Another Graduate...

It has been way too long since I posted last but life seems to get busier by the minute and I am struggling to keep up with all the things I think that I "should" be doing.  So, I am going to try and be better at documenting life at the Holland house.  What a better way to start then with the most recent....

 "Hi Mom!"  Could he be any cuter?  The glasses melt me.  He is pretty adorable if you ask me. 
 We LOVE Mrs. Taylor.  Nick had her and we were happy to see another child receive their Kindergarten education with such a fantastic lady.  He has LOVED her this year! 
 Grandpa and Grandma Holland made the trek from Logan to come support Austin on his big day.  He was excited to have him there and even more excited when they took him to Cafe Rio for a post graduation lunch! 
 We are looking older but are still proud parents! 
 Someday maybe this picture will be found on a wedding video?  Austin and Kamri.  Neighbors and friends.  Both as cute as can be.
And there he is with his official certificate of Kindergarten completion.  I must admit I was a little emotional during their little graduation performance.  Kindergarten kids are the cutest.  So innocent and sweet and still excited about life and learning.  Austin is a good kid.  He tells me that he loves me every time he leaves the house and is always the first to give me hugs.  I hate the thought of him being gone all day next year - tackling new experiences like the lunchroom and the "big" playground.  The kids are growing up.  I guess that is what they are supposed to do but man it has happened fast.  

Happy Graduation Day, Austin!  We couldn't love you more!