Host a party, receive 30% any 3 items!

Okay girls, I just returned from the Modbe SWIM 08' PARTY! The new suits are amazing and the styles are seriously so cute! I am back in the swing of things and ordered a great selection of suits today which means...I AM READY TO PARTY! So, I am looking for friends and family that are in the mood to earn $$$$$ toward suits, jeans, or whatever! Please, let me know if you are interested in hosting a party. I promise you will not regret it! Not only does it help me out in growing my business with Modbe, but you get free stuff! I am willing to purchase you 3 items with my discount of 30% if you book a party...that way you will have cute things to wear to your party and will likely earn more! The website should be updated next week with all the new styles so watch for the meantime, contact me ASAP to book your party today! Whitney, Becky, Sherian, Heather...any of you locals in?

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Jen Tornow said...

Renee, I doubt you want to come to NM to have a party, but can I still order a swimsuit through you? Let me know when the website is updated!