Daddy Snowman...

I failed to take a picture of Nick's work of art but had to post the story because I think it is classic and is something I want to remember!

I went to pick Nick up from Pre-school earlier this week and he greeted me with a snowman made out of white paper plates. It was nicely decorated with stickers, shapes, drawing, etc. His teachers were giggling and told Nick to tell me who the snowman was. Nick proceeded to tell me that it was a Daddy snowman and that the yellow yarn all over the mid-secion was Tyler's chest hair! Nice.

Bump or Bum?

Those of you who are around us often know that my Nick speaks with a tiny lisp. It is not largely noticeable but occasionally he will say things and I can't quite figure out what he is saying. Yesterday it was this:

Nick: "Mom, your bump is getting bigger."

Me: "My bump is getting bigger because the baby is getting bigger."

Nick: "No mom, your BUM is getting bigger."

I guess it is time to admit that I carry my pregnancies in my backside. I was blog stalking yesterday and came across the blog of another prego lady who is just a bit further than I am. She was sad because yesterday she retired her skinny jeans and was now wearing one size larger than normal. I wanted to comment and tell her that I retired my skinny jeans at like 6 weeks. I guess that is the difference between baby #1 and baby #4...or lets face it...I just get fat! I think I will go eat a candy bar now!

President Holland?

Forget President Obama...according to Kylee, Tyler is going to run for President!

Kylee: "Mom, when dad runs for President and wins will I get to change schools and ride in a limo?"

She has been watching the inaguration news with me and thinks that it would be pretty cool to live in the white house. I beg to differ.

Nick cracks me up!

We have had a subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine for the last couple of years. It comes in the mail a few times a month and I put it in my "junk" corner on the kitchen counter. Tyler and I argue about wether or not to keep them or throw them away - they usually find that garbage after hanging around for a few days.

I sent Nick to get the mail yesterday and he came back with a Sports Illustrated in hand and a huge smile on his face and this is what he said:

"Mom, Santa must have told the mailman that I really, really, wanted a Sports Illustrated for Christmas!"

Why he has NEVER noticed that we get the Sports Illustrated every month and have for a very long time is beyond me! It was like a little added Christmas bonus for my sports fanatic son.


I got a phone call from Kylee this morning. She wanted to come home from school because she was "sick". She has managed to stay healthy this winter amoungst all of the Elementary School germs so I didn't even question it...I figured it was our turn.

When she got home she burst into tears and told me that she was not really "sick" but she was "home sick". Part of me wanted to punish her so it doesn't become habit but at the same time I figured every kid needs a day off...right? So - no friends, no TV, no computer...but she is thrilled to just be home!

Ya gotta love kids!

I finally got a...

"I finally got a baby sister!" Those were Kylee's words when I broke the news to her today that we are having a GIRL. I went to my appointment and mentioned to the doctor that I was frustrated that I had to wait until 21 weeks (like everyone else) before finding out the gender of this baby. In all of my previous pregnancies I have known an ultrasound tech who has nicely slipped me in after hours and around 18 weeks to "take a peek". The doctor finished my appointment and asked me if I had a minute...of course I do...and told me that he would "take a peek". Are you kidding me??!! I called Tyler and he gave the okay and before I knew it he was telling us (Tyler was on the phone) that we are having a GIRL...Yippee!!!!

I have been convinced this whole pregnancy that this was a much for my "inspiration". He says that he is 90% but will confirm everything on Feb. 3rd at my regularly scheduled ultrasound. So, we will keep our fingers crossed until then. It is funny though...I have a really hard time with girl names and have been so convinced that it isn't a girl that I haven't hardly thought about it! Good thing we have a bit of time!

So, my mom and I have already raided the clearance racks at Gymboree. Kylee's old clothes look pretty grubby so I am pretty much starting from scratch! Should be fun! :)

Week of Recovery...

The Holiday's are over and I am officially worn out. I promise to update the blog with pictures and recaps galore...but it will just have to wait a few more days. Getting school kids off by 8:00 is killing me! See you after recovery!