Christmas Eve...

We continued our Christmas Eve tradition at my parents with yummy roast beef dinner with the extended family, a short program, Christmas carols, opening gifts from Grandma & Grandpa and of course, Christmas Eve jammies!  The kids always love to match so we try hard to find the same jammies every single year.  Batman was the request of the boys this year though Nick did inform me that he is getting too old to wear Batman pajamas...sad!  We had a great night and Christmas day was wonderful as well.  Our ward did a great musical program and then we headed to Logan to visit with Tyler's family.  I did not take one picture but it was fun to spend time playing with cousins there.  We are looking forward to what this year has to bring...first on the list being a new baby!   

 Summer & Aunt Kelsey
 Kylee Jo & Ms. Summer
 Nick & Austin
 The boys - Austin, Nick, Brady & Easton
 The Cousins
Showing off the scooters from Grandma & Grandpa

A visit to see Santa...

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a visit to see Santa and this year he made a pit stop at Uncle JR's house.  This special Santa is sporting a very special antique Santa suit - borrowed from Grandpa Joe!  Hopefully Santa has time to return and grant their Christmas requests! 

 Austin - "I haven't decided yet."  Awesome!  I guess there won't be disappointment from this kid on Christmas morning.
 Nicholas - Madden 2012 - We will see.  I am not sure the workshop produces video games....
 Kylee - Easy Bake Oven - This request has not been granted in years past so we will see if Santa is on the ball this year!
 Summer - Just wanted the candy cane and it was a painful process she had to endure to get one! 
Santa took a minute to wish Grandma Jo a Happy Birthday!  59 years young today and loved and adored by ALL of us! 

Thankful & Thanksgiving

There is nothing quite like being at my parents house on Thanksgiving.  The food is always wonderful and the company chaotic but perfect.  This year did not disappoint!  With a crowd of 50 (many of which were kids) it was just as I always remembered.  We ate and ate and then took a small break to play the traditional "Hill Family" games before returning to more eating!  Everything was just right.  My parents are wonderful hosts and always seem to find a way to make feeding large crowds seem easy.  We started a new tradition this year - the turkey bowl football game for the kids!  Nick collected all of the jersey's that we own so that every kid (and adult) could wear one in the big game.  It was a lot of fun and something that I think the kids will always look forward to.  I love that all these cousins are so close in age!  Isn't family the best?  Here are some pictures of the perfect day.  Plenty of food, fun, and lots of family love!