Lucky Me...

Great eater. Great sleeper. Rarely cries. Smiles all the time. I love this baby girl.

And He's Off...

Here is what my cute Nick looked like on his first day of Kindergarten... handsome if I might say so myself. The morning went something like this:

Tyler: "Nick, I stayed home so I can go with you on your first day."

Nick: "Why?"

Tyler: "Well, it's your first day and I just thought you might like me to me there."

Nick: "Why?"

I would give anything for just a fraction of his independence to wear off on Kylee! I drove him to school and while driving explained what the routine would be... he would be dropped off at the curb, would run to the playground, listen for the whistle, line up with his class in front of his door and wait for his teacher to guide them in. My explanation was supposed to be for future days, not his first. We pulled into the parking lot and I parked. He opened the door, jumped out, said "Bye Mom" and was off! I quickly caught up to him, camera in hand, and told him I would walk him there on the first day. His response was, "Why?" Again, I love his independence but I needed my Kindergarten mom moment... no tears were shed because I feared that if I did cry he would just ask "Why?"

I am grateful that he is excited and hope that it lasts!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful daddy! We are lucky you are our dad and hope you have a great day!

And She's Off...

I must admit that my heart sunk this morning as I waved goodbye to Kylee. I can't believe that she is in 2nd grade! I cried when she started Kindergarten and I almost lost it in the parking lot as I left the school today. She woke up at 4:30 this morning because she was too excited to sleep. The outfit has been on her bed since yesterday afternoon and for the first time in a long time she requested sleep earlier than normal. There have been days this summer that I have wished school would start so I could have MY space and MY time. This morning I realized that I wish I could just keep my kids in bubble for a bit longer. I went to pay her lunch money and realized that I had no checkbook so I walked back to her class to give her enough money for today's lunch...there she sat in her desk...ready to learn with her papers and school supplies nicely lined up in front of her. That's my Kylee. I love her and can't wait for the time to fly so I can hear all about her first day!
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Who can eat?

Pretty sure I am not starving...

Happy #7 Kylee!

Kylee turns 7 today...amazing that 7 years have flown by! We celebrated at Cowabunga Bay yesterday and the festivities will continue today with cupcakes, friends, and NO CHORES. She made sure that I was aware that you are not allowed to do chores on your Birthday...I will keep that in mind for my own birthday. We LOVE Kylee and are grateful that we have her as our oldest daughter. She is sweet, thoughtful and helpful mixed in with a little bit of sass. Her request for her birthday dinner was Texas Roadhouse...proof that Kylee likes all things bigger than she really is. We love her dearly and can't imagine life without her around. She is a great big sister, daughter, and friend! Happy Birthday Kylee Jo!

7 hours 45 minutes

Yup, that is right. I got 7 hours and 45 minutes of sleep last night. I think I could run a marathon...well, maybe not but it felt good anyways!

Growing up fast...

Summer is growing up way to fast! She had her 2 month appointment yesterday and weighed in at 12 pounds 5 ounces. That means that she has gained 5 pounds since she left the hospital...I love chubby babies! She has survived the madness of the Holland household and continues to be my best baby yet. She is smiling and making noises and is so much fun! In this picture she is in my Grandma Evy's 100 year old buggy...I love it!
I am way lucky to have such a wonderful mother. She is truly amazing and I am grateful that her mother raised her so well. I couldn't ask for a better Grandma for my kids!
I have a feeling that trying to get a good family picture will be very difficult in the next couplf of years! Getting all 4 to look at the camera without crying or making faces was quite a task! I love this picture - I am still getting used to the fact that we have 4 children...crazy! I am not loving this picture below for the simple fact that I look tired! I shouldn't look tired, Summer is a great sleeper! Oh well. Her blessing day was pefect other than the spit up she decided to decorate her dress with on the way to church. She isn't a spitter but decided it would be fun to do it right then! Too funny!
No event at our house would be complete without a picture with Aunt Kelsey. She is truly the greatest helper ever! We LOVE having her around...I almost forget that my kids are mine when we are with her. She has been a lifesaver since Summer arrived. What a great mother she will be!
We were lucky enough to have Great Grandpa and Grandma Bezzant and Great Grandpa and Grandma Hill at the blessing. These two couples are such wonderful people and we were thrilled to have them there! These pictures are priceless!

This week I have hugged my kids a little tighter. I have tried hard to be a bit more patient and appreciate things about my kids that would normally bug me. There have been reports of 4 kids in the Utah County area who have been killed in different ways in the last few weeks. My heart hurts for their families. Life is precious. It is amazing how time flies and before you know it kid are all grown up. I love my kids and am grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mother. I am lucky to kiss them as I tuck them in bed each night. They are all so different and bring me joy in different ways. It has been so fun to have Summer in our home. She is such a sweet baby and we all love her very much.