Saturday's Events

View from Saddleback

Moraine Lake

So today was another very busy day! We woke up anticipating that we might take a nice, relaxing drive and ended up on the top of another mountain. We didn't anticipate we would hike so far, but because of our fear of bears we buddied up with an oriental couple from Calgary. They pushed us to our limit and without their encouragement I think we would have quit long before reaching our destination, Saddleback Point. They were very nice people who hike in the area every weekend and were armed with bear spray - apparently that is a common thing for hikers to carry in this area. We were kind of hoping to see a bear at least from a distance but had not luck! The hike was long but was beautiful at the top - or what I considered was the top for us! After sharing their oranges and offering us homemade rice cakes we said goodbye to our friends and headed back down as they continued up the mountain! We were worn out! After a little rest and a sandwich, we headed to Moraine Lake and it was well worth the trip. It was within walking distance of our car but provided a spectacular view of the mountains and another very blue lake. We enjoyed it! We made it back to our hotel for a nice little nap and dinner. We have had a wonderful time but are looking forward to returning to our kids tomorrow night!


McGiven Family.... said...

We miss you and can't wait to see you! Michelle just left so that is kind of sad. It was fun to have all the grandkids together if only for a few short hours. They were all very good to each other. We look forward to seeing you...tomorrow?!?!

Ryan and Brittany said...

cool pics. i am so jealous of your fun trip alone.