PNEUMONIA...it was a word that I had to spell in my medical terminology class in college, a word that I would often hear my dad talk about as a pulmonologist, a word that I would occasionally type when doing transcription, and this week a word that describes my husband.

It has been a crazy week. It started last Saturday when Tyler started showing symptoms of the Influenza - aches, fever, headaches - but it just wouldn't go away. By Wednesday Tyler was so sick he was BEGGING me to take him to the doctor. By that afternoon we had figured out that what he really had was a bad case of PNEUMONIA and the proof was on a nasty looking x-ray. Who would have thought?!!?

Thursday I was supposed to board a flight to Oregon with Kylee for my cousins wedding. That obviously wasn't going to happen because Tyler was the "babysitter" of the boys while I was gone. I was torn as to wether or not I should go so I called my mother-in-law who willingly came down and stayed with my sick hubby and the boys so I could go. I put Kylee on a plane with my family on Thursday morning and joined them Friday afternoon after another visit to the doctors office to make sure Tyler was at least stable.

Crazy week! I am telling you PNEUMONIA was not a word I thought would accurately describe my life but for this week it fits! I will post pictures of the wedding fun another day...I am off to make soup and tend to the PATIENT!

P.S. Does anyone else ever feel like their husband is a WIMP when it comes to being sick???


lovell said...

My sister and her husband had that this week as well. How terrible. I'm so sorry. You have had a hard week. Poor Tyler hope he is feeling better. I hope you and the gets don't get sick. Post pictures of your vacation.:)

Rachel said...

I'm sorry he's been so sick. How awful. I hope he's starting to feel better. I agree though- husbands can be pretty wimpy when they are sick. I tell mine all the time that he's lucky he didn't have the babies or he literally would have died!!!

Angela and Mike said...

I'm sorry he doens't feel well, that's no fun...but YES husbands are wimps when they are sick. I don't know what it is, but they act to pathetic and like the need all this attention. haha.