 5th Birthday. I cannot believe that he is 5 years old already. Kylee and Nick are 13 months apart which makes him our "OH CRAP" baby! He has been the best surprise that ever happened to us. He makes me smile every day by asking questions like, "Mom, does pizza put hair on your chest?" He thinks and says the funniest things. He has a very tender heart and is super sensitive which I love. He is a great kid and a wonderful brother. He is so full of energy yet is content to just chill and entertain himself...a dream for a mom! We love him to death and are grateful that he is a member of our family. We have already celebrated with the family and look forward to a fun filled day of celebration again tomorrow! Happy Birthday Nick!

Trouble, trouble, trouble!

Put these THREE innocent two year olds together and what do you get??? TROUBLE! Sarah and I thought that they were happily playing upstairs in the playroom at Grandma's house and we were enjoying a minute of peace...until we realized that it was TOO QUIET. We went on the hunt for them and this is what we found...nice!

The bathtub was filled with water and everything in sight was thrown in! Pencils, pens, $$$, toenail clippers, and even a few pieces of paper. We are nominating ourselves for the MOTHER OF THE YEAR award for sure!

Martin's Cove

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Martin's Cove for some training this weekend...what an amazing few days! Imagine your life today compared to that of those pioneers that sacrificed so much to travel to Zion.

I was touched by a photo of a young mother and her three children sitting in the snow trying to warm themeselves by the fire. Would I have been so strong? All weekend long I heard story after story of faithful men, women, and children who suffered so much. We did a mini-trek in an absolute hail storm, soaked to the bone, pulling handcarts in ankle deep mud. We were cold and hungry but it was nothing compared to what they went through. I pulled the handcart up a small hill as I slid through the mud and I cried as I thought of those women.

My heart is full and I was truly touched by the things that I saw, heard, and felt in that wonderful place. Wyoming does not have an LDS temple but they consider the sacred ground at and around Martin's Cove their temple. I believe it with all my heart. The spirit that I felt in that wonderful place was amazing. I felt as if I was surrounded by pioneers and felt their spirits there. I am so thrilled that the youth of our ward will have the opportunity to visit this amazing place in June. The missionaries kept telling us that the Martin's Cove experience can change lives and I believe it.

Nick's "Secret" Phone Call...

We were driving to the local pool yesterday and Nick was in the backseat. He snatched my phone and before I knew it this is the conversation I overheard:

Nick: "Hi Dad."

Tyler: "Hey buddy. How are you?"

Nick: "Fine. I was just calling to tell you that your are the best daddy in the world. Bye.

He hung up and that was the end of it.

I am grateful for my hard working husband who seriously is the best dad in the whole world!

I am glued!

I don't like to talk politics on my blog...I can pick up the phone and talk to a girlfriend (or just about anyone) for a solid hour without even thinking about it but politics are not my thing. I have been literally glued to the TV for the last week and have to admit that I was AMAZED at how well Sarah Palin did last night! For any of you who didn't get a chance to see it, you should! If you google "Palin Speech" you can read it or watch it. I don't know how to post the link or I would!

That's all I have to say other than FORGET REALITY TV, I will be glued to political debates until November!


The first day of Pre-school has finally come! With Nick's Birthday being Sept. 23 he is the OLDEST in his class which also means that many (okay ALL) of his friends started Kindergarten this year! He is looking forward to the "big school" next year but for now is excited to return to the same place he went last year. He loves (actually adores) his teachers and if he has to be in Pre-school again we wouldn't have him any other place! He was way too cool to have me walk him inside because "Mom, I walked myself inside every day last year!" Oh the independent child of mine!