The kids finally went to bed and Santa and Mrs. Claus got to work putting presents under the tree, stuffing the stockings, and wrapping the few final gifts that were purchased last minute to "fill in the gaps". We stood in the living room together and said to each other, OUR KIDS ARE SPOILED! Don't get me wrong, there were no fancy gifts this year. Their largest and most exciting presents were Razor scooters that cost a whopping $30.00 - but I have been shopping since October thinking that this would benefit us financially because I would be DONE when everyone else was just starting. Well, I found the opposite to be true. I just kept picking up little things here and there, storing gifts in every corner of our house as well as my parents house. When we finally got it all together we realized that we had gone overboard, once again! What is a mother to do? I sat and looked at everything and even debated putting a few things away to return but decided against it. Instead, we smiled Christmas morning as they opened and loved each gift. My favorite reactions were Kylee seeing that she did get the sleeping beauty castle that she has been requesting since August (she danced around the room and squealed), and Nick wondering how in the HECK Santa knew that he wanted a pirate ship. It was a fun morning! Kylee wanted a picture with her and Nick with all of their presents which I totally FAKED taking because I don't want them to look at that next year and wonder why Santa didn't bring them as much! Luckily Austin is too little to understand that his pile was a lot smaller than the other two kids! Anyway, does anyone else feel their kids were way too SPOILED this Christmas???

Christmas Sunday

I look forward to "Christmas Sunday" every single year. I love going to church knowing that I will likely not be bored with a speaker but will get to sing and listen to Christmas music. We went to church with Tyler's parents in Logan this morning. They have a lot of musical talent in the ward from people who play the bells, flute, violin, and organ to many who sing like angels! It was a very uplifting meeting and I truly felt the spirit of Christmas. Kylee and Nick were actually quite good and even went to Primary without a fight. Austin roamed the halls for a majority of the meetings - what do you expect from a one year old! We are now back home in our own house. The tree is lit and the house feels peaceful and cheerful. My kids are so excited for Christmas Eve they truly cannot hardly stand it! They are giddy! I love hearing them talk and seeing the smile on their faces as we take one more link off the homeade chain that is hanging in our kitchen. I love this time of year!

The Disaster of the Gingerbread House...

Okay, I have never claimed to be creative or have the creative touch when it comes to anything! This is the second year in a row that our attempt at building a gingerbread house has been very, very unsuccessful! As you can see, we did not make it very far before all four walls collapsed. The kids had a really good attitude about it and thought that it was quite funny! Maybe next year will be better for us!

The Holland kids "Go Green"!!!

Today Kylee and Nick both had Christmas performances at their school and were asked to wear either red or green. Since most people have red in their every day wardrobe we decided that we would go with green! I think they look mighty cute if I might say so myself! Doesn't Kylee look thrilled to be there?!!?

Kylee's "BIG DAY"

The day of the dance recital came and went! Kylee was so excited to perform and was even more excited that Grandpa and Grandma Holland drove from Logan to be here! Grandma Jo was in charge of her ward party that morning but we have it on video...thank goodness for technology. Putting her hair in a bun was a bit of a challenge but we survived the day and it was fun!

Let it SNOW!!!

I finally made it to the store this week to stock up on hats, gloves, boots and snow pants! As dad shoveled, the kids had their first experience in the snow this year! We are going to grandma's for dinner and they have already loaded their snow clothes in the car in hopes that Aunt Kelsey will take them sledding! We are hoping that the coming weeks bring more storms and more snow...we will see.

5 going on 15...

I was getting Kylee ready this morning and was in quite a rush! We were in a hustle to get everyone out the door to the Holland Family annual Christams party in Treemonton. It is quite the drive and the weather was a bit messy. Kylee and I were having "a moment" (fighting like cats and dogs) when she looked at me and yelled, "MOM, YOUR ARE DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!!!!" Where do you think that statement came from? Just one more reason we say that Kylee is 5 going on 15!!!


So, for those of you who have been wondering, I GOT A WII!!!! It is actually a pretty funny story...I ran into an old basketball coach at Wal-Mart. We were standing looking at games and I expressed that I was on the hunt for a Wii. He looked at me and said, "today is your lucky day...I was just at Toy-R-Us in Sandy and bought one but I have already purchased FIVE. (one for each of his married kids) I don't need the SIXTH but thought that I would buy it incase I ran into somebody that needed one." So, I wrote the guy a check, walked out to his truck, and transferred the Wii to my car! Crazy! I guess there is something to be said for being in the right place at the right time! I am SOOOOOO excited!

Merry Christmas to The Hollands - a little early!

Santa and Mrs. Claus (my mom and dad) showed up at our door late last night and came bearing gifts! Wrapped in beautiful red and silver paper was a gift for Tyler & I. I was so excited to open it I could hardly wait - so I dug in - and this picture is taken with what Santa brought us. Thanks to Santa and Mrs. Claus for the thoughtful gift. We are so excited to use it, especially in the coming weeks! We love you!

My husband thinks I am NUTTY!!!

To go along with my previous post, my husband thinks that I am NUTTY! It is 7:45 in the morning and I have just returned from Wal-Mart where I went to reserve a place in line to get a Wii. No, not for me, but I went at 5:45 and there were already 7 people in line and when my mom came to replace me at 7:00 there were 15...all hoping that today is the day Wal-Mart gets their shipment in! Am I nutty? I think I would call myself a good daughter for getting up and going on the hunt for family! Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting the phone call from my mom to hopefully say that the early wait was worth it. The 6 people in line in front of us have been there every day this week and some even waited last week - all in hopes that they can snag a Wii and make their childs Christmas dream come true! The sacrifices we make for our children! :) Luckily, the Wii is not a request on either of my kids list for Santa.

Nintendo Wii...

Okay, let's be honest now - how many of you have joined the crowd of people obsessed with the Nintendo Wii? I have had the true privilege of going on the "Wii hunt" with my mom a number of times over the last few weeks. We have been VERY successful in finding almost everything that we want but I am amazed at the short supply! There are shelves of the XBOX and all of its accesories, but you cannot hardly find the Wii itself or anything to go along with it! I am lucky that I am not on the hunt for one myself. We hit a homerun on this one - have Grandma buy it for Aunt Kelsey and we get to use it on Sunday's when we visit! I am thinking that the Easter bunny might have to leave one for my kids. If you have ever played it you will understand why. We are not video game people around here but the Wii is one that I would love to have! Happy hunting!