I need to document that this sweet child exists.  I have posted nothing about her since her birth which is sad.  She has earned the nickname, "tumor", because her and I are attached and she is kind of a pain but I pain that I love.  She is still nursing.  Yes, you heard that right, nursing at 8 (almost 9) months and it is killing me.  Emma does not like to sleep. Ever. which means we spend a lot of time together...nursing. She likes to be cuddled at night so that is what we do.  I am in pure survival mode with this little one.  She is busy like Summer was.  Crawling happened at about 6 months and she is now in the stage of pulling herself up on everything and walking along furniture.  Before I know it she will be walking.  Crazy how quickly time passes and they grow up.  We love her and I seriously can't get enough of her which is good because like I said, we are attached at the hip!