Check List...

I remember telling a first time mom not too long ago to "enjoy her sleep and let the list wait until after the baby comes". Funny that I am completely ignoring my own advice and have a list a mile long of all that MUST be accomplished in the next week. Crazy to think that in just 10 days we will be meeting our baby girl. To say that I can't hardly wait is an understatement...I just want her in my arms and healthy - then I can breathe a major sigh or relief...even if it only lasts for a moment!

Thanks to my best friend Darci, the nursery is complete and Kylee's room has been transformed. It would have never happened without her willingness to give up a few afternoons and one late her own words, Darci is a "rock star". So, the tasks on my list of priorities for the next week include the following:

Weed front and back
Clean laundry room
Organize bathroom drawers
Clean out Kylee's closet and dresser
Hang curtains in my room and the boys room
Hang pictures on boys walls
Get hair done
Pack hospital bag
Pack my hubby for Trek (he leaves a few days after the baby comes)
Get car cleaned

The basic house cleaning will be done next Saturday after my boys return from the Father's & Son's campout...then I will spend Sunday relaxing and will report Monday morning for my c-section. I have been waiting 9 months to accomplish this final list and cannot believe the time has come. Wish me luck!

Officially Official...

JUNE 8th. C-Day. The day we get to meet our newest addition. I have been hoping that this would be the day for my scheduled c-section but the Doctor would not confirm anything until we were a bit closer. Yesterday we called the hospital and I am officially on the schedule. It makes it all feel a bit more real and I cannot tell you how ready I am for the next few weeks to fly by. I am measuring on the small side so he ALMOST made me wait a few more days but with a bit of begging and a few signs of tears he agreed that this would be my day. More good of my favorite Doctors is scheduled for surgeries that day which makes it seem even more perfect! Less than THREE weeks! Yipee!!!!!

8 years...

I will not make you all suffer as I profess my love for my dear hubby, but I did want to wish him a Happy Anniversary! (yesterday) We celebrated with meetings, church, more meetings, a nap, and a picnic with the kiddos up AF Canyon. I guess when your Anniversary falls on a Sunday and you are 9 months pregnant that is what you get! I do feel like a mighty lucky lady!

Let the FUN begin...

Kylee came home today with a big suprise...she lost one of her BIG front teeth. Both of her front teeth have been loose for a few weeks but I have been trying to save them from falling out until the baby arrives so we have teeth for pictures...guess that didn't work! She went to school and showed her teacher that she had a loose tooth. Her teacher told her that if she pushed it, and wiggled it, and twisted it - it would come out. Kylee took the challenge and it was out in no time. I guess we will have to take pictures with my darling toothless Kylee!
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On a side note, the tooth fairy did not have to visit Kylee. She insisted that no money or toys be left because the tooth fairy was not allowed to visit our house. I guess having a fearful child might save us a bit of money when it comes to loosing teeth!


My Austin woke up at 5:00 this morning. He was bright eyed and wanted to be cuddled, so I did just that. We went to the rocking chair in the family room because it is our usual spot but Austin insisted that we go rock in "baby sisters room". He climbed up on the rocking chair, took hold of the pink fuzzy blanket that was all washed and ready, and we rocked. It was one of the sweet moments that I cherish as a mother. It suddenly hit me that only 4 more weeks and he will no longer be my baby...I don't know if either of us are ready for that change! I always get sentimentel towards the end of my pregnancies. With each new addition the other kids seem to grow up a bit more. I am grateful that I have the chance to be the mother of 3 and almost 4 wonderful kids. They are my joy and I consider myself lucky to be their mom!


Overwhelmed is the only word I can think of that describes my life right now. I am almost at the end of this pregnancy and couldn't be more excited that the end is finally in sight. Maybe it is the fact that I am 30 that makes this pregnancy feel like it has been the worst. With trips to the ER for fluids in the beginning, varicose veins from day one, an MRI to figure out my diziness that still hasn't been figured out - I am SO ready to be done!

About this time with every pregnancy my C-section fear kicks in. I don't have a choice so I should just be okay with it, but I dream about it nightly and it drives me crazy! C-sections really aren't that bad but the thought of being sliced in two is never a pleasant thought. I have to remember that is my reality when it comes to childbirth and get over it. Just over a month and a new joyful misery begins...recovering from surgery, helping the kiddos adjust to the new little one, nursing (which I never succeed in), and lack of sleep - all with a traveling husband with major church responsabilities! It will happen...I hope!

So, my house needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done, closets need to be organized and the darn purple nursery that is supposed to be pink needs to be finished. But, it can all wait. Today I am off to Costco for pizza and hotdogs and will return for a long afternoon nap.

Thank goodness for good family and friends or I would be admitted to the hospital 4 weeks early and not for delivery! :)

The End...

It is a sad night for the extended Hill Family. Kelsey is all dressed up and off to her last High School dance...ever. She looked beautiful as always and was all smiles as she headed out the door to Prom. Watching her grow up has been so much fun. She is the best aunt in the whole world, my kids adore her, and she makes me feel special. I can't wait to follow her through the next stage of This girl is a heartbreaker for sure and I am sure the next few years of her life will be nothing short of an adventure!