Stay tuned...

The day has finally come and I think I am ready! My bags are packed (yes, they are heavy) and we are ready to go. I will be glad to get on the plane tomorrow and finally be able to relax. STAY TUNED in the coming days for pictures!


Okay, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to pack lightly? I have been making a stack of clothes that I "think" I will need to pack and my stack is quite large! Looking at the itinerary stresses me out! I am not complaining but I have to stress about something and today it is wondering what I will need...dressy clothes for dinner? How dressy? Is it practical to wear white shorts when your are hiking in the rain forests and riding horses up steep mountains? When they ask you to pack an "all white" outfit for the party on the white sandy beach I wonder if that is practical? White is usually a color that makes people look FAT! When they say to pack hiking shoes do you think my Nike's will do? Oh so many unanswered questions! HELP! I am now 3 nights sleepless and am a bit stressed! Isn't going on vacation supposed to be fun?

ONE week from today...

One week from today I will be on an airplane. Where am I going? COSTA RICA!!!! After being up all night changing diapers and cleaning up throw up I am ready to hop on the plane right now! Tyler and I will spend a week basking in the sunny weather of Costa Rica which is actually not supposed to be too sunny. The forecast right now is for rain but we will keep our fingers crossed that mother nature senses my need for sunlight and warmth! Either way I am sure it will be a good time. So, for those of you who have been wondering why I haven't posted anything new in awhile - there is your explanation. I have been busy shopping for very unnecessary clothing items, stocking my fridge and my food storage (just incase of an emergency), and cleaning my house top to bottom so my poor mother-in-law does not think I am a slob! Tyler wishes we would travel more often so I would get the "cleaning bug". I think getting the house and the kids ready is worse than packing and getting myself ready for the trip. Anyway, not to rub it in any of your faces...but I will soon be leaving on a jet plane! Yipee!

I am in LOVE!!!

Though very happily married, anyone who knows me well knows that I am in LOVE with Matthew McConaughey! He is seriously HOT and I will see ANY movie that he is in. Last night my girlfriends took me out for my birthday and we saw the movie Fools Gold. It was your typical Matthew movie (we are on first name basis - Matthew and I) where he took his shirt off a whole heck of a lot. Because the movie takes place on the ocean, he spends a majority of the movie wearing only a pair of shorts. Forgive me if this is not your type of movie but I thought it was cute and funny! Kate Hudson is the co-star and is DARLING! She gives me hope that you can be super flat chested and still look cute! Sorry, way to much information! There were a few parts that the movie could have done without which are the reason it is rated PG-13 but I liked it anyways! Thanks to the girls for a fun night on the town.


Saturday I decided that I would join the "Hannah Montana" craze and take Kylee to see the Hannah Montana movie. Understand that I am not a huge fan of the show and rarely let Kylee watch it, but she came home from school this week begging to see it. It was an hour long 3D movie of her in concert with shots of backstage and her in "real life"...if you can call her life "real". It was actually pretty cute and Kylee was in heaven! She stood outside the theater and squealed like little girls do when they get excited about something. It was a great "mommy/daughter date" and a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon with my little girl!

Saturday night I had the chance to go to a real concert that could not be more different from what I heard earlier in the day. If you keep of the the Mormon Tabernacle Choir you will remember the Norweigan singer SISSEL that sang at the Christmas concert a few years ago. Since we have a bit of Norweigan blood in us it is fun to think of her as one of us and my family has followed her music over the last few years. My mom got tickets and I was able to go with most my siblings and experience her music first hand. She does have the voice of and angel and I did enjoy her music - but I wanted her to start dancing or something after a while. She is a bit calm for my liking but beautiful!

So, it was a successful Saturday! Time with the kids and time for myself - what more could a girl ask for?

FYI: The random selection of music that you are listening to are by Hannah Montana and Sissel! Enjoy the contrast of the two and I promise I will change it in the next few days! :)

SUMMER Please Come Quick!

Okay, I am sick of the snow! It was fun...for the first few storms! Now I just want to not worry about my pants always being wet and my kids always being cold! I am grateful that we will have a good water year but PLEASE SNOW GO AWAY! I am getting into swim mode and am beginning to stock up on the new Modbe suits. I thought I would post them so you could take a peak. I am planning parties galore for the month of March so let me know if you are interested! In the meantime, let's all pray that Spring comes quick!

Cheerleading, Youth Conference & SNOW!

CHEERLEADING: Kylee and cousin Avery had the chance to attend the MVHS Itty Bitty Bruin camp last week. Kylee has been begging for this camp for over a year so we were glad the time finally arrived! They spent 3 days at the High School learning cheers and a special number to perform at halftime of Friday nights game. The girls cheered in the stands for the first half and did the halftime number! I missed it because of Youth Conference but am told it was darn cute and they did great! They LOVED it! Thanks to Aunt Kelsey for having a couple of "shadows" for a few days! The dance was darling and I must say I think they looked pretty cute!
YOUTH CONFERENCE: I was able to attend Youth Conference with the youth from our stake this week. They could not find any Young Women leaders that could go so I volunteered (no, I am not in YW) to take the girls which meant Tyler (who is the YM President) was able to stay home with the kiddos. They had plenty of YM leaders going so Tyler was thrilled to be able to miss camping, hiking, playing, and pretty much living in the snow for 2 days! I LOVED IT! We focused on the pioneers that came across in the winter months and tried to understand what it would have been like to be in their shoes. The kids were well fed at most meals but for breakfast on Saturday they were given 2 bricks and a handful of wheat. They were to grind the wheat with the bricks and added snow to it to make a paste. That was their meal. It was a really eye opening experience for everyone! My thoughts turned to the mothers that had to tell their kids that there was nothing to keep them warm and no food for them to eat. I cannot imagine what they went through and gained a new appreciationg for their stories this weekend. It was a testimony building experience for me! We spend a few hours Saturday afternoon doing a service project while listening to President Hinckley's funeral. It was a beautiful sunny day and I felt warms as I listened to the speakers and felt the spirit of the meeting. It was a great weekend!

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW: As you can see from the pictures, we got quite a bit of snow from these last few storms. They kids have had a ball playing in the snowbanks and Tyler and I have enjoyed shoveling! The weather report says it should warm up this week which means all the fun white stuff will be melting quickly! It was fun while it lasted.