Take Time...

Summer is over and I am all of the sudden frantic to work on my "list" of projects to get done before Christmas. I was keeping myself busy around the house yesterday with Nick and Austin at my heals. Nick does not start Pre-school until next week and with Kylee gone I have taken on the role of "entertainer" next to the TV and his earned computer time! Needless to say, I kept turning on movies trying to keep him away so I could get the laundry done. I was folding socks and was prompted to put aside what I was doing and go to Nick. I found him on the computer and sat down next to him. For 45 minutes he sat and showed me all of his favorite games and went and got me a book because he really wants to learn to read "like Kylee". He looked up at me with a big smile and kissed my cheek. It dawned on me in the sweet moment that I need to take more time to spend with each of my kids. My list can wait for another day - my kids can't!

So to all of my blogging friends, go hug and kiss your kids and take a minute to just love them! That moment in time will make more difference than you know!

Offensive or Funny?

Okay, I thought that this was HILARIOUS! Someone e-mailed this picture to Tyler today and for some reason I thought it was quite funny. I thought I would pass it along...hopefully it will provide a good laugh for a few of you and hopefully those of you who don't laugh will forgive me if it is offensive!

Kylee's Dream...

Kylee: "Mom, I had a really weird dream last night!"
Mom: "Really, what was it about?"
Kylee: "We were up the canyon on a motorcycle ride as a family."
Mom: "A motorcylce ride?"
Kylee: "Yes, we were having a really fun time and you started yelling at us that we needed to go home!"
Mom: "Why did we need to go home?"
Kylee: "You said that you were dying to get home because you needed a Diet Coke."

Looks like I might be forced to kick my Diet Coke habit!

Bear Lake, Birthday, First Day of School!!!

I have been absent from the blogging world for awhile! School starting in the middle of August has thrown me for a loop! We had a fantastic final week of Summer. Kylee turned 6 last week and we celebrated in Bear Lake. It was a beautiful day and we kept busy completing "Kylee's Birthday Agenda". She knew what she wanted to do and she was not going to be happy until it was all done! We love our Kylee and are grateful that she is in our family! She is so full of energy and spunk that I miss not having her around all the time. She is a great friend and a wonderful big sister. We are blessed to have her! The favorite Birthday present this year was the silver shoes from Grandma along with the Camp Rock t-shirt. We are planning her Camp Rock birthday party and she cannot wait to wear the shirt!

The weather in Bear Lake was perfect - maybe even a bit on the cool side. We left Austin behind with Grandma for the morning and took the other two out for a little hike. The kids loved exploring the mountain and kept asking if we would encounter a bear...we made it out without any animal sightings!

A trip to Bear Lake would not be complete without a trip or two to the beach. The kids spent two whole days playing in the sand and water. I am still cleaning sand out of my car but it is always worth the mess!

Yesterday I sent Kylee off to her first day of 1st grade. I broke down on Saturday night as I drove to Walmart to buy food for her lunches. It suddenly hit me that my baby girl is growing up quick! She loves school so far and is thrilled to pack a lunch and eat with all the big kids. She tracked down her "crush" from last year and came home telling me it was "freaky" because he was suddenly mean and not very cute. I think she just turned 6 but she certainly acts like she is 16!

This was the homework that she did yesterday. My favorite is where it asks her for "other important words" and she wrote LOVE, CRUSH, and JESUS. She makes me laugh daily! I had to document this one because I think it describes her so perfectly!

Stake Farm...

It seems like we just did our Stake Farm assignment but we were able to take the kids and go again. They were up bright and early and ready to go with much better attitudes than their mother - I need to be a better example! Tyler and the kids worked really hard. Austin and I watched, cheered, and took pictures. Tyler commented that I looked like a tourist...someone has to do the dirty work! I love that my husband is such a great example and gives our children great opportunities to learn to work. He never complains, just does what he is asked! They cheer every time he tells them it is our turn to go to "the farm". We get to go again in August so I will work on my attitude for next time!