Day 2 - Interesting!

We anticipated that today would be a crazy day but the schedule was changed a bit and it was a very relaxing day. We spent time at the Marriott in San Jose this morning and took our time eating breakfast and wandering around the hotel. It was another beautiful day! The bus picked us up and drove us to the San Jose Costa Rica temple - the groundskeeper let us in the gate so we were able to see the temple and take some pictures! It sticks out like a sore thumb amoungst shacks and very run down buildings but is beautiful like all temples. From there we were off to a very small airport where we boarded a very small plane - a 20 seater to be exact. With my near vomitting experience on the bus yesterday I was smart and took some motion sickness pills. The views were amazing! The 20 minute plane ride was much better than the 5 hours it would have taken us on the bus to go the same distance. The plane landed near the Tabacon hot springs and volcano - a must see if you ever come to Costa Rica. From our hotel room we can see the lava coming out of the volcano. It is breathtaking! Our hotel room is perfect with large windows to view the volcano and our own personal hot tub. We sat in the local hot springs tonight and ate dinner at the restaurant there. We are off to bed to prepare for tomorrow - lots of hiking and ziplining! It should be fun. I am thankful they moved things around a little bit. It was wonderful to have a more low key today in preparation for a mad day tomorrow! My favorite part: the very interesting but amazing plane ride! Crazy!


McGiven Family.... said...

Sounds like fun! That plane ride would have made me sick! What happened to the zipline? I have been dying to know if Tyler did it or not.

I hope you enjoy your surprise post, it was mom's idea. She sent me all the pictures and the text and I just posted it! Love ya!

Heather said...

What a great trip. And your kiddos seem to be doing wonderfully. Isn't it nice to have a wonderful mother around to love them while you take a much needed vacation?