Guess What?

We are thrilled to announce that we are...

I am still in total and complete shock.  I have been 100% convinced that this baby was a boy.  I think part of me was hoping because my boy babies always seem to be so chill and my current baby (Summer) is sooooo far from chill.  My "official" ultrasound is in a few weeks and then I think I will be willing to accept it.  I am not disappointed one bit.  With two of each we really can't go wrong, but I am sincerely surprised.  We have plenty of girly stuff to get started with this little one which is a blessing.  Austin cried, Kylee is ecstatic, and Nick told me he can't wait to have another sister to pick on.  Summer doesn't understand it and will be shocked when she is no longer the center of my world in a few months.  With all of that said, we are extremely blessed.  Life is good.  I am finally feeling better, my weight gain seems to be slowing down (horray!) the kids are back in school, projects are beginning to get done, and I am feeling the excitement that comes each time I carry a child.  Now on to discussing names, changing kids rooms around, and decorating a NEW baby girl nursery!  

36 Years Young...

Today my handsome husband turned 36 and I think I deserve to brag a bit and say that he is amazing.  He celebrated the big day at Uintah golf purchasing himself a few new additions for his golf bag in preparation for a tournament he will play in tomorrow followed by lunch with me!  I was a good wife and told him that I think he deserves whatever he wants so he bought what he has been wanting the most...fitting I think!  I am not usually one to write sappy birthday messages but Tyler is pretty much the best and sometimes I wonder if he knows it.  I think I am darn lucky to be married to such a man and my kids are proud and lucky to call him dad.  I love running into people that he works with closely in Church or at the office because they all tell me how great he is.  I simply smile and tell them that I know he is great because he is.  So a happy happy birthday to Tyler today!  I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays together.

And They're OFF!

The first day of school has finally arrived!  My not so little 2nd and 4th graders took off at 7:45 this morning - all smiles and so excited to get back in the swing of things.  It is always a bitter sweet moment for me.  I have been counting down the days myself for weeks, but now that it is here my house already feels too empty.  Back to schedules, sack lunches, homework, early bedtimes, and my favorite - dinner together at the table.  Happy 1st day of school! 

Loving Where We Live...

I know I have said it a million times, but I truly LOVE where we live.  I love that our neighborhood is a great mix of people...from old to young and babies to teenagers...we have it all.  Austin has become very fond of the neighborhood boys this summer.  He no longer has interest in playing with 4 year olds but can often be found playing with Nick and his friends or even better - the 11 to 14 year old boys the congregate across the street almost every day.  We live on a slight hill so the hit of the summer has been riding skateboards down the sidewalk in a line.  As you can see from the pictures, Austin can be found running in front, along side of, or behind them and not just once or twice but literally 100 times a day.  They are so great at including him, giving him high fives, asking him questions or letting him participate where he can.  I captured it all on film and hope that one day my boys will do the same for the little 4 year old across the street who worships them! 

The birthday girl...

Today was Kylee's birthday.
She shared the celebration with her
Aunt Sarah who also had a birthday this week.
The best gift ever...
Salena Gomez tickets!!!!
Are you kidding me.
Best gift EVER!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Kylee!

I hope she knows how incredible she is.  We could not ask for a better daughter.  She is smart, funny, caring, sensitive, feisty, fun, shy, athletic, helpful, dramatic and so much more wrapped in one cute little body.  I am so happy to be her mom and so happy that she loves me right back!  

Bear Lake 2011

I must admit that I was dreading last week.  My kids have been so over stimulated this summer with camps, cousins, extended family vacations and oodles of neighborhood friends that I was sure they had forgotten how to get along.  I was proven wrong this week as we spent 5 days together in Bear Lake.  They still love each other and they were reminded that playing together really can be fun.  So, I would consider it a successful week.  It was even relaxing for Tyler and I to just sit by the pool, on the beach, or planted in our lawn chairs as they had fun.  Highlights included: playing on the beach, swimming in the pool, eating ice cream, playing at the park, riding bikes on the endless sidewalks, swimming in the lake with dad, a 9 mile hike for the older two with their dad, throwing the football to Nick as he jumped of the diving board, eating more ice cream, tennis, an afternoon with cousins, playing catch and even a game of flag football with mom.  Phew, I am tired!  Back to reality and preparations for school to start but here is a glimpse of what we did last week!