I have not been very good about keeping up on the blog - I blame it on the fact that my "camera" is on my phone and does not take good pictures.  I need to get back in the habit of taking my REAL camera along with me.  Thank goodness my mom is almost always around to snap great shots of my children as they continue to grow.

Emma turned 2 last month - crazy how time flies!  Here are a few snapshots of her that I found on my computer.  I have not been good about documenting her life to this point.  Right now she is incredibly FUN.  Like REALLY fun.  Here are a few things we LOVE about our Emma right now...

She LOVES her daddy - like LOVES.  Her second choice is always Kylee, and I take third.  My feelings aren't hurt though...it is super helpful to have her excited to hang out with other people!

She DOES NOT EAT.  I am not joking either.  She loves to drink milk and juice and pretty much picks at everything else.  She has a major sweet tooth and will find candy anywhere.  Her latest addiction is gum, which she finds, chews, and swallows before moving on to another piece.  It is not abnormal for her to consume and entire pack.  While chewing, her favorite thing to say is "it's spicy".  It is actually pretty cute.

She is TALKING.  Like full sentence talking.  Totally easy to comprehend talking.  There are times she says things and I double take because I can't believe that she is actually forming sentences.  She loves to "parrot" what she hears....like when Summer calls me a "bum bum" Emma will do the same thing.  Awesome, right?

She has definite favorites in the extended family...Kelsey and Wes (a.k.a "Wessy") are her number ones.  She LOVES them - especially Wes.  Whatever store we walk in she will always ask if Kelsey is there.  If I say no, she moves on to ask if Wessy is there.  She is always on the look out for them which is why I don't hesitate a bit to leave her with them...EVER.  She is kind to all other Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunt and Uncles but those two have for sure captured her little heart.

She thinks she does gymnastics and it is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. She puts her hands up next to her ears, lunges, and does a roll.  She loves spinning and dancing to music with her sisters.  I love that they are so good to each other and I love watching her move and groove.  Emma and Kylee have a special "dance" they do together that she has totally memorized and she will do it on command.

She has kept the Holland tradition of being a crappy sleeper.  She loves to be rocked and cuddled at night (usually by daddy or Kylee) and only lasts 4 - 5 hours in her own bed before making her way to my arms where we spend the rest of the night cuddling.  I know I should break this bad habit, but I just can't.  I enjoy my cuddle time with her just a little too much!

That's my Emma in a nutshell.  Pure joy in our family.  Absolute blessing from heaven for me as my final baby.  We love her dearly!

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