Day 3 - I am tired!

Wow! What a day! We started off this morning hiking to another waterfall. It was straight down the mountain on a man made staircase and was well worth the scary hike. The water was freezing but it was fun to stand and hear the water crash at the bottom! The hike painful! It was great hiking down but you forget that when you hike down you have to hike back up. We survived and were back on the bus and headed to lunch. From another huge lunch buffet we were off to the much awaited ziplines. We took a sky tram through the rain forests to the top of the mountain where we started down on a series of ziplines. There were 8 ziplines total and they told us that we would get going as fast as 45 miles per hour. It was AMAZING! It was scary to take the initial plunge but it was worth every second of it. From the ziplines we could see the volcano and the scenery of the surrounding rainforests were breathtaking. Tyler is scared of heights and was brave enough to survive the adventure as well. It was a wonderfully tiring day and we are happy to report that we survived. We have certainly been well fed on this trip and tonight was no exception. The food has been good. We just returned from playing cards with another couple and are ready to crash! Tomorrow we board another small plane and are off the our final destination before returning home. We are lucky to be in this beautiful place.

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McGiven Family.... said...

Sounds exhausting but fun! I am glad to hear Tyler did the zipline...that sounds awesome! I am glad you are having such a great time!