Cheerleading, Youth Conference & SNOW!

CHEERLEADING: Kylee and cousin Avery had the chance to attend the MVHS Itty Bitty Bruin camp last week. Kylee has been begging for this camp for over a year so we were glad the time finally arrived! They spent 3 days at the High School learning cheers and a special number to perform at halftime of Friday nights game. The girls cheered in the stands for the first half and did the halftime number! I missed it because of Youth Conference but am told it was darn cute and they did great! They LOVED it! Thanks to Aunt Kelsey for having a couple of "shadows" for a few days! The dance was darling and I must say I think they looked pretty cute!
YOUTH CONFERENCE: I was able to attend Youth Conference with the youth from our stake this week. They could not find any Young Women leaders that could go so I volunteered (no, I am not in YW) to take the girls which meant Tyler (who is the YM President) was able to stay home with the kiddos. They had plenty of YM leaders going so Tyler was thrilled to be able to miss camping, hiking, playing, and pretty much living in the snow for 2 days! I LOVED IT! We focused on the pioneers that came across in the winter months and tried to understand what it would have been like to be in their shoes. The kids were well fed at most meals but for breakfast on Saturday they were given 2 bricks and a handful of wheat. They were to grind the wheat with the bricks and added snow to it to make a paste. That was their meal. It was a really eye opening experience for everyone! My thoughts turned to the mothers that had to tell their kids that there was nothing to keep them warm and no food for them to eat. I cannot imagine what they went through and gained a new appreciationg for their stories this weekend. It was a testimony building experience for me! We spend a few hours Saturday afternoon doing a service project while listening to President Hinckley's funeral. It was a beautiful sunny day and I felt warms as I listened to the speakers and felt the spirit of the meeting. It was a great weekend!

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW: As you can see from the pictures, we got quite a bit of snow from these last few storms. They kids have had a ball playing in the snowbanks and Tyler and I have enjoyed shoveling! The weather report says it should warm up this week which means all the fun white stuff will be melting quickly! It was fun while it lasted.


sherian & co. said...

I LOVE the picture of your kids in the snow! That is an amazing photo!
What an inspiring Youth Conference, and amazing to do it in the winter. You are so great to volunteer, I bet the YW loved you.
You have a great attitude about the snow, I seriously HATE it, I feel 'snowed in', like I cannot leave my house or something. I dread having to go out! I will try to follow your example:) (and hopefully it does melt quick!)

Angela and Mike said...

I love the cheer picture and the snow picture. I bet you are going to have a little cheerleader cheering around the house now for the next 2 months! I bet they had a great time.

brittany said...

sounds like a great and busy weekend! i love the snow pictures.

Rachel said...

You are a trooper! Way to volunteer- I would not be so kind! I always think about the pioneer mothers and how difficult it must have been for them to see their hungry, freezing children. I'm so thankful I didn't have to be around then! I think I would have given up!

Natalie said...

Cute pictures! Cheerleading camp, soo cute:) I'm glad you were able to go and enjoy Youth conference, sounded like you had a great time. Probably well deserved to get that break.

I still can't belive how much snow you guys are getting there, Fun though!