I love being a mom.  I love all of my kids.  I love my husband and the busy life that we manage together.  But, I have decided that I LOVE sleep and I LOVE sleeping kids.  Summer keeps me on my toes.  Some toddlers are "busy" but I would describe Summer more like "crazy busy".  She is into everything.  She never stops moving.  She escapes the house daily, multiple times, and shows up in the most random places.  She climbs in my car, while it is warming up, locks the doors and laughs at me for a solid half hour as I try to convince her to let me in.  She rides her wiggle bike up and down the hill in front of our house over and over again and cries when I finally force her in the house in fear that she will end up in the street.  She runs the opposite direction when we are in a store and has been found by security multiple times hiding in the Target bathrooms.  I promise I am a good mom but, like I said, she is "crazy busy".  She has an obsession with opening and shutting (more like slamming) anything she can...doors and cupboards being her favorite. She loves to color, but not in coloring books like most kids her age.  She prefers the kitchen table, chairs, bikes, sidewalks, walls, doors, desks and even white beds!  Her latest artwork was found on my bedspread - black permanent marker.  She races cars everywhere she can, but why race cars on the floor when you can scratch up the bathroom and over other surface in the house with the metal wheels?  So, trust me when I say you have a busy toddler but my toddler is CRAZY busy.  The bonus to Summer is despite all of the craziness and laughter she provides our family - she sleeps like a rock.  She will nap even when she is not tired.  She goes to bed with very little struggle and sleeps all night long.  She makes me laugh, smile, and cry every hour of every day but I love her "crazy busy" personality more then I could ever imagine.  

Emma - 2 Months

Wow, I cannot believe that this little sweetie has past her 2 month mark!  Time sure does fly.  We are loving this little one more and more every day.  Emma and I have finally figured each other out and things are running much better around here.  It is amazing how having a new baby throws life for a major loop.  She is feeling much better after her little episode of RSV and is smiling, cooing, sleeping, eating and pooping like babies do!  The poor baby never gets a quiet nap and is constantly mauled by everyone.  Summer is especially fond of her little sister and is usually nice though every once in awhile I catch her trying to kick, hit, or pinch her.  I guess that is what you get when there are plenty of bodies to pick on you!  She is still nursing like a champ which is a first for me - I guess the 5th time is the charm.  She sleeps with me (I know, BAD mommy) and likes to nap on her tummy.  She loves to be up on my shoulder where she can see what is going on.  She is a very alert baby and her smile seriously melts me every time.  I can't wait to see who she grows up to resemble most.

Emma's stats today were :
12 pounds 9 ounces ( 56%)
35. 5 inches long (95%)
15.5 inches head (60%)

The doctor said that she is long and lean, just like her mom - that was a compliment considering I am missing the lean part right now as I am still carrying way too much baby weight!  It is amazing how quickly they change.  Before I know it she will be crawling, walking, dancing, dating, driving, and going to college.  I wish they could stay young the meantime, I am going to kiss her cheeks all day and love every minute of babyhood!   

Cousin Love!

My sweet mom and sisters offered to watch my three little ones this morning so I could go on a field trip with Nick's class.  They love playing with cousins...while I was enjoying myself (getting a headache) with the 2nd graders at the Planetarium, this is what my kids were doing!  We love having cousins so close! 
The days of dinner around the table every night are over at our house for the next few months!  Spring has sprung which means a busy sports season for our kids.  Baseball, basketball, soccer, and gymnastics are what we do these days and we are loving every minute of it.  Seeing my cute Nick on the field today reminded me of my childhood...spent at the ball park eating fast food, soaking up the sun, and supporting family.  To some people that might sound miserable but to me it is a little bit of heaven (even with the crazy two year old running around).  What makes the season even better is seeing my cute bat boy (Austin) and Coach (Tyler) all dressed in purple on the field.  Happy Spring!


Thank goodness for my mom who loves to take pictures or my children would have no pictures to document all the fun things that happen in their lives.  Maybe next Sunday I will capture them in their Easter clothes a week late...maybe.  I struggle to keep up with everything these days and the thought of charging the camera and snapping a simple picture seemed completely overwhelming Sunday morning.  We attended multiple Easter egg hunts this weekend and the kids loved every one one of them!  It was especially fun to see Summer excited to find the hidden eggs.  Easter weekend was filled with lots of chocolate, friends, family and great food!  Now on to Mother's Day and the end of the school year!  Where has time gone?  Here are a few pictures that my mom took on Easter Sunday - we are missing Nick who was inside watching the Master's with the men...oh well!

The last picture is there because Tyler bit the bullet and did LASIK eye surgery this morning.  We are hoping he wakes up with 20/20 vision in the morning....I just might miss those glasses though! :)