Day 4 - Spoiled!

Today has been wonderful but I am feeling really spoiled. Really, how often do people get to come to a place like this? Costa Rica is beautiful but today we took another small plane ride to Liberia and drove 1 hour to the coast where we are staying for the next few days. We are in the Four Seasons Resort which is breathtakingly beautiful! We have a view of the ocean from our room and sat and watched the monkes jump from tree to tree tonight. I cannot believe that we are actually here. We made dinner reservations at the golf club and split a ticket with 3 couples. Our bill, split 3 ways, was $164....that is $164 for each couple! The foot was amazing but WOW it was expensive. Every corner you walk around you run into someone who works at the hotel offering you a drink or a cold towel. It is hard to get used to being waited on! We survived the plane ride, the bus ride, and a very expensive dinner and are now beat. We are lucky to be here. My thoughts today have been on how spoiled I am in being "rewarded" with a trip like this. There are so much people who live in such terrible conditions and here I sit, ordering one more Pina Colada next to the pool. Well, there is today's updated! We are golfing, kayaking, and taking a trip to the spa for a massage tomorrow! Again, we are very spoiled!

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lovell said...

I am so jealous. I'm sitting in my great room in a blanket trying to get warm. You are spoiled. Have fun. Talk to you soon,