Birth Announcement!

Thanks to my good friend Jessica for creating this cute birth announcement! With postage being a bit expensive I decided not to mail birth announcements and simply post one here for you to enjoy. I figure that most all of the people I love visit this blog so it was almost as effective as mailing them...right? Enjoy!


There is nothing better then having a sister...just ask Kylee!

They Survived...

Our ward had the opportunity to go to Martin's Cove for Youth Conference last week and I am happy to report that they survived. The pictures are AMAZING and the ones that I have posted do not do the trip justice. It rained a lot which meant muddy and cold kids and adults but THEY DID IT! They literally pulled handcarts through knee deep mud. Tyler's clothes have yet to come clean after 3 washes...oh well!
They dried shoes and clothing over hot coals so that they had warm and dry things to wear. This picture made me laugh. I heard they burnt through a few pairs of shoes. Oops!
Those would be Tyler's pants.
What a muddy but fabulous mess! We have heard nothing but great things from those who were able to go. So much time and effort was put into the planning and carrying out of this Youth Conference. I am grateful they survived and returned with nothing more than muddy clothes and a few blisters. What a great experience for our youth!


Life with 4 kids is crazy. I think that we are adjusting pretty well. I have only had a few emotional breakdowns so far, which I would like to consider "normal" after having a baby. My hubby survived trek and I survived without him for a few days. Thanks to wonderful friends and family (especially my sister, Kelsey) the last week has gone pretty smooth. Kelsey has spent every day this week at our house entertaining the kids, running to them to classes and practices, and just simply being my support. It has made the transition much easier for us all and for that I am grateful! Austin and baby Summer have a love/hate relationship so far. Poor Austin is still trying to figure things out. He wants my attention and I am doing my best to give just that. He loves the baby a bit too much sometimes. He wants to hold her all the time but doesn't quite get what I mean when I tell him to be "soft". Hopefully in time he will learn and in the meantime hopefully Summer will survive!
My mom came over this afternoon and we did a little photo shoot. I am working on a birth announcement but thought I would post an updated photo of our baby girl. I promise I will get back to blogging about all my kids but for now you get to see more baby pictures! Enjoy!

I'm in LOVE...




Life is truly a miracle. This little one has captured all of our hearts. I am grateful for this new addition to our family and for her safe arrival. The delivery went perfect and I feel much better then I thought I would. I am taking full advantage of my time in the hospital to rest, relax, and get to know our sweet baby girl. Thanks to ALL for your love and support! More pictures to come...wether you like it or not!
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She's Here!!!

Summer Evelyn Holland was born today at 12:40 p.m. She weighs 7 pounds 9 ounces and is 18 1/2 inches long. She has lots of dark hair! We think she kind of looks like Austin but aren't sure yet?!? Everything went well and both mother and baby are doing great! Kylee is thrilled to finally have a baby sister, Nick can't wait for her to lay on the couch and watch him play Nintendo, and Austin is hanging in there...a little confused! She is adorable and we are thrilled at the arrival of the newest Holland girl!

P.S. This is Renee's sister Sarah.

All my bags are packed...

I think I am ready to go. We are hopefully over the sickness at our house. The hospital called this afternoon and I am on the schedule...think of me while eating your lunch tomorrow because that is about the time our new little girl will arrive.

Today has been an absolute day of rest at our house. The kids and I have done nothing but watch movies and play. I was lucky to take a long nap this afternoon which was nice. The cameras are all charged and I start my c-section fast at 10:00 tonight. Nothing like going to hospital on an empty stomach...but hey, I do what I am told!

So, the next post that you see will be of our beautiful baby girl. Wish me luck, I am thinking I will need it!


That's all I have to say.

5 days left and we have INFLUENZA...

So I only have 5 days left. I have been waiting for 9 months to say that I am at the end of this pregnancy. I am FINALLY there and now I wish that I had another week. Why? I took Nick to the doctor today and he was diagnosed with Influenza A and they swabbed him for the Swine Flu. They don't think the Swine Flu test will come back positive but are running it to be safe considering we have a new baby coming home next week. Seriously! We have been healthy all winter and spring with the exception of an occasional cold or ear infection. Why, of all the weeks we have to get REALLY sick, does it have to be 5 STINKING DAYS BEFORE I DELIVER A BABY. Oh well. The best medicine is laughter so I will laugh about it, move on with my week, and sanitize like crazy in hopes that the rest of us don't get it. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers!