Let's Talk Politics!

Okay, so any of you who keep up on world news know that politics is huge right now. With the Presidential elections in November, it seems that we are bombarded with information (positive and negative) about the canidates. I have never been into politics much but Tyler is, BIG TIME. In fact, he spent 3 days in Iowa at the beginning of January campaigning for Mitt Romney. I am proud that he is passionate about his belief in Romney that he would do that. He spent his time there knocking on doors to remind people to vote and answer any question they might have about Romney. The point of this post is not to tell you to vote for Mitt Romney, but to point out that we all need to be informed on where the canidates stand on each of the issues. There are things that bug me about the Republicans and the Democrats so I have tried to educate myself and form an opinion based on the facts and not the party. It makes me feel SUPER old to admit it, but I actually enjoy watching the debates. I had a hair appointment last night and missed the Republican debate and I was actually disappointed! Anyway, do your research and choose who you think is best to lead the country in the RIGHT direction, whatever that means! Happy researchiing and happy voting!


Rachel said...

Good for your hubby. My Mom and step dad have been involved in the Romney campaign as well. I have been watching the debates too so you are not alone on that one. It's going to be an interesting race for sure!

Dan and Amanda Arrhenius said...

I went to his Christmas party/final speech before the caucus out here in Des Moines and it was awesome. I also was able to see him speak at my school in November. He did a great job.


Carter Family said...

I think it helps that the debates have been Youtube. They are a lot more interesting. However, it could be the age thing too. I feel the same way. I think that we are all just finally realizing that it does matter who is leading our country and that we have a reputation to uphold as The United States of America. No one wants these decisions in everyone elses hands anymore. I think it is really good. My hubby is way into it too! He spent 200.00 dollars on a campaign dinner for Mitt Romney while he was in town.