It has been over a week now and I am still DIZZY. I can't seem to get my body to balance and swear that if I were pulled over I could not walk a straight line. If this is what it feels like to be high or drunk then it is WAY OVERRATED. I just want to feel normal again! I have been to the doctor twice this week and they are convinced it is an inner ear infection and it will just take a few weeks to clear up. In the meantime, I am going crazy! Have any of you every felt like this during pregnancy????

Spring Break 2009

WARNING: Picture Overload! My mom would be proud...I took 67 pictures on our 4 day trip. Most of them are blury or just look odd but I did attempt to document our fun Spring Break trip to Seattle. We started at the Great Wolf Lodge which I would highly recomend. It was a bit pricey but well worth it for indoor entertainment with kids! When you are in the Seattle area you can't count on the sun often. It rained the first 3 days we were there...good thing they plan accordingly in Washington - all the entertainment was indoors!

This picture is classic for my Kylee...she was drawn to the ice cream counter every day where she had her $6.00 scoop of ice cream. To the right of the kids you can see the indoor waterpark! It was AWESOME and the kids enjoyed hours of fun in the water. I made the mistake of not trying on my swimsuit before I left and enjoyed a very uncomfortable couple of hours chasing kids in the water in a swimsuit that didn't quite fit my pregnant belly! Good thing I didn't know anyone!
Kylee was happy to pose for a picture anytime...this is the tree house that was in the lobby of the lodge. They had story time twice a day and the tree house would talk...pretty neat!

Our room was themed and the bunkbeds looked like the kids were sleeping in a treehouse. This was a hit with the kids. They slept like angels!
This picture is another classic...Tyler negotiating with Kylee in an attempt to get her to go down the big slide. Can we say BRIBERY???
Tyler's bribes did work and Kylee and Nick both went down the big slides with their dad. This is Kylee afterwards who decided that she was done "sliding" and would rather sit and pose for pictures.
I promise I tried to get a picture of Nick not being goofy...didn't work out so well. He was great to slide in the kid area with Austin and also enjoyed posing for pictures...she just wasn't quite as cooperative as Kylee!
Austin on his favorite "urple" slide. He went down this thing 100 times in those first two days.
Kylee posing...again!
The negotiating continues for a second time down the big slide. This time it didn't work out so well.

We took the kids to opening day of the Seattle Mariners and it was a hit! We had great seats, right on the 3rd base line, and the kids enjoyed the game through the 7th inning. Even Austin sat still for most of that time thanks to the Kettle Corn and drunk fans in front of us!

It was Ken Griffey Jr's first game back and the fans went crazy every time he was up to bat.

We spent our last day in downtown Seattle and it was wonderful! The sun was shining and I survived wandering the streets, shopping, and going to the Pacific Science Center with my kids...ALONE. Tyler was off visiting with customers so we ventured out on our own. We rode the Monorail to the museum which stops at the space needle. The kids were very well behaved and loved every minute of our adventure in the big city!

It was a great trip! We survived the airplane without disturbing too many people around us and returned home to 8 inches of snow! I am tired but would do it again any day!

Best of Friends...most of the time!

With Sarah and Ryan back in town and living at my parents house, we LOVE being able to see these cute little faces! Brady and Easton are quite the pair and make me laugh a lot. Austin LOVES going to grandma's house to visit but also enjoys teasing and "wrestling" with the twins. Austin's idea of "wrestling" is what he does with his older brother...not always soft and sweet. We are working on teaching him to be more gentle but I am not sure it is sinking in! Oh well! We are thrilled to have these cute cousins close by again.

Lunch w/ the girls!

Thanks to facebook I was able to connect with some of my old HS basketball buddies for lunch! It was so much fun to catch up and see that this group of girls haven't changed a bit. Most of us are still normal, those who have always made me laugh are still making me laugh, and I love them as much now as I did then! Thanks to for a great afternoon girls!!!!