Wow!  What a difference a few days can make.  Sunday morning we blessed Emma and everything was fine...Monday & Tuesday we spent in the doctors office and in the suction clinic at the hospital and Wednesday night she was admitted with full blown RSV. She is one sick little girl but thing are slowly starting to turn around and we are hoping to be home soon!  Thank goodness for modern medicine!


Emma Renee Holland was blessed today.  It was a perfect day as we were surrounded by friends and family to celebrate this special occasion.  I saw a blessing dress in the window of the hospital gift shop a few months ago that I loved so my mom and I visited the gift shop last week and found this beautiful dress!  I love it.  All three of my girls have long and flowing white dresses and I hope that someday they treasure them.  Emma's adorable headband was made by my sister-in-law and includes antique buttons that belonged to my Grandma Evy.  That special touch made the day even more special.  Tyler gave her a wonderful blessing and I know Grandma was smiling down today on our beautiful baby girl.  The highlight of the day was seeing my Grandpa Herb slowly walk in to support us on this special day.  His health is not good and getting around is difficult for him but he made it and we are grateful for supportive friends and family.  Another milestone in our precious baby girls life.  It was a perfect day!