Beautiful Lake Louise

We survived the short plane ride to Canada yesterday - only 2 hours which is much shorter than I expected. We waited forever in line for our rental car (don't use Hertz) and ended up with a red Ford Mustang. You would think that we would be excited about that, but Tyler hated driving it and I felt trapped. With Tyler's golf clubs in the trunk our luggage ended up on the back seat which meant that my seat couldn't lean back to a "comfortable" position. But, we made the best of our little two door car, joked about how we miss the mini-van, and got on the road to Lake Louise. It took us a few hours to get here but the drive was worth it! Beautiful!

Our hotel looks just as it does in the pictures. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is known all over Canada as being the place to stay. We feel quite lucky to be here - congrats to Tyler for getting us here! He has worked really hard! Anyway, I can't get the pictures to download on his computer so you will have to google it or wait for us to return to see what I am talking about.

We hiked to "The Plain of Six Glaciers" today - it was wonderful! It was a bit uphill, but we saw too many older people passing us to justify turning back. It was fun and worth the hike. The glaciers are neat and we enjoyed the 4 hour 7 mile hike. At least we can say that we did it. There are a lot of Canadians, English, and Orientals here - I am very attracted to the accent of the Canadians and told Tyler he should work on his accent because it is sexy. He attempted and I told him never to try again!

Well, we are off to lunch at a small cafe a few miles from here! We have heard that it is much more affordable then our $58 steak we had here last night! We are saving our $$$ for dinner tonight! Yummy! Tomorrow we are heading towards Jasper which I hear is a beautiful drive. Hope I didn't bore you too much!


Heather said...

I say live it up! When else can you have a $58 steak every night of the week? And you don't have to pay for kids' meals, so tell Tyler to splurge.
Sounds beautiful! Have fun...

Ryan and Brittany said...

your trip sounds wonderful! can't wait to see the pics.