Thanksgiving Point

Here are a few pictures from our visit to the Thanksgiving Point Farm today. The kids were so excited to take cousins Brady and Easton to see all of the animals. I think Uncle Ryan had a better time than the kids did! The wind was blowing but the weather was beautiful....the kids loved the pony rides and Austin was quite thrilled to just sit and play with the pumpkins. Enjoy!

Who knew a pumpkin could be this exciting?
Nick proudly taking his pony ride!

The whole gang! (My mom is taking the picture)
Easton, Austin, and Brady
Austin, Kylee, and Nick
Kylee with the witch!

A Mom's (and Dad's) Worst Nightmare!

I am usually really sad when I miss church, honest, but I was glad that I wasn't feeling well this Sunday and decided to stay home with the baby who also was not feeling well. As Tyler and the kids were walking out the door Nick said, "Mom my tummy hurts". I totally thought that he was just coming up with an excuse to stay home with me so I sent them all out the door. The baby went down for a nap and I decided to get a little rest and was napping on the couch when Tyler walked in the door with Nick and they were both covered in vomit. I laughed and asked what happened. It was a mission farewell and during the future missionaries talk Nick stood up and just started throwing up - all over himself and then the people in front of him who were extended family of the missionary. Tyler scooped him up and made a run for it as Nick continued to throw up. Tyler said the he pulled Nick's knees to his chest to create a bucket and he was able to contain most of it. How embarassing!!!! On the way home Nick said, "Dad, I hope the Heavenly Father and Jesus understand". We have been working hard with our kids and Sacrament meeting - teaching them about respect for the church and keeping it clean. Tyler reassured him the he knew Heavenly Father and Jesus would forgive him for getting the church dirty! Needless to say, this was one Sunday I was grateful to miss!

The Broken Rule...

Okay, any of you that know my Kylee know that she says and does some pretty funny things. She is one that I am constantly wondering "where did you come from?". Anyway, she came home from school one day last week, quickly ate lunch, and was out the door to go and play with a friend, Riley. About an hour later I received a phone call from Riley's mom and she is laughing so hard that I can hardly understand her. She told me that I needed to ask Kylee what she did at school today. I told her to just spill the beans so that I would be prepared for whatever it was. Through the laughter, she told me that Kylee had her first kiss that day with none other than the Broxton that I hear about all the time. I was now laughing myself silly and hung up the phone to prepare myself for the conversation I would have with my 5 YEAR OLD daughter when she got home. She walked in the door, I asked her what she did at school that day, she took one look at me and ran down the hall giggling and they started to cry. She came out and I asked her what was wrong...her response was "I am so sorry Mom, I forgot about our rule." Might I remind you that she is 5 years old - just turned 5 in August, and the poor girl is in tears but kind of laughing at the same time. It was all I could do not to laugh myself. We talked about the age that it was appropriate to kiss boys and I told her to leave poor Broxton alone. The funny thing, who creates a rule with a 5 year old about kissing boys? There was no rule because the thought never even crossed my mind. The rule now is - No kissing boys until your are 6! Just kidding.

My financial ANXIETY!

Okay, does anyone else see something wrong with the Tai Pan Trading company moto? Family, Comfort, Home - yeah right! Every time if visit this store I have complete financial anxiety. I go there and I fill my cart at least half full of all the darling things that I have to have. It causes my FAMILY discomfort because I am so on edge because there are so many things that I want and cannot afford! Yeah, the place helps to make my home look pretty...but is it really worth the complete and utter distress that it causes me every time I walk in that store? I just don't know! Point being, I visited this store yesterday and controlled the URGE to buy everything under the roof. The fall decorations are all over the store and the smell of Christmas is in the air. The trees are up and the stars and ribbon are literally EVERYWHERE....I nearly hyperventilated just thinking about all the things I have to return for in order to make my tree look just right. It is 5:00 a.m the morning following my visit to Tai Pan. I cannot sleep because my dreams were filled with all the images of all the things that I must have....maybe next pay period! If you have not heard of this store, you really should check it out. I am sure you will have the same financial anxiety that I do. Go to and you can sign up to receive their newsletter and monthly coupons. A little bit of a discount is always a good thing. Happy blogging!